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Why Choose CureCloudMD For Medical Coding Solutions?

CureCloudMD has been offering reliable, cost-effective and advanced medical coding services and solutions for over a decade. We offer great expertise, well-secured cloud-based medical billing and coding software and optimize your transcription and medical billing system.

Compliant Medical Coding Services

Our certified AAPC-certified medical coders seamlessly manage your medical coding procedure in compliance with state rules and HIPAA policies. Our medical coding system is compatible with AMA and CMS guidelines. Also, we imply Payer-specific requirements (Medicare, Medicaid and all commercial insurance) in our medical coding procedures to prepare your bills the right way.

Well-Secured Medical Coding Services

We provide well-secured medical coding services to ensure optimization with an accurate transcription of diagnosis and the procedures performed. Only our authorized personnel can access your protected healthcare information (PHI) to prepare transcriptions. They are fully trained in the guidelines of HIPAA policies. We strictly follow information protection protocols to provide reliable medical coding services.

Get Cost-Effective Medical Coding Services in USA

CureCloudMD stands out from the rest of the medical coding companies in the USA because we offer the most cost-effective medical coding services. You don’t need to stress about hiring new employees or buying expensive medical billing and coding software. Because we backup your practice revenue cycle management with all essential resources while you can focus on patient care services and expand your business growth.

We Offer A Complete Range Of Medical Coding Services

We provide a comprehensive suite of medical coding services to physicians, healthcare laboratories, hospitals and other healthcare organizations. We provide seamless medical billing and coding services to all healthcare providers irrespective of their practice’s size. We don’t ask for any set up charges or hidden fees, instead we offer highly cost-effective medical coding services to streamline your medical billing services.

You Can Access A Professional Team Of Experienced Medical Coders

Finding qualified and well-experienced medical coding services in the USA is highly difficult. Because only a few people pursue their careers as medical coders after getting complete training and certification. However, we hire qualified and AAPC-certified medical coding specialists. When you outsource medical coding services to CureCloudMD, you can access a professional medical coding team without worrying about their incentives.

We Provide Medical Coding Services To All Healthcare Specialties

Our professional medical coding specialists have extensive experience and a proven track record of providing reliable medical coding services to all healthcare specialties and non-disciplinary requirements. We provide reliable and insightful medical coding, auditing, claim denial management and consultation services for all types of medical specialties.

CPT, HCPCS & ICD-10 Coding Services

Our medical coding professionals are highly experienced and fully trained to accurately transcribe your clinical procedures into standard CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes and HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System). Our expert medical coders testify the diagnostic procedures and translate them into ICD-10 codes. We ensure accuracy and reliance throughout the medical coding procedure in order to induce accurate medical billing services.



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Get The Best Medical Billing And Coding Solutions

Working up with insurance companies can take up your significant time. However, CureCloudMD helps you save your time & resources while accelerating your credentialing and provider enrollment services.

We Use Digital Solutions To Collect Information

We integrate reliable EHR/EMR solutions to configure your protected healthcare information (PHI). Our medical coding specialties collect this information and translate it into standard medical codes according to the guidelines of The World Healthcare Organization (WHO), American Medical Association (AMA) and CMS.

Get Reliable Eligibility Verification Solutions

At CureCloudMD, we provide reliable prior authorization/ eligibility verification solutions. It helps us to make sure that your medical and diagnostic procedures are validated. So we can prepare transcription using standard medical codes. We ensure data accuracy and integrity down the line to prepare accurate medical claims that can be easily paid.

We Perform Coding Audits To Ensure Accuracy

We regularly perform medical audits to ensure that your medical bills are prepared by using accurate codes and in compliance with the standard guidelines. Our expert medical coders don’t leave room for irregularities or errors that can cause claim denials or rejections way forward. So your claims can be reimbursed efficiently.

We Provide Reliable Medical Billing Services

CureCloudMD features a professional team of medical billers who coordinate with our medical coding specialists to prepare and submit medical claims to payers on your behalf. We provide physician billing services, lab billing services and specialty-specific medical billing services to all practices.

We Provide Transparent Medical Coding Services

You can get better insights and agile solutions for your practice revenue cycle management with CureCloudMD. We consistently monitor the progress of your medical coding process, prepare regular reports and share with you via email, call and fax as per your requirement.

We Provide 24/7 Customer Support Services

Along with practice revenue cycle management, we provide reliable customer support services to medical practitioners and their patients. Our highly responsive and reliable customer support team answers your queries about payments and medical bills for satisfactory guidance.

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We Provide Medical Coding Services To All Healthcare Specialties

Our medical coding specialists have been providing specialty-specific medical coding services to all healthcare specialties. We provide a complete range of medical billing, medical coding, medical credentialing and consultation services.

We Provide Medical Coding Services For Physicians

We provide value-added, accurate and reliable medical coding services to physicians, paramedical staff and doctors. Our medical coding specialists use contemporary medical coding software to translate your medical procedures into standard CPT (Current Procedural Codes) according to the guidelines of the American Medical Association (AMA).


We Help You Collect Reimbursements From Federal Insurance Payers and Patients

We provide medical coding services for in-network and out-network practitioners, telehealthcare and telemedicine services. We follow the guidelines of Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). We collect critical data related to logistics, time and resources involved in the medical procedure to translate your services into standard HCPCS codes. We can ensure transparency in your medical practice and build a profound relationship between healthcare providers and their payers.


Leverage The Expertise Of Our Medical Coding Specialists For Business Benefits

Improve your revenue collections with reliable assistance of our medical coding specialists. CureCloudMD provide the most cost-effective medical coding services without any setup fees or hidden charges. We clearly discuss our terms of services with our clients before signing any contract. You can get the following benefits from our medical coding services.


We Clear Medical Coding Backlogs

Our medical billing and coding service providers examine your codes and clear coding backlogs that can cause issues while submitting medical claims. Clearing coding backlogs ensure accuracy in medical claims and increase the chances of your claims being reimbursed efficiently & swiftly.


You Can Increase Cost Savings & Reduce Business Expenses

CureCloudMD provides 100% free medical billing audit services. It helps us get insights into your business's operational and administrative needs. Also, it helps us realize the issues and competency of your practice revenue cycle management. After complete analysis, we provide affordable medical coding solutions to help practitioners improve their financial wellbeing.


We Provide Medical Credentialing Services

Our professional medical credentialing experts assist practitioners through provider enrollment and medical credentialing services. We help doctors, physicians and other practitioners become in-network providers and get paid better. Our medical coding team collects your credentialing data in order to prepare your bills the right way.


Get Medical Claim Denial Management Services

Our AR (Account Receivable) recovery team examines your denied and rejected claims. They identify the reasons that caused claim failure. Then our medical coding specialists collect data and rectify coding errors to appeal your medical claims for claim denial management to recover your collections.


We Regularly Follow Up With Insurance Companies

We don’t strand your medical claims after submission. Instead, we track down the propagation of your medical claims from clearing houses to insurance companies & other payers. We continuously remind them about your payments via regular emails, phone calls and faxes. We make sure your every claim is reimbursed on time & you can collect revenue easily.


We Use Innovative Medical Coding Software

We are not strictly dependent upon any specific medical coding software. You can get cloud-based medical coding solutions from CureCloudMD or you can ask us to leverage your existing medical coding software. Our medical coding specialists are expert in Kareo Billing, DrChrono, CareCloud and other popular software.

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    You can discuss your requirements and our medical billing team will schedule a free business consultation with you. In this session, we examine your accounts and provide 100% free medical audit services. Then we prepare a purpose-built strategy for your medical coding services according to your practice’s size and business requirements. We take only one or two business days to onboard practitioners as our clients.

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