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Why Choose CureCloudMD For Dental Billing Solutions?

Our dental billing experts work as an extension of your in-house medical billing team. We take charge of your entire practice revenue cycle management system and streamline your medical billing system. We help dentists not only get new financial opportunities but also recover their outstanding balance with reliable account receivable recovery services.

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We Provide Compliant Dental Billing Services

We provide well-secured dental billing and coding services to make sure that your patient’s protected healthcare information (PHI) is secured as per HIPAA guidelines. Also, we constantly update your medical billing system to keep up with the regulatory changes of American Hospital Association (AHA), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), American Medical Association (AMA), American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), California Dental Association (CDA) and Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Get A Highly Qualified Team For Dental Billing & Coding Services

Outsource dental billing services to CureCloudMD and get access to a full-fledged team of AAPC-certified medical coders and well-experienced medical billing professionals. We also support your front desk staff to collect data accurately and prepare documentation following the standards of a well-performing revenue cycle management.

We Provide Cost-Effective Dental Billing Services

Get professional dental medical billing services at the most cost-effective rate by CureCloudMD. We only charge a fixed percentage from the revenue we collect on your behalf. In this way, we help you execute your practice revenue cycle management efficiently at the small fraction of your existing IT expenses.

Get Reliable & Highly Cost-Effective Cardiology Medical Billing Services

We have been providing medical billing services to practitioners for more than a decade. It is our primary value to build trust with medical providers and help them deliver their best to the patients. We provide value-added cardiology and physician billing services to streamline your practice’s workflow.

We Provide Well-Secured & HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing Services

Our certified medical billers provide reliable cardiology billing services in compliance with HIPAA policy. We ensure the safety and integrity of your data and protected healthcare information (PHI). We use well-encrypted software solutions to process your data for medical billing services which is only accessible to authorized professionals in our company.

We Offer Innovative Cardiology Billing Solutions

We help cardiologists to accelerate their business growth by leveraging state-of-art and innovative medical billing solutions. We automatically collect your data and proceed with charge entry to prepare medical bills. Our medical billing professionals integrate EHR and practice management solutions to streamline your revenue cycle management and keep your data safe at a central location.

We Provide Completely Transparent Cardiology Billing Services

When you outsource cardiology medical billing services to CureCloudMD then you get better control over your finances. Our medical billing professionals prepare weekly and monthly analytical reports regularly and share them with medical providers. In this way, you can insights into your payers’ behavior and practice growth so can make business decisions in a better way.



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We Provide A Full Suite Of Dental Billing & Coding Services

With the rapid change in technologies and complex diagnostic protocols, it is becoming more inevitable to leverage innovative cardiology billing solutions. We provide reliable medical billing services & solutions to cardiologists to help them navigate through challenges in the healthcare field easily. Our medical billing team stays well aware of the complicated MACRA rules and guides you through every step of cardiology revenue cycle management.

We Provide Digital Charge Entry Solutions

We provide innovative dental billing solutions so you can enter patient charges easily with the online platform of our medical billing software. It helps us to collect, process and secure your data at a central location.

We Provide Reliable Dental Coding Services

We provide CDT (Current Dental Terminology) coding services incompliane with the American Dental Association (ADA). Also, we provide a comprehensive suite of CPT and ICD-10 coding services.

We Provide Efficient Dental Billing Services

Our well-trained and experienced medical billing team manages your dental revenue cycle management from claim preparation to submission. We ensure accuracy in the whole process.

Get Account Receivable Recovery Services

CureCloudMD provides AR recovery services along with dental medical billing services. So you can get an all-in-one solution from a professional dental medical billing company. We not only help you collect more revenue but also help you recover your uncollected balance.

We Follow Up With Healthcare Insurance Companies

It requires great expertise to communicate with healthcare insurance companies and patients about the financial responsibilities towards your dentistry. Therefore, we help dentists navigate through such challenges by agressively following up with payers and constantly reminding about their payments.

We Collect Reimbursements & Post Payments

We collect your reimbursements and post payments in your accounts. So you stay informed about the financial progress of your practice. Also, it helps dentists to stay updated about their business growth and boosted productivity of their dental billing services.

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We Provide Specialized Dental Medical Billing Services

CureCloudMD provides reliable medical billing services that helps you improve your practice’s revenue stream. Also, we apply the best billing practices to prevent your practice revenue cycle from any kind of error that can cause claim denials way forward. Our team provides customized billing services depending upon whether we are submitting medical claims for whether the patient was an inpatient, outpatient, treated on the same day, or another day. Our services for cardiology practices include but not limited to:

Get Orthodontist & Endodontist Dental Billing Services

You help your patients smile perfectly while we help you run your practice without any hassle in business operations. We streamline your dental revenue cycle management from documentation to reimbursement collection.


Get Periodontist & Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Billing Services

We empower dentists to pay full attention to patient care, diagnosis, treatment & prevention. We translate your hard-earned services into standard medical codes to prepare accurate medical bills at the right time. So your claims can get successfully approved in the first attempt of submission.


Get Prosthodontist & Pediatric Dental Billing Services

Whether you’re an independent practitioner, working in a small dentistry or associated with a hospital, we provide a complete range of dental medical billing soltuions designed to meet the financial needs of your specialty practice.


Why CureCloudMD Is The Best Dental Billing Company In The USA?

We provide the most reliable, professional and cost-effective dental billing services to all dentists irrespective of your practice size. CureCloudMD specializes in offering custom-tailored medical billing services to meet the unique requirements of your business. We offer the following benefits with our value-based dental billing services.


We Provide Insurance Eligibility Verification Services

We provide digital solutions to help your front desk staff to verify patient’s insurance eligibility before registration. So we can make sure that you can prepare right documents easily and no error flows across the medical billing cycle down the line.


We Provide Credentialing And Provider Enrollment Services

We provide credentialing services to dentists so they can become in-network providers and more patients can afford their services. It helps them serve a larger patient base and earn more revenue. We help you create & maintain CAQH profiles and enroll with payers’ network.


We Offer Dental Claim Denial Management Services

We scrub your previously denied/rejected claims to identify errors. Then we rectify your claims and appeal to insurance companies to recover your collections. Our medical billing team provides claim denial management services efficiently & quickly.


Get Best Operational Infrasructure For Dental Billing Services

A proper infrastructure is an essential requirement of a well-functioning dentistry. Therefore, we align the workflow and operation infrastructure of your practice by providing dedicated medical billing team, cloud-based medical billing software and uniterrupted network connections.


We Provide Round The Clock Customer Support Services

Our highly reliable and responsive customer support team is available 24/7 to answer dentists’ queries about their medical claims and your patient’s questions about their payments. So dentists can get stress-free from non-medical business obligations and pay more attention to deliver better patient experience to their customers.


We Are Well-Aware Of All Medical Billing Software

We provide HIPAA-compliant, well-encrypted and reliable medical billing software to automate your entire revenue cycle management. Even if you don’t want to buy a new set up and leverage your existing software then don’t worry because our medical billing team is well-aware with the use of popular solutions like Kareo, CureMD, Next Gen, Dr Chrono, i.e.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries about our dental medical billing services then this guide would help you find your answers. Even if you still have something to ask then send us an email at: [email protected]

  • How To Outsource Dental Billing Services To CureCloudMD?

    Struggling with reduced collections, aging account receivables and increasing claim denials then you should get connected with a professional medical billing company immediately. CureCloudMD is the most reliable dental medical billing company that provides sought-after dental billing solutions and services.

    We perform a free medical audit of your accounts to identify loopholes, examine your existing medical billing cycle and check if your balance is outstanding. To schedule a free medical billing audit with our professional dental billing experts then fill out the form from the following link:

    Or send us email at: [email protected]

  • Centralized dental billing solutions help dentists manage all your business operations, medical billing & coding services and collect payments at a central location.

    We also provide EHR services to maintain your records in scalable data bases. Also, we provide customer support services to dentists to guide them through every step of their practice revenue cycle management and also to your patients so they stay informed about their financial responsibilities, payments and EOBIs.

  • It is essential for dentists to maintain their overheads to successfully growth their practice. Therefore, we have listed down a few essential steps in this guide to help you improve the finances of your practice. To increase the economy of scale for your dentistry, dentists should follow these steps;

    Reduce overhead by installing and using strong and efficient systems

    With efficient practice management system, dentists can improve the productivity of their business smoothly. CureCloudMD offers cloud-based & HIPAA-compliant solutions to streamline your business workflow and ensure accuracy at the most cost-effective rate. So you can reduce your OPEX and CAPEX while boost your business productivity to create new financial opportunities for your business.

    Make Wise Staffing Decisions

    The largest overhead cost for a dentist is maintaining staff. Since, it includes worker’s compensation, payroll taxes, medical insurance, annual appraisals, paid holidays and other incentives. In an average practice, this cost may exceeds the 30% of total income.

    However, hiring paramedical staff, nurses and assistants in-house is essential to run your practice. However, you can cut down staffing cost overheads by outsourcing administrative and dental billing services to CureCloudMD. We provide a dedicated workforce who manages your dental billing and coding services, account managers and customer support team to guide you and your patients about medical bills and payments, respectively.

    Also, you won’t need to invest in training medical billing team about the new medical codes, constantly update your dental revenue cycle management system and struggle with compliance issues after partnering with us. In this way, you can reduce your staffing cost overheads, stay compatible with the ever-changing industry standards and get professional guidance from well-experienced dental billing and coding specialists.

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After 26 years in private practice, I began looking for smart solutions to expedite my business workflow. When I get started with CureCloudMD, I was super delighted with the reliability of their medical billing services and other solutions because of their commitment to HIPAA policies and compliance with standard regulations. Their medical billing staff is highly educated, professional, and well-supportive at every step of revenue cycle management.


Dr. Arnold


Since partnering with CureCloudMD in July 2021, we have seen an improvement in our patient services, revenue growth, and efficiency of our practice. Our management team has enough resources and time to focus on patient details, documentation, and essential business operations. Our dentistry has become a beacon of patient-centered medicine, and our patients keep visiting our clinic consistently whenever they want to ensure their oral well-being.


Dr. Smith John


We are very satisfied with CureCloudMD since the beginning of our partnership with CureCloudMD. I still remember when we approached them 6 years ago then we were struggling with a disorganized medical billing cycle. With their help, our in-house administration staff has become highly proficient in dealing with patients because CureCloudMD has got the rest of the back-end medical billing operations covered with their full-fledged medical billing services. Their medical billing team is very professional and cooperative every time when we require their expertise in revenue cycle management.


Dr. Martha Lawrence


Since our department is associated with a hospital then we have to deal with a huge volume of inpatient and outpatient services. Like every other dental practice, our medical billing cycle heavily relies on extreme details and the accuracy of data. With the efficient medical billing solutions of CureCloudMD, our patient’s data get verified quickly and accurately. It gives us better insights and agility in preparing right medical claims which are further processed by their professional medical billers. Their team supports us with reliable medical billing services and maintains our back office administration with great expertise.


Dr. Peter David


We are impressed with the professional medical billing team of CureCloudMD. Their flexible approach and timeliness in responding to our questions about our bills and payments have helped us get better control over our finances. Their personal involvement in ensuring the accuracy and better functioning of our medical billing cycle has increased our claim success rate to a remarkable level. Now, we have achieved our objective to reduce AR days to less than 15 days and enrolled with the insurance network in California. It has increased our customer base and enabled our practice to deliver more quality and affordable services to a larger volume of patients.