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Why Choose CureCloudMD for Hospital Billing & Coding Services?

Our medical billing team offers an extensive workforce and required solutions to manage your medical billing and coding services. Hospitals include heterogeneous medical departments while each specialty has its own unique requirements. Having said that, CureCloudMD has a well-experienced team for more than 30 specialties in the healthcare field. Therefore, we provide easily configurable, reliable and professional hospital billing services.

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Compliant Hospital Billing Services

We provide well-secured hospital billing solutions and strictly comply with the security protocols of HIPAA. Also, our hospital billing solutions comply with the guidelines of the American Hospital Association (AHA). We proceed with your medical billing and coding services the right way to ensure you can collect your payments from federal payers i.e. Centers of Medicare & Medicaid and private insurance companies more swiftly.

We Provide a Well-Trained Workforce For Hospital Billing Services

CureCloudMD has been providing hospital billing services all around the 50 states of the USA for more than a decade. Our medical coding team is certified by AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) and they are quite experienced in their suite of professional hospital coding services.

We Provide Cost-Effective Hospital Billing Services

Get professional hospital billing services from a hospital billing company at the most cost-effective rate in the USA. We help you cut down your CAPEX (capital expenditure) and OPEX (Operational Expenditure) by providing you with all-inclusive medical billing services at a small fraction of your existing IT expenses. Also, when you outsource hospital billing services to CureCloudMD then we don’t ask you to integrate any new software or resources. Our medical billing and coding team works as an extension of your office and guides your office administration at every step of hospital revenue cycle management.

Get Reliable & Highly Cost-Effective Cardiology Medical Billing Services

We have been providing medical billing services to practitioners for more than a decade. It is our primary value to build trust with medical providers and help them deliver their best to the patients. We provide value-added cardiology and physician billing services to streamline your practice’s workflow.

We Provide Well-Secured & HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing Services

Our certified medical billers provide reliable cardiology billing services in compliance with HIPAA policy. We ensure the safety and integrity of your data and protected healthcare information (PHI). We use well-encrypted software solutions to process your data for medical billing services which is only accessible to authorized professionals in our company.

We Offer Innovative Cardiology Billing Solutions

We help cardiologists to accelerate their business growth by leveraging state-of-art and innovative medical billing solutions. We automatically collect your data and proceed with charge entry to prepare medical bills. Our medical billing professionals integrate EHR and practice management solutions to streamline your revenue cycle management and keep your data safe at a central location.

We Provide Completely Transparent Cardiology Billing Services

When you outsource cardiology medical billing services to CureCloudMD then you get better control over your finances. Our medical billing professionals prepare weekly and monthly analytical reports regularly and share them with medical providers. In this way, you can insights into your payers’ behavior and practice growth so can make business decisions in a better way.



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We Provide A Complete Suite Of Hospital Billing Services

Being a well-experienced hospital billing company, CureCloudMD covers every area of your hospital revenue cycle management with innovative hospital billing solutions. We provide streamlined medical billing services & collect your payments faster so you can generate more income efficiently.

We Provide Digital Charge Entry Solutions

We provide innovative EHR solutions to help you record your data and prepare your documents efficiently. Also, you can perform charge entry with our cloud-based digital charge entry solution. So we can collect your data from a central location and use it as useful insights into hospital billing & coding services.

We Provide Reliable Hospital Coding Services

Our medical coding team is highly experienced and qualified with ICD-11, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, CPT & HCPCS coding services. Our medical coding translates your patient’s diseases & symptoms, diagnostics and treatment services, equipment and medicines used in standard medical codes accurately.

We provide Efficient Hospital Medical Billing Services

We have a medical billing team trained for different medical specialties. Also, we provide lab billing solutions if you have associated laboratories with your hospital. We prepare accurate billing statements and submit your medical bills to insurance payers timely to ensure your payments don’t get delayed.

Get Account Receivable Management Services

We not only help you generate new financial opportunities but also recover your outstanding balance and reduce your aging AR with reliable account receivable management services. Our medical billing team examines your accounts, appeals denied/rejected claims, and follows up with insurance payers to recover your collections.

We Regularly Follow Up With Insurance Companies

Our medical billing specialists prepare patient bills and medical insurance claims timely & submit them to payers promptly. After submission, our medical billing team aggressively follows up with payers and sends them regular reminders via email, phone calls, and faxes to collect your reimbursements more efficiently. We use reliable medical billing software that features automatic reminders for your collections.

Get Reimbursement Collection & Payment Posting Services

We collect your reimbursements and co-pays from insurance payers & patients respectively. After collecting your payments, we proceed with payment posting in real-time. In this way, we provide a complete suite of transparent hospital billing services so you stay informed about your medical claims and reimbursements collected while working with us.

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We Provide Specialized Hospital Billing Solutions

We understand the complications involved in the vast-spread medical coding spectrum of a hospital. Therefore, we take away the entire administration off your shoulders and provide specialized hospital billing and coding services.

Get Specialty-Specific Medical Billing Services

We have a highly qualified and professional medical billing team for more than 30 specialties. So if your hospital features multiple specialties then you can partner with our medical billing company & all-inclusive medical billing solutions for all medical services of your hospital.


Get Reliable Physician Billing Services

We provide reliable, professional and efficient physician billing services to the size of healthcare practices and hospitals. We comply with the regulations according to the state-specific laws all around the United States of America. We help all your physicians get paid on time for their hard-earned services with reliable physician billing services.


We Provide Specialized Laboratory Billing Services

We provide pre-configured lab medical billing services to healthcare labs whether they are associated with hospitals or working independently. We provide custom-tailored lab billing services to all specialties including pathology labs, toxicology labs, census entry labs, molecular labs and clinical labs.


What Benefits Do You Get With Our Hospital Billing Services?

Outsource hospital billing services to CureCloudMD and get access to a series of benefits to scale your business growth to new heights.


Get Insurance Eligibility Verification Services

This is the most crucial aspect of a patient’s registration in the hospital. Therefore, CureCloudMD provides reliable digital insurance eligibility verification services to ensure that you can swiftly get paid by in-network and out-network patients.


We Provide Physician Credentialing Services

If you want to generate more revenue opportunities for your hospital then get the best medical credentialing and physician enrollment services from our professional medical billing & credentialing team. We prepare your documents and maintain your CAQH profile.


We Provide Claim Denial Management Services

Claim denials and rejections are the main cause of revenue loss for every healthcare practice. In the complicated medical coding infrastructure of hospitals, we help you identify and remove errors that lead to claim denials and appeal insurance payers.


We Provide Reliable Claim Scrubbing Solutions

Our medical billing team reduces your claim denials to less than 2%. Even after that, if any error occurs due to changes in patient information and results in claim denial then we scrub your claims to identify and remove errors. After ensuring accuracy in the bills, we appeal your claims and recover your uncollected dollars.


We Provide 24/7 Customer Support Services

We provide a dedicated team for customer support services that answers your queries and your patients’ queries about payment & bills. So your doctors don’t need to give a huge chunk of patient care duration in calls and typing emails. You can contact our customer support team at our phone number and email or contact us on our website to connect with us.


We Are Well-Versed With All Medical Billing Software

You can get a cloud-based, HIPAA compliant and innovative medical billing software from us. Or if you are already using any software then don’t worry, our professional billing team has extensive experience with popular solutions including Kareo, CureMD, CareCloud Central, Dr Chrono, NextGen, eClinical Works and others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries about our dental medical billing services then this guide would help you find your answers. Even if you still have something to ask then send us an email at: [email protected]

  • What Are The Three Types Of Medical Billing Services?

    There are three different models of medical billing services;


    Closed Medical Billing Services:

    This type of medical billing services don’t allow data transfers. The modern example of this model is EMR (electronic medical records).

    Open Medical Billing Services:

    In an open medical billing services model, it is allowed to share data across the well-encrypted communication channel of healthcare providers, practices, facilities, etc. For example, using EHR (Electronic health records) is a highly collaborative record-keeping style that helps healthcare professional access and update records in real-time.

    However, it is important to enforce HIPAA privacy protocols on patient’s private data so that the data could not be accessible to unauthorized persons.

    Isolated Medical Billing Services:

    In an insolated model of medical billing services that is only kept personl to the patients. For example, PHRs (Personal Health Records) that don’t involve healthcare providers, practices and facilities. Patients completely hold their record and these records are never replaced with EMRs or EHRs.

    This system is designed to help patients so they can access and update their healthcare records.

  • Professional Medical Billing Services

    Professional medical billing services commonly reffered to as physician billing services are provided to physicians & individual physician’s practices. Usually, independent physicians and small-scale practices acquire professional medical billing services.

    ● CMS-1500 Forms are used to provide professional billing services.

    ● Several healthcare insurance companies and CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid) will accept electronic filing of claims (primary form of filing). Filing paper claims are also an essential aspect of professional medical billing services.

    ● In order to file the electronic claim, 837-P form is used in the replacement of CMS-1500.

    Institutional Medical Billing Services

    Institutional medical billing services involve medical billing for hospitals, clinics, rehab facilities, nursing homes, etc. In this model of medical billing services, inpatient and outpatient services such as equipment, lab services, ambulances, imaging center services and other facilities involved use in patient care duration.
    Institutional billing services involve the following essential factors;

    ● UB-04 is the standard claim form used for institutional billing services.

    ● 836-I form is used for electronic claim filing in institutional billing services.

    ● However, there are specific duties that change from employer to employee in institutional billing servicrs. Also, only designated and qualified medical coding staff handles medical coding services because it is often the most complex aspect of hospital revenue cycle management.
    Therefore, CureCloudMD provides fulll-fledged and specialized team for hospital billing and coding solutions that manage instituional billing and coding services, prepare regular reports to archive the progress of your hospital revenue cycle management and provide useful guidance to help you ensure the financial well-being of your business.

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Dr. Raju Prabhas

Chief Executive Officer

CureCloudMD has the best team of medical billing specialists in California who always support, guide, and assist our office staff at every step of the medical billing cycle. They provide reliable billing & coding solutions for our hospital with a quick turnaround time. We have been able to collect our reimbursements and co-pays faster than ever with a maximum AR timespan of 12 days. We recommend practitioners acquire the complete range of hospital billing services to experience better growth in their revenue and business.


Dr. Thomas Shey


CureCloudMD has significantly contributed to the growth of our hospital and enabled us to add more services to our hospital. So our patients don’t need to flip back and forth for lab tests, and specialty treatments. Gladly, CureCloudMD provides a complete range of hospital, laboratory and specialty laboratory billing services to fulfill the growing demands of our hospital.


Dr. Dakhsha Kapoor

M.D, Surgeon

We are quite pleased with the medical billing and physician credentialing services of CureCloudMD. We can increase our medical staff and they help our physicians enroll with the insurance network in our state easily. Also, their medical billing staff cooperates with our office team very well to file claims and follow up with payers promptly. Any difficulty we encounter, their medical billing staff get the job done the right way.


Dr. Wael

M.D, Orthopedic surgeon

Our hospital uses medical billing solutions by CureCloudMD for all eligibility and data accuracy checks. Their staff assists our front desk team through hospital authorizations and patients’ prior authorization which helps us save time and allocate our resources to other essential areas of business operations. They process our medical bills and submit them timely, therefore our claim denial rate is reduced extremely well.


Dr. Aditi Swami

Chief Executive Officer

Truly Speaking, I love working with CureCloudMD because of their supportive team and insightful guidance. They provide incredibly reliable medical billing services for all departments of our hospital and contribute a lot to the financial improvement of our accounts. Their account managers keep us updated with the medical bills submitted, reimbursement collected, and account receivables in real time. Their professional team reduces our stress and helps us optimize our business operations very well.