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Why Choose CureCloudMD For Psychiatric Billing Services?

Founded in 2010, CureCloudMD has been serving hundreds of thousands of healthcare practitioners with reliable, cost-effective, and professional medical billing services. We help you deliver high quality patient care services and collect your payments efficiently and accurately. So your hard-earned earnings don’t slip through the cracks in your practice revenue cycle management system.

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We Provide Compliant Psychiatric Medical Billing Services

We provide well-secured medical billing services by following the policies of HIPAA protocols. Only, our authorized personnel can access your patients’ protected healthcare information (PHI) to collect data for medical coding & billing services. We prepare your medical claims according to the guidelines of the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC), American Hospital Association (AHA), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and “Affordable Care Act” (ACA).

We Provide Cost-Effective Psychiatric Medical Billing services

We provide psychiatric billing services to small, medium, and large-sized healthcare practices. Our professional psychiatric billing experts are well-experienced in preparing and submitting medical claims for subspecialties in the field of psychology. Therefore, we provide customized and cost-effective psychiatric billing services to all sizes of healthcare practices.

We Provide Software-Independent Psychiatric Billing Services

Our psychiatric billing experts are well-experienced in handling any EHR/EMR software or Practice management software. We manage your medical billing cycle on any medical billing software of your choice e.g. NextGen, AdvancedMD, Kareo, eClinicalWorks, CareCloud, CureMD, and much more.

Get Innovative Psychiatric Billing Solutions

Whether you’re an independent psychiatrist, associated with a hospital or working in a clinic, our medical billing solutions empower all sizes of healthcare practices. Outsource psychiatric billing services to CureCloudMD to streamline your practice’s administrative workflow, get assistance from professional medical billing and coding specialists and configure cloud-based EHR, EMR, and medical billing software in your existing practice management system for an added boost of business productivity.

Outsource Psychiatry and Mental Health Billing Services To Experts

Interviewing and hiring professional and experienced psychiatry billing specialists for a healthcare practice is a time-taking and expersive procedure. Also, psychiatric codes keep updating with the passage of time so continuously training your in-house medical coding is an addition to the work stress for healthcare practitioners. We help the psychiatrist navigate through these challenges very quickly. Simply partner with our psychiatric billing company to acquire a highly qualified and well-trained team of professional psychiatry billing experts.

We Provide Highly Transparent Psychiatry Medical Billing Services

Often people perceive that they lose control over their finances and medical billing cycle after outsourcing medical billing services. However, CureCloudMD helps you get better insights and agility into your practice revenue cycle management. We provide transparent and easily understandable reports featuring information about your medical claims submitted, medical claims reimbursed, revenue earned, and other details. So you stay in the know about your financial progress.

We Provide Account Receivable Recovery Services

We provide a complete package of medical billing services that also includes account receivable recovery services. So we not only create new financial opportunities for your practice but also collect your outstanding balance. In this way, we improve the cash flow of your accounts and improve your business profits with reliable psychiatric billing services.



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Get The Best Psychiatric Billing Services By CureCloudMD

We are a one-stop medical billing company that offers a complete range of medical billing services, medical coding services, and payment posting services. Here’s how we streamline your healthcare revenue cycle management with our medical billing solutions.

Get Prior Authorization & Insurance Eligibility Verification Services

Prior authorization is the most essential step for front desk staff. It helps providers to verify that the patient’s information is accurate, up-to-date, and ready to be used in the medical billing cycle. We also provide insurance eligibility verification services to ensure you can get paid by the patients and insurance companies.

We Provide Reliable Psychiatric Coding Services

Our AAPC-certified coding specialists are well-experienced in medical coding services for Treatment of Smoking Cessation During Outpatient Psychiatric Visits, Interprofessional Telephone/Internet/Electronic Health Record Consultation Codes, Online Digital Evaluation & Management Services Codes, Instructions & Interactive Complexity Guide coding services.

We Provide Professional Psychiatric Medical Billing Services

We have extensive experience of more than a decade of psychiatric and mental health billing services. Our medical billing team coordinates with our expert medical coders to prepare accurate medical claims. We follow the timelines of each insurance payer and submit their medical claims with a quick turnaround time. That’s how we ensure the accuracy & efficiency of your medical billing system.

We Provide Inclusive AR Recovery Services

We examine your accounts and identify such claims that aren’t reimbursed yet. Then we scrub these claims and appeal to insurance companies to recover your account receivables and ensure the financial well-being of your practice.

We Consistently Follow Up With Payers To Collect Your Payments

Our medical billing team not only submit your medical claims but they consistently monitor the progress of each medical claim from clearing house to insurance companies or patients. We regularly send reminders to the payers via email, call, and fax to collect your payments efficiently.

We Collect Reimbursements & Post Payments

We collect your reimbursements and provide digital payment posting solutions so your data stays updated in real-time. It helps healthcare providers to monitor their revenue and stay aware of their collections. It also helps you track the payment behavior of each insurance company.

Streamline Your Profits With Our Reliable Psychiatric Medical Billing Services

CureCloudMD is your most-trusted billing partner that provides professional psychiatric and mental health billing services, streamlines your practice’s workflow, and ensures increased cash flow in your accounts. Fill out the form below & get connected to our medical billing experts right away.

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We Provide Specialized Psychiatric Billing Services

Every subspecialty in the field of psychology has its unique requirements for coding and billing. CureCloudMD is the most specialized psychiatric billing company in the USA because we provide professional medical billing services for the following specialties in psychiatry.

Get Forensic (legal) psychiatry, Pain medicine & Psychotherapy Billing Services

CureCloudMD features a well-experienced team of medical billing specialists that provide billing solutions for forensic psychiatry, pain medicine, and psychotherapy departments in legal, private, and government institutes as well as for independent practitioners.


Get Child and adolescent psychiatry, Sleep medicine & Addiction Psychiatry Billing Services

Our psychiatric billing experts provide sleep medicine and addiction psychiatric billing services to rehab centers, clinics, independent practitioners, hospitals, NGOs, and practitioners working in other healthcare initiatives. A psychiatric department highly depends upon the reports provided by labs so even if you feature a healthcare lab in your practice then get the right laboratory billing services & solutions by CureCloudMD.


Get Geriatric Psychiatry, Psychosocial interventions & Electroconvulsive therapy or ECT Billing Services

We provide a complete range of psychiatric medical billing services to all psychologists and psychiatrists irrespective of their practice’s size. Get the most reliable, well-secured, and professional medical billing services from CureCloudMD.


Why CureCloudMD Is The Best Psychiatric Medical Billing Company In The USA?

Improve the scalability & revenue of your practice with our professional psychiatric billing services. We provide the most cost-effective and high-quality medical billing solutions that are purpose-built to cater to the unique needs of our individual clients. Here’s how you can get competitive advantages with our medical billing solutions.


We Provide Medical Credentialing Services

We help you become an in-network practitioner with government and private insurance companies in your state with reliable medical credentialing and provider enrollment services. We also create and maintain your CAQH profiles.


We Provide Claim Denial Management Services

We identify why you aren’t getting the right revenue for your hard-earned services. Then we examine your denied and rejected claims. We scrub these claims to identify and eliminate errors. Then we appeal your claims to recover your receivables & generate profits.


We Provide 24/7 Customer Support Services

Our customer support team is highly responsive and reliable. We answer your queries about your payments and medical bills. Also, we handle your patient’s questions about their charges and EOBIs via phone calls and emails. So you can run your practice without any stress of phone calls.


Get Connected With Our Professional Account Managers

We provide dedicated account managers who monitor, examine and run your accounts. They also guide you how to improve your revenue collections. Our customer consultation team help you identify more opportunities and advice you how to serve larger patient base & grow your practice.


We Provide EHR/ EMR Services

We update your records in cloud-based EHR/EMR software. Our experienced team can handle your data with almost every electronic healthcare record (EHR) and electronic medical record (EMR) software. For example, eClinicalWorks, NextGen, Epic, Cerner and much more.


We Streamline Your Back-Office Administration Tasks

We handle your practice revenue cycle management from charge entry to payment collection. We review charges, enter Super bills, & code Operative reports. We fix your office administration to eliminate errors and ensure accuracy in all medical billing procedures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries about our psychiatry billing services and solutions then this guide would help you find your answers. Even if you have more questions that are not mentioned here then contact our team at the following email: [email protected]

  • How To Outsource Psychiatric Billing Services To CureCloudMD?

    The simplest psychiatric billing solution is to outsource psychiatric medical billing services. We offer HIPAA-compliant medical billing services, cost-effective and professional psychiatric revenue cycle management. Contact our medical billing team at [email protected]

    Or fill out the form below to schedule a free medical billing audit from the following link:

  • Outsource medical billing services helps you increase your cost savings and earn more revenue stream. Therefore, it is not an expensive rather it is a more cost-effective option for healthcare providers. Especially, CureCloudMD don’t charge any hidden costs or ask you to set up a new software for medical billing services. We configure our solutions with your existing practice management system so you don’t need to increase your CAPEX. On top of that, we only a charge a fixed percentage from the revenue we collect on your behalf. So we only get paid only if we generate for your practice. Therefore, we strive to elevate your bottom line and improve your revenue collection to create more opportunities for mutual success.

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Dr. Daniel Rupert


We are working in a community hospital in San Diego, therefore, we sometimes has to deal with an unexpected massive volume of patients someday. With the help of CureCloudMD, we are free from the administrative workload including paperwork, phone calls, billing and answering patient queries about their bills on emails. They have responsibly streamlined our administrative workflow with their value-added medical billing services. I highly recommend their medical billing services to practitioners who are looking for the best outsourcing solutions.


Dr. Keith


I always wanted to incentivise my staff to pay more attention on activities that can create value for my patients. However, it wasn’t possible due to labor-intensive 20 minute long documentation process for each patient and then preparing medical bills. When we outsourced medical billing services to CureCloudMD then they helped reduced our stress about managing office administration. Now our documentation get verified on time, medical bills get submitted efficiently and our patients can get care services within 10 minutes of their arrival.


Dr. Charlie Chang


Like any other psychiatrist, I manage a practice where therapy and rehabliation can cost thousands of dollars or more typically. It was stressed out to find a trust-worthy third-party medical billing company who can manage the crucial aspect of revenue cycle management for my practice reliably. Gladly, CurecloudMD has won trust of my team over these years of partnership with satisfactory medical billing services and reimbursement collections. Their account managers keep us updated with our financial progress and regularly report us about our medical bills.


Daron Brady

General Physician

For getting me credentialed with insurances, their RMB was excellent. I highly recommend their amazing medical billing services to all the practitioners who are searching for a reliable medical billing services company.


Tom D. Williams

Senior Professor, Neurologist

The team was highly qualified and experienced. Especially the support team was very professional when I had a discussion with them regarding my billing queries. I’m truly grateful to Cure CloudMD for helping me save a lot of stress, time, and cost in the most efficient way possible.