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Why Choose CureCloudMD For Dermatology Billing Services?

CureCloudMD features a dedicated team of medical billing and coding professionals who are well-versed with the nuances of dermatology so they can accurately prepare your claims. By filing accurate claims on time to individual payers we improve your bottom line and increase your reimbursement collection rate. We work as an extension of your in-house staff to guide and assist your office administration through every step of dermatology revenue cycle management.

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We Provide Compliant Dermatology Billing Services

We provide CPCD (Certified Professional Coder in Dermatology)- certified dermatology medical billing & coding services to troubleshoot your claim denials and rejections. CureCloudMD is a HIPAA-compliant dermatology billing company that offers one-to-one and well-encrypted dermatology billing solutions. We follow the medical billing and coding regulations of CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid), private insurance companies, and HMOs to submit your claims. We accurately translate your diagnostic and treatment procedures into standard medical codes to avoid under-coding and upcoding issues. Therefore, our dermatology billing professionals comply with the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), and the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Get a Well-experienced Team Of Dermatology Billing & Coding Specialists

Whether you’re an independent dermatologist running a clinic, small-sized practice, or working in a hospital, we provide a reliable workforce of dermatology billing specialists to meet the staffing needs of your practice irrespective of your practice’s size. CureCloudMD provides dedicated account managers who supervise the growth of your accounts and maintain your reimbursement collections.

We Provide Cost-Effective Dermatology Medical Billing Services

Our mission is to value your efforts and provide you with easily affordable dermatology medical billing services. You can customize our package according to your budgetary constraints and outsource dermatology billing services at the most cost-effective rate to our medical billing company. We only charge a fixed percentage of the revenue we collect on your behalf by preparing and filing your medical claims.

Get Innovative Dermatology Billing Solutions

Get the competitive edge by leveraging our innovative and reliable dermatology billing solutions. We are a software-independent dermatology billing company that integrates any reliable EHR/EMR solutions, medical billing, and coding software of your choice to enhance the efficiency of your revenue cycle management. So your claims can get reimbursed faster and you can boost your business growth efficiently.

We Provide Highly Transparent Dermatology Billing Services

Are you finding it difficult to track claim denials, identify loopholes in you revenue collection cycle or monitor the progress of your medical bills? We provide highly reliable and transparent dermatology billing solutions to help you navigate through these challenges easily. Our medical billing professionals keep the track record of every medical bill prepared and filed, claim denials, reimbursement collections and AR recovery days to prepare easily comprehensible analytical reports. We regularly provide you with these reports so you can get better insights and agility into the financial progress of your practice.

We Provide Account Receivable (AR) Recovery Services

We are a one-stop dermatology billing company that provides a complete suite of dermatology revenue cycle management services along with account receivable recovery services. Our AR recovery specialists review the medical billing audit and examine your accounts extensively. They track down denied and rejected claims to scrub them. After that, we appeal these medical claims to insurance companies and other payers respectively to recover your outstanding balance and reduce your aging AR days to less than 15 days.

Get The Complete Suite Of Dermatology Billing Services From CureCloudMD

We help you build a better relationship with your patients and payers while handling your practice revenue cycle management. Our expert team provides complete support for your back-office administration and guides your in-house team during documentation, patients’ registration process, and charge entry. So you can get back to what really matters, your patients.



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We Provide A Full Suite Of Dental Billing & Coding Services

With the rapid change in technologies and complex diagnostic protocols, it is becoming more inevitable to leverage innovative cardiology billing solutions. We provide reliable medical billing services & solutions to cardiologists to help them navigate through challenges in the healthcare field easily. Our medical billing team stays well aware of the complicated MACRA rules and guides you through every step of cardiology revenue cycle management.

Get Prior Authorization & Eligibility Verification Services

We provide dedicated portals to our individual clients where they can enter their filed charges so we can collect their billing data for further processing. Our medical billing team examines, verifies, and ensures that the information mentioned on the charged bills is accurate and up-to-date in order to prevent errors and mistakes in the medical billing cycle.

We Provide Reliable Dermatology Coding Services

Our certified coding professionals in dermatology translate your diagnostic and treatment procedures into standard CPT, ICD-9/ICD-10, ICD-10-CM and HCPCs codes. We apply our specialized knowledge about hidradenitis, hemangioma, scars, etc, and surgical procedures such as debridement, and lesion excisions to provide coding services.

We Provide Professional Dermatology Billing Services

Our medical billing team coordinated with the medical coding team to collect accurate medical codes that represent your hard-earned services on the medical claims the right way. Our medical billers prepare and submit your claims to insurance payers and patients respectively.

Get Account Receivable Recovery Services

Our medical billing package includes account receivable recovery services because our AR recovery specialists examine your accounts, identify and eliminate errors to scrub your claims and appeal to insurance companies.

We Aggressively Follow Up With Insurance Companies To Collect Payments

Our medical billing team consistently monitors the progress of your medical after submitting them to payers. We constantly provide reminders to payers via phone calls, emails and fax. Our medical billers help you collect your payments

We Collect Reimbursements & Post Payments

Our professional account managers collect your reimbursements and co-pays. We post payments in our medical billing software so you stay in the know about your medical bills being submitted, reimbursements

Get Connected With Our Dermatology Billing Specialists & Embark On The Journey Of Business Success

Streamline your business operations, optimize your medical billing cycle, and improve your revenue collections with our dermatology billing solutions. Outsource dermatology billing services to CureCloudMD and reduce your OPEX (operational expenses) to a small fraction of your existing expenses.

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We Provide Specialized Dermatology Billing Services

Our skill-full dermatology billing specialists have great expertise in billing diagnostic and treatment procedures of subspecialties in the field of dermatology. We provide dermatology billing services for the following specialized procedures but not limited to:

Get Cool Sculpting, Eyelash Enhancements, Fillers & Injections Dermatology Billing Services

Weather you’re working independently, running a clinic or associated with a hospital, we provide a complete range of dermatology billing services irrespective of your practice’s size. We guide your front desk staff to accurately proceed with patient registration. In this way, they can easily mention all information in the documents accurately. We provide innovative dermatology billing solutions to collect your information and process your medical bills in compliance with HIPAA policies. So you can get well-secured dermatology billing solutions at the most cost-effective rate.


Get Laser Hair Removal, Laser Treatments & Photodynamic Therapy Dermatology Billing Services

Our dermatology coding specialists translate your diagnostic, surgical and treatment procedures into standard codes in compliance with industry standards so your medical bills can get approved in the first attempt of submission right away. We provide EHR/EMR maintenance services to all dermatologists so your medical records stay updated in real time. While you can pay complete attention to patient care services and increase your customer base by delivering quality services.


Get Skin Cancer Treatment, Tattoo Removal & Vein Therapy Dermatology Billing Services

Due to the ever-changing nature of dermatology codes, payer-specific guidelines and public scrutiny of specialty reimbursement, it is imperative for dermatologists to hire professional medical billers and coders. So they can imply their specialized expertise in providing quality dermatology billing services to submit accurate medical claims more efficiently. In this way, you can generate more revenue streams and expand your business growth.


Why CureCloudMD Is The Best Dermatology Billing Company In The USA?

CureCloudMD is a highly reliable, well-experienced and professional dermatology billing company that offers premium quality dermatology medical billing and coding services, since 2010. Outsource dermatology billing services to our medical billing agency and leverage the following benefits of our billing solutions.


We Provide Medical Credentialing Services

Our professional team helps you save time and complete your documentation to provide medical credentialing services. With our provider enrollment services, you can join the network of all private and insurance companies in your state easily. We create and maintain your CAQH profile and provide medical license renewal services.


We Provide Real-time Claim Denial Management Solutions

Our medical billing team makes sure that your claim can get reimbursed successfully. Even if you have any denied/rejected claims before partnering with us, we help you appeal those claims as well. Therefore, we provide a free medical billing audit of your accounts to identify and eliminate errors that cause claim denials. We make essential arrangements to prevent these errors.


We Offer Eligibility Verification Services

We provide innovative prior authorization and insurance coverage eligibility verification solutions to help your registration staff verify the accuracy and timeline of your patients’ data efficiently. It also helps us make sure that you can record patients’ updated data that could be used in charge entry.


We Provide Medical Claim Scrubbing Services

Our medical billing and coding follow the guidelines of LCD (Local Coverage Determinations-area specific) or NCD (National Coverage Determinations-statewide) to use the correct descriptive modifier(s) and describe the medical necessity of the diagnostic and treatment services provided by your practitioners.


We Provide Highly Responsive Customer Support Services

Our customer support team is available 24/7 to answer your queries about medical bills and payments. We also stay engaged with your insurance payers to follow up with them about your payments. We also answer your patients’ queries about their medical bills and EOBIs so you can focus on your practice without worrying about any financial and billing hassles.


We Are Well-Aware Of All Medical Billing Software

Our well-experienced and professional dermatology billing specialists are well aware of almost all famous medical billing and EHR software including NextGen, eClinicalWorks, AdvancedMD, Kareo, CureMD, CareCentral and other software as well. Therefore, we don’t ask you to set up any new software.

Grow Your Dermatology Practice, Optimize Your Medical Billing Cycle & Improve Your Revenue Collections With CureCloudMD

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries about our dermatology billing services and solutions then this guide would help you find your answers. Even if you have more questions that are not mentioned here then contact our team at the following email: [email protected]

  • How To Outsource Dermatology Medical Billing Services To CureCloudMD?

    You can outsource dermatology billing services to CureCloudMD very easily. Simply, send us an email at [email protected]
    Or fill out the form and connect with our medical billing experts from the following link:

  • Outsourcing dermatology billing services are the most cost-effective dermatology billing solution that helps you cut down your operational expenses and reduce your practice’s headcount. An in-house medical billing department requires extensive capital investment for the following things:
    1. Expenses of interviewing, hiring, and onboarding employees for the medical billing and coding department.
    2. Set up the cost of medical billing software and EHR/ EMR solutions.
    3. Operational expenses of building the IT infrastructure and buying stationery.
    4. Capital expenses to pay salaries, annual bonuses and paid holidays for the employees.
    5. Costs required to train medical billers and coders about the constant changes and updates in the medical code book and billing standards.
    On the other hand, when you outsource dermatology billing services to CureCloudMD then we charge you a fixed percentage from the revenue we collect on your behalf by filing your claims. So you don’t need to pay salaries to individual employees or bear their expenses. You can cut down all your cost overheads and tune your practice for more revenue growth with our dermatology billing solutions.

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Dr. Jennifer Kevin


CureCloudMD’s customer support services for our providers and patients is the best facility I have in the business! We don’t need to take stress about reconciling patient statements with our medical bills or worry about patient coverage. Their customer support team covers our needs by timely responding to our questions about medical bills and payments and also guiding our patients about their financial responsibilities regularly. So they become able to pay our dues on time. We are able to submit our medical claims and collect our payments faster than ever.


Dr. Smith Harris


We are associated with a community hospital in Sandiego. Therefore, we have to deal with different types of emergency and critical cases daily. Everyone we work with at CureCloudMD values responsiveness, resolution, and supporting care providers at all levels. Their medical billing and coding professionals are well-trained and they demonstrate their best performance while preparing and submitting our medical claims. We admire their quality and consistency throughout our 7 years of journey with CureCloudMD. It was my best business decision to outsource dermatology billing services to their reliable and professional medical billing specialists.


Dr. Carlos


Working with CureCloudMD without a doubt is inimitable in its work-life balance flexibility. We can easily focus on the medical obligations of our practice, physician-patient interactions, and even continuity of care with inpatient or outpatient encounters, all considered into a schedule that our medical staff can handle while CureCloudMD manages our medical billing, medical coding, and account receivable services. When it’s done, they collect our payments and post them on medical billing software while using our time to ensure patients’ well-being to its fullest potential.


Dr. Paul Fredette


Once we connected with CureCloudMD, we really enjoyed the freedom to scale our business growth, streamline our practice workflow and improve our finances with the help of professional medical billing specialists. Our practitioners dedicate more time to patient care without the stress of worrying about submitting medical claims and running the revenue cycle management. CureCloudMD is a brilliant medical billing company run by very well-qualified and experienced medical billing specialists. We’re very satisfied and grateful for their partnership.


Dr. Timothy Hartshorn


CureCloudMD provides so much support on both the front and back ends with their reliable contemporary solutions. They support our front desk staff to collect information and validate this data with innovative insurance eligibility verification and prior authorization services. Their medical billing staff manages our medical bills and ensures guaranteed accuracy and efficiency in payment collections.