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Why Choose CureCloudMD For Urology Billing Solutions?

Urology billing companies require an in-depth knowledge of medical terms involved in neurology practice to understand the context of your services and accurately translate them into standard medical codes. CureCloudMD features a professional team of urology billing experts who have specialized expertise in urology medical billing & coding. Extend your billing workforce with reliable outsourced medical billing resources.

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We Provide Compliant Urology Billing Services

We provide one-to-one & well-encrypted urology billing services to make sure that your patient’s sensitive protected healthcare information keeps safe from data breaches and unauthorized access. We comply with HIPAA policies to process your patient’s information for medical billing and coding procedures. Also, we file your claims in compliance with federal insurance payers i.e. CMS (Center for Medicare & Medicaid) and private insurance companies as well. Our AAPC-certified medical coders provide urology medical coding services according to the guidelines of the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), and the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Hire The Best Team Of Urology Billing Specialists In The USA

Hiring and training medical billers and coders requires a capital investment, significant time, and sufficient staff to manage interviews and onboarding of employees. We help you get rid of this stress and provide a reliable, professional, and well-experienced team of urology billing and coding specialists. You also don’t need to pay salaries to each employee, extend your OPEX (operation expenses) to manage this team nor you have to invest your time in training medical billers and coders to comply with the upgraded standards of medical billing and coding services continuously. Outsource urology billing and coding services to CureCloudMD and take the guesswork out of your practice revenue cycle management. It smoothes out your business operations, reduces cost overheads, and increases your cost savings.

We Provide Cost-Effective Urology Billing Services

We provide a complete suite of urology billing services to small, medium and large-sized urology practices at the most cost-effective rate in the USA. You can customize our packages according to your practice’s size and needs and get the best purpose-built medical billing solutions for your practice. We only charge a fixed percentage from the revenue we collect on your behalf after getting your claims get approved by insurance companies. So we get paid only if we generate revenue for your practice creating mutual success benefits for your healthcare practice and our urology billing company.

We Offer Advanced & Innovative Urology Billing Solutions

Whether you’re an independent practitioner, running a clinic, or working with a hospital, get the most reliable, purpose-built, and innovative urology billing solutions to meet the financial and administrative needs of your business. Our well-secured, reliable, and professional urology billing solutions help you streamline your business operations and improve your profits with scalability.

Get EHR/EMR Services To Keep Your Records Safe & Updated

No matter where you are in your EHR cycle, CureCloudMD will provide you complete support for EHR/EMR services to record your data in real-time with great proficiency. Only our authorized staff can access your information and work on maintaining your records so you can get better insights and agility into your healthcare practice and customer base.

Outsource Urology Medical Billing Services To CureCloudMD

Hire the best urology billing and coding specialists in the USA by partnering with CureCloudMD. We are a well-established urology billing company that features a highly qualified team of medical billing and coding specialists that are well-versed with medical terminologies and in-depth knowledge of urology. So they can handle your practice revenue cycle management with better proficiency. Several urologists and physicians trust our medical billing services, schedule a free medical billing audit with our urology billing experts and test our solutions yourself.

We Provide Completely Transparent Urology Billing Solutions

Take better control over your finances by outsourcing urology medical billing services to our medical billing agency. We update data about your medical bills, revenue collections, growth of your sales, and your account receivables in our medical billing software. We prepare analytical reports around this information and regularly provide these reports to our individual clients. So you can stay aware of your financial progress and stay updated with your medical billing cycle.



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We Provide A Full Suite Of Urology Billing & Coding Services

We Provide Digital Charge Entry Solutions

We provide innovative medical billing software solutions where you can enter your charges in real time digitally. We’ll collect this data, examine and verify the accuracy index. In this way, your data is scrutinized and secured at a central location safely. We efficiently handle your data and perform service eligibility checks

We Provide Reliable Urology Coding Services

Our medical coding experts are well-experienced in CPT, ICD-9/10/11, and HCPCS codes for urology. Our urology coding specialists stay updated with the changes in coding standards and guide you to upgrade your practice management system to comply with industry regulations.

We Provide Efficient Urology Billing Services

Our medical billing team coordinates with the medical coding team to collect data across well-secured communication channels. We prepare your claims after complete verification of the information and timely submit them to healthcare insurance companies & patients.

Get Account Receivable Recovery Services

We provide account receivable (AR) recovery services inclusive of our medical billing solutions. It helps urologists recover their thousands of outstanding dollars and improve the bottom line of their practice. We scrub and appeal your unreimbursed to insurance companies. Our AR recovery specialists reduce your aging AR days to less than 10.

We Follow Up With Healthcare Insurance Companies

Our dedicated team of medical billing and coding professionals consistently follow up with the progress of each claim from clearing houses to insurance companies or patients. We consistently remind your payers about their payments via phone calls, emails and faxes so you can collect your reimbursements swiftly.

We Collect Reimbursements & Post Payments

When you outsource urology billing services to CureCloudMD then we dedicate a professional account manager that supervises the cash flow in your accounts. We collect your reimbursements and post payments in the practice management system so you stay updated on your income.

Increase Your Claim Success Rate & Improve Your Revenue Collections With Our Urology Billing Solutions!

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We Provide Specialized Urology Medical Billing Services

Our urology medical billing experts specialize in several urology procedures. Our medical billing and coding professionals have in-depth knowledge of medical terminologies involved in urology. Therefore, they have great expertise in converting your medical procedures accurately into standard & relative medical codes leaving no room for errors. We specialize in providing but are not limited to the following urology procedures and billing services.

Get Endourology, Urologic oncology & Neurourology Billing Services

We provide a complete range of medical billing and coding services for endourology, urologic oncology, and neurology diagnostic and treatment procedures. We handle your practice revenue cycle management from charge entry to medical billing and reimbursement collection. We provide claim denial management services to prevent your practice from revenue loss.


Get Laparoscopy, Reconstructive Urology & Pediatric Urology Billing Services

Boost your revenue collections, induce efficiency and optimize your business productivity with our urology billing and coding services. We provide professional, reliable, and cost-effective urology billing solutions all across the USA. Our medical billing professionals assist and guide you through every step of healthcare revenue cycle management.


Get Andrology & Female Urology Billing Services

We provide a full-service medical billing and coding facility to urologists for andrology and female urology procedures. So you can get paid the right way for your dedicated diagnosis and treatment services for infertility using the highest standard of quality of care. We also provide a complete range of laboratory billing and coding services for your associated and third-party labs.


Why CureCloudMD Is The Best Urology Billing Company In The USA?

While you give hope for new lives and fertility to patients, better urinary health, and a well-functioning abdomen, our medical billing and coding professionals ensure the efficiency and better productivity of your practice revenue cycle management. Our dedicated team works as an extension of your office and integrates smart solutions to your existing practice management system to streamline your office workflow. Here’s how you can leverage our urology billing solutions to drive financial benefits for your practice.


We Provide Insurance Eligibility Verification Services

Insurance eligibility verification is a very essential step to verifying the authenticity of a patient’s coverage. It is required for all new patients, hospital admissions, any patient who indicates a change to their coverage, and all expensive procedures. We provide efficient eligibility verification solutions to smooth out your business operations.


We Provide Physician Credentialing And Provider Enrollment Services

Our experts help you complete your documentation and officially continue your practice with reliable physician credentialing services. We provide medical license renewal services so you can run your practice easily. Our professionals also help you enroll with CMS, private insurance companies HMOs. we create and maintain your CAQH profiles consistently so more patients can afford your services


We Offer Urology Claim Denial Management Services

Our medical billing professionals make sure to reduce your claim denial rate to less than 2%. We provide a complete range of urology claim denial management services to prevent your claims from errors. It helps you generate more revenue streams and avoid payment delays. We scrub and appeal your claims timely even in any unexpected case of denial.


Get The Best Operational Infrastructure For Urology Billing Services

In order to run a successful urology practice, it is essential to make sure that your staffing needs are fulfilled. For that purpose, you need a well-defined infrastructure of resources required for the better performance of your practice. We provide a dedicated workforce for your revenue cycle management.


We Provide24/7 Customer Support Services For Bills-Related Queries

Our customer support is available round the clock to answer your payer’s calls about your medical bills. We also guide you about your payments, provide consultation for back-office administration and help you improve your medical billing cycle. Our professionals also answer your patients’ queries about bills & EOBIs.


We Are Well-Aware Of All Medical Billing Software

Our urology billing company is software-independent because our medical billing professionals provide medical billing services by using any medical billing software of your choice including; NextGen, Kareo, CareCloud, CureMD, AdvancedMD, CollaborateMD, eClinicalWorks & much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries about our urology medical billing services then this guide would help you find your answers. Even if you still have something to ask then send us an email at: [email protected]

  • How To Outsource Urology Billing Services To CureCloudMD?

    Simply put, if you want the easiest possible solution for urology billing and coding services then outsource your medical billing services to CureCloudMD. You can send an email to our medical billing experts at [email protected]

    Or fill out the form to provide details about your practice from the following link:

    As soon as you reach out to our medical billers through any of the above-mentioned channels, our medical billers will review your requirements and challenges regarding urology billing services. After that, we’ll contact you within 1 or 2 business days to schedule a free medical billing audit session with you. In this session, we’ll identify and inform you about mistakes and errors in your existing medical billing cycle. So you can get a better understanding of your business operations and financial progress. Our client onboarding system is quite fast and efficient because we value your time and your trust in our medical billing services

    We prepare an on-demand plan for medical billing and coding services that suits the unique requirements and size of your practice. You can also customize this plan according to your budgetary constraints because our motive is to deliver the most cost-effective urology billing solutions in the USA.

    Get started with the best urology billing solutions to ensure the financial well-being of your practice.

  • Outsourcing urology billing services offer a wide array of benefits for all sizes of healthcare practices. Whether you’re an independent physician, running a clinic, or working with a hospital, you can fulfill our staffing needs at the most affordable price by partnering with CureCloudMD.

    We offer the following advantages to urologists with our medical billing solutions;

    1. Customized Packages For Urology Billing Services.
    2. HIPAA-Compliant & Well-encrypted Urology Billing Services.
    3. State-of-the-art Infrastructure For Back-Office Administration.
    4. Cutting-edge & Innovative Urology Billing Solutions.
    5. Highly Responsive Urology Medical Billing Services Delivered In Quick Turnaround Time.

It is Your Success That Inspires Us!


Dr. Sandeep Singh

Urologist, MD

CureCloudMD has provided very useful solutions to streamline our medical billing services. Their medical billing and coding team is highly proficient in understanding the diagnostic and care procedures of urology and they perform accuracy checks on our documentation very well. That’s why we are able to collect reimbursements for every claim that we submit to our payers. Thanks CureCloudMD for the contributions to the revenue growth of our practice.


Dr. Steven H. Culp

Urologist, Chief Executive Officer

Earlier, my office staff was so engaged with the clinical and administrative burden associated with tracking medical codes, transcribing forms, remitting payments and running reports. Therefore, they were unable to cater the needs of larger patient base. CureCloudMD has provided best support with a broad range of administrative services from prior authorization to medical billing services and payment collections. It has helped us reduce administrative overheads and empowered us to deliver integrated, coordinated care across all of our clinics.


Dr. Micheal Stephen

Genito-Urinary Surgeon

It was very difficult for me to keep tabs on the performance of my medical staff and medical billing staff all along. It almost took me as much as a full-day to run month-end reports, switching between different departments. After outsourcing medical billing services to CureCloudMD, I’m able to enjoy the freedom of spending more time with patients and expand my practice. Their medical billing experts run through my medical bills, apply accurate codes and submit my medical claims to payers on time. They have streamlined my business operations and optimized my revenue stream with reliable solutions.


Dr. Alfred J. Davis

Urology, General Surgery

We are on our way to expand our business because we have opened two new offices recently. Therefore, I was looking for easier solution to manage my growing headcount, patient flow and administrative responsibilities. It was my best business decision ever to outsource medical billing services to CureCloudMD. Their medical billing team smooth out my business operations and efficiently proceed with medical billing services.


Dr. Thomas


We heard a positive feedback about CureCloudMD from another large urology practice. Therefore, we reached out to them and talked to their medical billing experts. As soon as they onboarded us, we were satisfied from their participation in our medical billing audit right away. After that, their team has handled our medical bills, payments and revenue cycle management with great expertise and dedication.