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About Us!

CureCloudMD has been helping several healthcare practitioners to streamline their practice revenue cycle management with a complete suite of medical billing and coding services for 10 years. Our management team is highly qualified and well-experienced in managing the revenue cycle of practices from different specialties.

Founded in 2012, CureCloudMD has helped hundreds of thousands of healthcare practitioners in all 50 states of the USA. Our services extend from front office services including; eligibility verification, prior authorization, charge entry, medical credentialing and provider enrollment to back-office administration i.e. medical billing and coding services, follow-up with insurance payers and payment posting.

We Are A Well-Experienced Medical Billing Company With Great Specialty Expertise

CureCloudMD provides custom-tailored and transparent medical billing services across more than 30 specialties in the healthcare field. We provide specialized physician billing services, medical laboratory billing services, hospital billing services, medical credentialing services and medical claim denial management services.

Our medical billing experts have great expertise in innovative and modern medical billing software including Kareo Billing, CareCloud Central, eClinical Works, DrChrono, WebPT and other medical billing software solutions.

We follow an adoptive strategy so we can integrate your existing practice management system with our cloud-based medical billing software consolidated with reliable EHR to work as an extension of your office administration. We also provide our medical billing software solution and we can also incorporate any third-party medical billing software of your own choice. So you can save your cost, get affordable medical billing solutions and improve your revenue collections.


Get Well-Encrypted & Reliable Medical Billing Solutions

Take control of your finances with our reliable, well-secured and cost-effective medical billing solutions. CureCloudMD aims to improve your revenue collections while helping you provide better quality of patient care services. We provide complete training about HIPAA protocols to our employees. Therefore, our medical billing and coding team manages your protected health information (PHI) with reliable medical billing software solutions.

Only our authorized employees can access your patients’ information and practice’s data for charge entry, prior authorization, insurance eligibility verification and medical billing process. We pledge security and reliability in our contract prior to delivering you medical billing and coding services. Therefore, several healthcare practitioners have been trusting our medical billing services and solutions since our foundation.