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Why Choose CureCloudMD For Laboratory Billing Services?

CureCloudMD is a US-based and HIPAA-compliant laboratory billing company assisting healthcare providers across 50 states in the USA. Our lab billing and coding specialists have specialized expertise in providing specialty-specific lab billing solutions to all sub-specialties of the healthcare labs including pathology, toxicology, molecular, and census entry lab billing services. We provide the most cost-effective lab billing services starting from as low as 2.95% (based on your practice’s size) of the revenue we collect on your behalf after filing your medical claims.

Compliant Laboratory Billing Services

Our professional lab billing experts conduct compliance reviews with senior Healthcare attorneys. We make sure that your laboratory billing process is 100% in compliance with the regulations of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS), PAMA compliant SOPs, EKRA (Eliminating Kickbacks in Recovery Act), MACRA and AKS (Anti-Kickback Statute) policies in order to proceed your lab billing and coding services.

Cost-Effective Laboratory Billing Services

CureCloudMD aims to deliver the most cost-effective lab billing services starting from as low as 2.95% of the revenue we collect on your behalf after filing your medical claims and submitting them to insurance companies. However, our percentage increases depending upon the size of your healthcare practice to file your large volume of medical claims more efficiently.

Well-Secured Laboratory Billing Services

CureCloudMD is the most reliable laboratory medical billing company in the USA that offers well-encrypted medical billing solutions. Only our authorized professionals access your protected healthcare information (PHI) while complying with the security protocols of HIPAA policy.

We Offer A Complete Suite Of laboratory Billing Services

CureCloudMD provides a complete suite of laboratory billing services with reliable, innovative and resourceful solutions. We are not dependent on a particular software or system, instead, we follow an adaptive strategy and work as an extension of your in-house administration team. We can configure our practice management system with your EHR/EMR, we also provide our own medical billing software that comes with reliable LIS (laboratory information system) and also proceed with lab billing services on any third-party lab billing software including XIFIN, Kareo, NueMD, TherapyNotes or any other medical billing software of your choice.

You Can Access A Professional Lab Billing & Coding Team

Our AAPC-certified medical billing and coding team has years of experience in laboratory billing services. We are well-versed in the nuances of all lab tests, diagnostic procedures, and pathology procedures understanding and applying accurate medical codes in order to prepare clean claims (medical claims that are reimbursed at the first attempt of submission). It helps us increase your first-pass resolution rate and reduce your account receivables to less than 15 days.

Get Innovative Lab Medical Billing Solutions

We provide pre-configured lab billing solutions to improve the productivity of your business. Our medical billing professionals are well-versed with the nuances of laboratory billing procedures, therefore, we provide purpose-built and cost-effective medical billing solutions that are compatible with the requirements of your business. Whether you’re an independent lab, associated with a hospital or a clinic, we help every healthcare lab collect better revenue more efficiently and ensure the scalability of your business growth.

We Provide TransParent Medical Billing Services

Our organization is built with 4 robust values i.e. transparency, bias towards actions, empathy and innovation-oriented. We provide regular analytical reports to medical providers about the progress of their healthcare revenue cycle management, claims submitted and payment posting. We take essential actions to make sure that your claims are reimbursed on the first attempt of submission. Our medical billing team collaborates with your in-house team and guides them through every step of revenue cycle management.



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Outsource Laboratory Billing Services To CureCloudMD For Better Business Productivity

Looking for a reliable lab billing company that can help you boost business efficiency, improve your revenue collection and seize more financial opportunities for your practice? Partner with CureCloudMD to hire expert medical billing professionals and acquire the best lab billing solutions for improved lab performance and revenue growth.

Get Digital Charge Entry Solutions

We use innovative solutions to collect your charge entry information, update it in the practice management system and examine this data to identify and remove any errors. We ensure 100% accuracy in this information to prevent any mistake that can cause claim denials/ rejections down the line. In this way, we prevent revenue loss and improve your business collections with better efficiency and accurate solutions.

We Offer Reliable Lab Medical Coding Services

Our medical coding team has extensive experience in standard medical codes i.e. ICD-10, CPT and HCPCS codes. They use cutting-edge medical coding solutions to translate your diagnostic procedures into accurate medical codes more efficiently. It helps us prepare accurate medical bills so they can get reimbursed on the first attempt of submission which helps you get paid at the right time.

Get The Best Laboratory Billing Services

When you outsource laboratory billing services to CureCloudMD then you access a team of medical billing professionals who regularly perform audits of your practice revenue cycle management. They help you acquire potential revenue collection opportunities and also remove loopholes from your current practice management system to prevent revenue leakage.

We Scrub Your Medical Claims To Ensure Accuracy

Our medical billing professionals use reliable claim scrubbing software to examine your claims prior to submission. It implies accuracy in your medical billing while reducing the likelihood of any error. When we submit highly accurate medical claims to insurance companies that increase the chance of your claims being reimbursed quickly.

We Use Automated Solutions To Follow Up With Payers

We help lab practitioners to get stress-free and completely focus on delivering quality patient care services. While we use automated solutions to track down your claims after submission. Also, our medical billing software features automatic reminders that help us regularly remind payers about their payments.

Get Reliable Medical Credentialing Services

Get reliable lab credentialing and enrollment services by CureCloudMD and become an in-network practitioner quickly. Discover the best opportunities to get paid more and faster. We have a specialized experience in medical credentialing services with all payers in all 50 states.

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We Provide Specialized Laboratory Billing Solutions

As a general medical procedure doesn’t cure every disease, similarly, a general medical billing solution also doesn’t imply to every healthcare practice. Insurance companies have different regulations and requirements for labs’ medical bills. Also, every sub-field in the healthcare labs has nuanced medical billing requirements as well. At CureCloudMD, we have fully trained lab billing professionals who understand the unique requirements of all healthcare laboratories and provide purpose-built solutions to execute your lab revenue cycle management the right way.

We Provide Reliable Pathology & Clinical Lab Billing Services

We help scientists, technicians and physicians with reliable and sought-after pathology lab billing solutions. So can achieve their business goals in a lab environment. Even if you’re a physician who owns or manages an associated pathology or clinical lab, we offer you a complete range of physician billing services for high business productivity.


We Provide Molecular & Toxicology Lab Billing Services

Our medical billing professionals provide a complete suite of molecular billing services with greater insights. We use well-encrypted solutions to collect information, proceed with molecular and toxicology lab billing services and help lab technicians improve their revenue collection and scale their business growth.


Get The Most Reliable Census Entry Lab Billing Services

Census Entry labs are the most unique part of the healthcare industry helping healthcare officials with insightful information. We provide a complete suite of census entry laboratory billing solutions by handling every step from data entry to reimbursement collection and payment posting.


Benefits Of Working With CureCloudMD For Physician Billing Services


We Provide 24/7 Customer Support

CureCloudMD offers a complete customer support team that manages and answers your queries about medical and payments. You can reach out to us via email, call or fax. We also guide and remind your patients and payers about their financial responsibilities so they can reimburse your claims timely


We Provide Transparent Lab Billing Services

We continuously track down your lab revenue cycle management and prepare regular reports. We leverage an advanced Laboratory Information System (LIS) to collect and process these insights. With this analytical information, healthcare lab technicians can make better business decisions with greater insights and agility.


We Provide Claim Denial Management Services

Our AR recovery specialists provide claim denial management services to recover your outstanding balance by appealing your denied and rejected claims. We also adopt preventive measures to eliminate red flags from your lab revenue cycle management to avoid the likelihood of claim denials.


We Help You Increase Cost Savings

Running a medical billing department in your lab can cost you a huge capital amount to give the payroll, annual bonuses and paid leaves to your employees. However, when you partner with us then you can cut down cost overheads and improve your cost savings


We Offer Automatic Prior Authorization Solutions

Prior authorization/ medical necessity is the most critical aspect of the laboratory billing process. CureCloudMD helps save your time and cost spent on preparing documents and the eligibility verification process. Our medical billing professionals make sure that every essential information in claims is correct.


We Provide Easy Payment Statements To Patients

We categorize copays and insurance bills as soon as we enter charge data. After that, we prepare easily comprehensible payment statements to remind your patients about their copays. So they can get their financial responsibilities and easily pay their dues the right way.

Get Reliable & Proven Physician Billing Services To Boost Your Business Productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries about our laboratory billing services then this guide would help you. However, if you’re questions are unanswered here or want to communicate your lab billing requirements anyway then contact us .

  • How To Outsource Laboratory Billing Services To CureCloudMD?

    You can contact us or fill out the form from the following link: Once, you reach out to us and communicate your requirements then our medical billing team contacts swiftly. We schedule a detailed business session with your team, examine your existing medical billing system, perform a complete audit and provide you with the best laboratory billing solutions to help you expand your business growth to its fullest potential.

  • Certainly outsourcing lab billing services is quite less expensive than an in-house medical billing department. Running a medical billing department in your healthcare lab costs you a huge capital investment to hire, train and retain a workforce for medical billing and coding, buy, implement and manage medical billing software and also compensate employees with annual bonuses and paid leaves.

    On the other hand, when you outsource laboratory billing services to CureCloudMD then you get easily get connected with a professional medical billing and coding. We dedicate resources while considering the requirement of your lab’s size and specialty. So you don’t need to worry about onboarding new employees. We train our medical billing professionals about the latest updates in lab billing and coding regulations.

    We manage your practice revenue cycle management with our automated solutions. Also, we only charge a fixed percentage from your medical claims that we file on your behalf. So we only get paid when your services are reimbursed. That’s why we strive to give the best medical billing solutions for mutual business success opportunities.

  • Whether you’re an independent medical lab, associated with a clinic or hospital or working with a healthcare organization. CureCloudMD provides reliable laboratory medical billing services to all sizes of medical labs. We provide a complete range of physician billing services, hospital billing services and laboratory billing services to healthcare practices irrespective of their business size.

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We’re a pathology and diagnostic lab operating in Arizona. We’ve been working with CureCloudMD for 3 years now and we’ve experienced a significant improvement in our business functionality and productivity after partnering with this billing company.


Dr. Lauren


Along with professional lab billing solutions, CureCloudMD offers highly responsive and supportive customer support services. Their team professionally communicates with our staff guiding them about any queries related to lab billing services.


Dr. Dame Ingrid


CureCloudMD is a highly reliable lab billing company. One of my colleagues suggested me their lab billing solutions and I’m grateful to them because this decision has shifted the paradigm of our business billing and coding operations positively.


Dr. Blane


CureCloudMD is a very reliable and professional lab billing company that has assisted us with proven lab billing and coding solutions. We simply share our data with their team and they take on every task from charge entry to reimbursement collection managing every task with high precision and professional expertise.


Dr. Theodor


CueCloudMD has helped us lawfully carry out our billing and coding tasks in compliance with legal standards and regulatory requirements. Which has helped us streamline our practice healthcare revenue cycle management and billing procedures.