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Why Choose CureCloudMD For Emergency Physicians Billing Services?

CureCloudMD provides all-inclusive emergency physicians billing services from charge entry to reimbursement collection. Our highly qualified and well-experienced account managers monitor the growth of your accounts to ensure the financial well-being of your healthcare practice. Several hospitals and prime care centers in the USA outsource emergency billing services & rely on our medical billing company due to our proven track record of reliable, durable, and efficient emergency billing services.

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We Provide Compliant Emergency Physicians Billing Services

We establish the grounds of your practice revenue cycle management in compliance with the legal requirements of standard healthcare and medical billing policies. Only our authorized professional team access your patients’ protected healthcare information (PHI) according to HIPAA regulations. Also, our revenue cycle management is compatible with the regulatory requirements of federal payers i.e. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid, and private insurance payers as well.

Get a Well-experienced Team Of Emergency Billing & Coding Specialists

Our American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC)-certified coders provide professional medical coding services. Our highly-qualified and well-experienced medical billing team collects and verifies your data to prepare your medical bills and submit them to insurance payers efficiently. So you can get paid faster and easier.

We Provide 24/7 Reliable Customer Support Services

Our highly responsive customer support team is always ready to help you around the clock. We answer your queries about EOBs, medical claims, payments, and timelines of insurance payers. Also, we provide support to your patients and guide them about their financial responsibilities and payments. We provide guidance via call, email, and fax. So you stay stress-free and pay more attention on providing quality patient care services.

Get Innovative Emergency Billing Solutions

Emergency departments comprise the fast-paced environments in every healthcare practice. Certainly, it doesn’t require emergency departments to prepare documentation. Also, they have to coordinate with specialty practitioners to provide treatment for the patient’s critical condition. Due to unplanned patient registration, complex workflow, and long-term procedures, it becomes difficult for healthcare providers to streamline their workflow for medical billing and coding services. At this point, CureCloudMD comes to rescue the financial well-being of emergency departments with reliable emergency billing solutions.

Outsource Emergency Room Billing Services To CureCloudMD

Hiring well-qualified and professional medical billing and coding specialists is an addition to the work stress of healthcare providers in an emergency department. Save your time and capital by partnering with a professional emergency billing company. You can outsource emergency physicians billing services, get professional guidance, and leverage highly responsive customer support services by CureCloudMD.

We Provide Highly Transparent Emergency Physicians Billing Services

CureCloudMD provides reliable and transparent emergency medical billing services so you stay in the know about the progress of your practice revenue cycle management. We record every data about your medical claims prepared, submitted and reimbursed from the insurance payers. Also, we record payment histories of insurance companies and patients along with the status of your medical account collections. Our team regularly provides you with these reports so you stay updated with your payments, medical bills, and credit recovery.

We Provide Account Receivable Recovery Services

CureCloudMD provides all-in-one healthcare administration services along with medical billing and coding services. We provide account receivable recovery services to collect your uncollected credits and ensure the financial well-being of your accounts. You can exclusively get our AR recovery services and you can also acquire our all-in-one emergency billing solution that includes outsourced medical billing services, AR recovery services, medical credentialing, prior authorization solutions, and much more.



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Improve Your Profits With The Best Emergency Room Billing Services

Emergency medicine is the most complex and unique aspect of the healthcare industry. Therefore, emergency billing and coding require an extensive experience and insights into the unpredictable nature of emergency departments. CureCloudMD features a highly qualified and experienced team of emergency billing specialists who prepare, examine, and submit your medical claims accurately and timely. It helps us increase your claim success rate & improve your revenue stream with reliable professional medical billing services.

Get Prior Authorization & Eligibility Verification Services

It is quite essential to verify patients’ information, demographics, and medical history. Our professional team provides professional prior authorization solutions to verify the accuracy of patients’ information. Also, we analyze the patient’s insurance eligibility criteria and make sure you’ll get paid easily after delivering patient care services.

We Provide Reliable Emergency Coding Services

We provide digital charge entry solutions to collect your patient’s charges. Our emergency coding specialists collect this data and patients’ information to prepare medical codes. We are specialized in ICD-11, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, CPT, and HCPCS codes. Our AAPC-certified medical coders make sure that your codes are prepared accurately.

We Provide Professional Emergency Billing Services

When you outsource emergency physicians billing services to CureCloudMD then you can acquire a dedicated team of medical billing experts. Our team coordinate with the medical coders, verify the accuracy of codes and prepare your medical claims. We submit your claims to healthcare insurance companies promptly.

We Provide Account Receivable Recovery Services

We provide account receivable recovery services inclusive of our medical billing services. In this way, we not only create new financial opportunities for your business but also help you recover your outstanding balance.

We Aggressively Follow Up With Insurance Companies To Collect Payments

Our medical billing specialists ensure that your claims are reimbursed timely. Therefore, we consistently follow up with insurance companies and patients & remind them about their payments. So you can get paid faster and better.

We Collect Reimbursements & Post Payments

CureCloudMD collects your revenue and improve your practice’s cash flow. We provide digital payment posting solutions to update your collection’s data in real-time. So you can get insights into your revenue growth.

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We Provide Specialized Emergency Billing Services

General medical billing solutions can’t work for every specialty in the healthcare field. It is important to understand the unique requirements of each specialty to prepare accurate medical claims in the right format. CureCloudMD features a professional team of emergency billing coders with extensive experience in different subspecialties of emergency medicine.

Get Medical Toxicology, Palliative Medicine & Critical Care Medicine Billing Services

We support healthcare specialists working in the emergency departments to cure patients’ chronic and critical diseases with reliable emergency room billing services. We collect your data and examine it to identify errors. After ensuring 100% data accuracy, we use this data to prepare and submit medical claims to payers. We streamline your administrative workflow to improve your practice’s healthcare revenue cycle management. It helps us to drive more revenue streams & profits for your business.


Get Wilderness Medicine, Pediatric Emergency Medicine & Sports Medicine Emergency Billing Services

Wilderness medicine specialists ensure the health of injured patients in remote locations while we make sure that they can get paid efficiently for their hard-earned services. We provide a complete range of medical billing & coding services to physicians and medical staff for pediatric & sports medicine.


Get Emergency Medical Services, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Emergency Billing Services

We work as an extension of your office and coordinate with your office staff to streamline your business workflow. So you can provide satisfactory patient care services and cater to the needs of a larger patient base without any hassle. We provide a complete suite of medical billing services and guidance to your staff at every step of emergency medicine revenue cycle management.


Why CureCloudMD Is The Best Emergency Billing Company In The USA?

Acquire the competitive edge by connecting with CureCloudMD for emergency room billing services. Along with reliable emergency room billing services, you can get the following advantages from our medical billing company.


We Provide Medical Credentialing Services

Enroll with all major insurance companies in your state with our medical credentialing and provider enrollment services. We create and maintain your CAQH profiles. We help you become an in-network provider for federal payers including Centers for Medicare & Medicaid and also private insurance companies.


We Provide Real-time Claim Denial Management Solutions

In an emergency department, it is quite challenging to monitor patients’ data and ensure that it is up-to-date. This leads to slight errors in the charge entry and results in claim denials/ rejections. In this case, CureCloudMD comes to rescue your payments with promptly claim denial management services. So your payments don’t get delayed.


Our Medical Coders Deal With DNFB Cases

Medical Coders Working for Emergency Departments have dual responsibility i.e. to resolve Discharges not fully billed (DNFB) cases & translate your services into standard codes. Our ED coders are specialized in both fields & ensure accuracy in your medical codes.


We Provide Medical Claim Scrubbing Services

In emergency departments, a slight error in the specific terms for several services including Basic Life Support (BLS), Mileage documentation, and Advanced Life Support (ALS) can cause claim denials. We scrub your claims to identify & eliminate these errors and prevent your medical billing cycle from loopholes.


We Provide Highly Responsive Customer Support Services

Our customer support team is highly responsible and available around the clock to answer your queries about medical claims and reimbursements. We also answer your patients’ queries about their payments and EOBIs. We also provide guidance to your office staff so you can fully leverage our healthcare revenue cycle management services. Join hands with us for a reliable partnership.


We Are Well-Aware Of All Medical Billing Software

If you want to integrate your existing medical billing software with our medical billing solutions then we’ll assist you right away. Even if you want to leverage any third-party medical billing software i.e. NextGen, Dr Chrono, CareCloudMD, Kareo, CureMD, or any other software, our medical billers are also pro at it as well.

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Dr. Elizabeth Desmond

Medical Group President

We partnered with CureCloudMD in 2015, and since then we are able to provide excellent patient care and have achieved our business growth goals. Due to the unpredictable nature of the emergency department, our staff used to struggle with immediate documentation that often contained errors and mistakes that couldn’t get resolved on time. Therefore, we were losing a significant portion of our practice revenue due to claim denials. However, CureCloudMD enabled our office staff to streamline business workflow and with their consistent support, we get our payments without any delays. Thank you CureCloudMD for your supportive medical billing services.


Dr. Laura

President & Chief Executive Officer

With the help of CureCloudMD, our surgical volume and revenue is exceeding our expectations. Their medical billing and coding professionals manage the healthcare revenue cycle management of our practice with great proficiency and expertise. With their timely response, efficient medical billing services, and remarkable support, we have extended our surgical groups and opened additional outpatient emergency units to increase elective surgical volumes. With their affordable, reliable, and professional billing services, we are able to collect more revenue without delay.


Dr. Martha Wills


It is important to provide immediate patient care services for acute injuries in our emergency unit. With the assistance of CurecloudMD, we are able to run our documentation and billing process efficiently and it allows our patients to access our services without any hassle. We are very grateful to the professional medical billing team of CureCloudMD, who made it possible to expedite our revenue growth and business operations with their skillful medical billing services.


Dr. Sean Bohannon


I am super delighted to partner with CureCloudMD and leverage their full-fledged medical billing solutions for our emergency department. Now, I can spend more time with my patients while CureCloudMD manages my medical bills, follow up with my payers and collect reimbursements. Now, I don’t have to contact insurance companies or encounter payment delays due to eros because their medical billing team performs verification checks on every piece of information while processing bills.


Dr. Tammy Mason


The best thing that I’ve done for my practice is to partner with CureCloudMD. It has liberated me to smooth out my business operations and deliver quality patient care services. Their medical billing specialists are well-versed with the nuances of the emergency department and the unique billing requirements of our practice. We recommend their services to every physician who wants to excel in his medical billing process and revenue growth.