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Why Choose CureCloudMD For Medical Billing Services?

CureCloudMD is a US-based medical billing company that offers a comprehensive suite of medical billing services. Our highly qualified and well-experienced medical billing specialists provide transparent, efficient and reliable medical billing services.

Here’s why you should outsource medical billing & coding services to CureCloudMD;

Compliant Medical Billing & Coding Services

We develop and manage medical claims compatible with the regulations of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), American Medical Association (AMA), American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), and the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Well-Secured Medical Billing Services

Our medical billing experts follow the pursuit to protect your business information and patient’s protected healthcare information (PHI) according to HIPAA policies. We offer value-based medical billing solutions aiming to meet the revenue goals of your healthcare practice.

Cost-Effective Medical Billing Services

CureCloudMD provides cost-effective medical billing services to help you increase your revenue on investment. We don’t charge any hidden costs and discuss every detail with you before contracting. Our medical billing specialists are your trusted partners for result-oriented healthcare revenue cycle management services.

We Offer A Full-Suite Of Medical Billing Services

We develop and execute result-driven strategies for healthcare revenue cycle management solutions. We work as an extension of your office to streamline your reimbursement model and improve your productivity. Stop searching for medical billing websites and negotiating with several medical billing companies because CureCloudMD is here to offer you the best-in-class online medical billing services that feature the following traits;

Digital Charge Entry

Our medical billing experts partner with you at every step in the revenue cycle management services from charge entry to reimbursement collection. We collect your patients’ demographics and essential information & process this data digitally to ensure accuracy down the line.

Professional Medical Billing Specialists

After collecting PHI, our medical coding experts translate this information into standard CPT, HCPCS and ICD codes respectively. Our expert medical billing team prepares claims using the right information. On top of that, we scan all your medical claims to identify & eliminate errors for scrubbing. Then we submit all your claims promptly according to the timelines of each insurance payer.

Follow Up With Claims & Payment Posting

Our medical billers not only submit your claims but also rigorously follow up with each insurance payer until your reimbursements are fully collected. Soon after collecting your payments, we proceed with payment posting to inform you about the progress of your revenue.



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Streamline Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management With CureCloudMD

We provide completely transparent & efficient medical billing services nationwide. Increase revenue, reduce denials & streamline your business operations with CureCloudMD.

Reliable Medical Billing Team

Our medical billers are well-experienced with medical billing software including; Kareo, CareCloud, Misys, Medisoft, NextGen, and many more our medical coders are fully trained in coding software including; EncoderPro, FLashcode, & CodeLink. They can easily integrate with your existing system & seamlessly execute your workflow with your team.

Customer Care Services

Our professional customer care support team receives patients' and medical care providers’ queries about their payments and bills. We answer all your queries through phone calls, fax and email support to our clients and their patients. Our professional revenue cycle management team works around the clock to outline patient benefits and coverage for all medical procedures, before the point of service.

Regular Reporting

We provide real-time analytics and regular reporting about the progress of your revenue cycle management. It is our core value to offer transparent medical billing solutions to our clients. We manage your records with cloud-based EHR (electronic healthcare records) & EMR (electronic medical records).

Claim Denial Management

We provide a full range of medical billing services that also includes the prevention and recovery of denied claims. Our medical billers manage claim denials, recover outstanding balances and scrub medical claims with innovative solutions to make your reimbursement model more efficient & productive

Specialty-Specific Solutions

CureCloudMD is a reliable medical billing service provider that helps more than 30 specialties in the healthcare field with innovative medical billing & coding solutions. Cardiology, Neurology, dental, pediatrics to orthopedic and many other specialties. We provide medical billing services to small practices as well as large healthcare organizations and hospitals

Medical Billing & Credentialing Services

If you are an independent physician, clinician or working with any healthcare organization and officially want to pursue your career then get the best credentialing services from us. We help you with payer/plan contracts, fee schedule/reimbursement and progress monitoring.

Discover Potential Revenue Opportunities With CureCloudMD

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CureCloudMD Is A Well-Established Medical Billing Service Provider

Our flexible, consultative approach combined with our end-to-end and specialty-specific medical billing solutions are designed to help you unlock financial opportunities. Let us help your medical practice improve profitability and reduce administrative responsibilities;

Cardiology Medical Billing Services

Being a highly paid specialty, cardiology practice also tends to loss more revenue due to loopholes in revenue cycle management services. Therefore, CureCloudMD provides reliable and completely transparent cardiology billing services. Our medical billing team makes sure to use advanced & accurate modifiers, eliminate errors and submit your medical claims timely.


Neurology Billing Services

Our highly-qualified neurology billing experts carefully proceed with your healthcare revenue cycle management. Neurology is a unique specialty in the healthcare field and it features a complex set of requirements. Therefore, our medical billing team works rigorously to identify & eliminate coding errors, scrub claims and build better relationships with all the payers.


Dental Billing Services

Start getting paid faster with the help of a trusted dental billing partner. We simplify your medical billing procedures by putting the best dental billing services into action. Get paid more and on time by outsourcing dental medical billing & coding services to CureCloudMD.


Pediatrics Billing Services

CureCloudMD specializes in providing pediatric billing services according to the regulations implemented for all pediatric populations. We help pediatrics to reimburse their all kinds of hard-earned services including vaccination and other pediatric services.


Orthopedic Billing Services

The accuracy of orthopedic billing services depends upon the authenticity of the documentation. Therefore, it should be handled responsibly from charge entry to medical coding and claim scrubbing. We apply our years of experience and expertise in orthopedic billing services to help you improve your collections and reduce claim denials.


Unique Benefits of Our Medical Billing Services

CureCloudMD provides a broad range of medical billing solutions to streamline your administrative operations & improve your revenue stream while reducing your staffing costs. Our specialized back-office team manages the critical parts of your healthcare revenue cycle management, AR recovery services and customer care services. Our medical billing specialists use cutting-edge technologies to improve your collections, minimize denials and help you get paid faster. Here’s how CureCloudMD helps you gain a competitive advantage with innovative, state-of-art and cloud-based medical billing solutions.


Transparent Billing Solutions

We inform you about your revenue progress regularly with easily-comprehensible reports and payment postings. It is our vision to keep our medical billing services transparent with healthcare practitioners.


Contract/Payer Negotiation

Although, our medical billing solutions are highly flexible & cost-effective, however, we still review your existing payer/plan contracts and we are always open for payments negotiations to help you achieve your goals.


Out Of Network Billing

We manage & develop medical billing solutions to handle your administrative operations from charge entry of the patients to negotiating payments from private & government payers.


Insurance Billing Services

Our medical billing team is highly responsible and always makes sure that your claims are submitted at the right time. Therefore, we prepare the schedule of each insurance payer to track their timelines.


Complete Back-End Support

We use insightful solutions to execute your administrative functions. Therefore, our medical billing solutions are backed-by real-time analytics that helps to reduce errors to ensure accuracy in our medical billing services


Reduce Revenue Loss

We take the guesswork out of your payment procedures and eliminate loopholes from your healthcare revenue cycle management. We collect your outstanding balance with the right solutions.

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Have Queries About Our Medical Billing Solutions?

If you have any queries about how to outsource medical billing services in the US? Then this guide would help answer your queries.

  • Is It Safe To Outsource Medical Billing Services?

    CureCloudMD is a reputable medical billing services company in the USA. Our medical billing specialists are HIPAA-certified professionals. We provide them with complete training about how to protect the authority and integrity of your patient’s data. Also, we use well-encrypted practice management solutions to ensure the security of your information. We responsibly collect, proceed and use your practice’s data to execute healthcare revenue cycle management procedures.

  • If you are wondering “how could I find the best & cost-effective medical billing services near me?” then you’ve reached the right place. CureCloudMD charges a minimal percentage of the revenue we collect by filing your claims. Therefore, we help you reduce expenses that you have to bear while running an in-house medical billing department. Also, we also help you save costs and time that you have to invest in buying expensive medical billing software and other equipment.

  • We include AR recovery services in the contract. So we not only file new claims to collect your reimbursements with reliable medical billing services but we also help you recover your thousands of millions of loss payments from aging account receivables.

  • CureCloudMD provides a team of reliable and adaptive medical billing services providers that don’t ask you to buy new software or equipment. Instead, our medical billing and coding team is well-versed in the use of contemporary and innovative medical billing solutions. So we integrate our practice management solutions with your existing system and partner with your in-house team to proceed with your revenue cycle management to streamline your workflow right away.

  • AR (Accounts Receivable) is a term that refers to the process of tracking claims, chasing income, and monitoring cash flow. To maximize revenue recovery, health providers must follow up on claims submitted and with insurance carriers.

  • An electronic healthcare software that carries the record of patient’s complete health information is called EMR (Electronic Medical record).

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I’m more than happy to state that I’ve found the best medical billing services in USA. Cure CloudMD is way better than other medical billing companies.


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For a long time, I was searching for cost-effective medical billing services near me. After getting their professional medical billing and coding, we have seen a drastic improvement in our billing efficiency.


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Child Psychiatrist

It was a satisfying experience with Cure CloudMD and their medical billing specialist. They offered me their most affordable pricing plan with a quick turnaround time and at the same time the quality of their medical billing services were exceptional.


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General Physician

For getting me credentialed with insurances, their RMB was excellent. I highly recommend their amazing medical billing services to all the practitioners who are searching for a reliable medical billing services company.


Tom D. Williams

Senior Professor, Neurologist

The team was highly qualified and experienced. Especially the support team was very professional when I had a discussion with them regarding my billing queries. I’m truly grateful to Cure CloudMD for helping me save a lot of stress, time, and cost in the most efficient way possible.

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