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Why Choose CureCloudMD For Credentialing Services?

It is essential for every healthcare practitioner to enroll with private and government insurance payers in order to improve their revenue stream. Also, we help new physicians easily navigate through all the challenges that come across provider enrollment and MD credentialing.

Get The Best Medical Billing & Credentialing Services

Our credentialing specialists go above & beyond to ensure that healthcare providers get 100% accurate credentials at the right time. Also, we regularly review the credentials for added verification. Our medical billing specialists make sure that you get paid faster and easily from private & federal insurance payers and also collect your patients’ co-pays efficiently

Onboard Dedicated Team For Credentialing Services

Our team provides a complete suite of credentialing & re-credentialing services. We carefully complete the credentialing details and submit them to insurers, Medicare & Medicaid. We help healthcare providers to get enrolled with all the payers easily. So you can expand your medical practice with the right support from a reliable administrative workforce.

Compliant Medical Billing Credentialing Services

Our highly qualified medical billing and credentialing specialists are well-versed with the nuances of credentialing criteria of different insurance agencies. We adopt strategic parameters to ensure compliance with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) & the Department of Health & Family Services (DHFS.

Get The Most Reliable Medical Credentialing Services in the USA

Credentialing and contracting are the most crucial aspects of every healthcare business of any size. It helps medical practitioners to create a trustworthy relationship with the insurance payers and patients. Which helps them collect their reimbursements and co-pays efficiently and accurately. CureCloudMD provides a full suite of medical provider credentialing services at the most cost-effective rates. Our provider enrollment and medical credentialing services feature the following crucial aspects;

Get The Reliable Solutions For Provider Enrollment

Our medical billing and credentialing service providers strive hard to advocate your credentials with insurance networks to complete the medical provider enrollment (credentialing) and contracting process. We help healthcare providers while completing all the lengthy forms to become an “in-network” healthcare practitioner. Also, we continuously follow up with all the insurance companies until you receive your credentials. Our well-experienced Provider Enrollment staff and Credentialing specialists consolidate innovative solutions to quickly proceed with payer enrollment procedures. Our cutting-edge credentialing solutions help us monitor the progress of your credentialing applications.

CAQH Credentialing File Maintenance Solutions For Providers

CureCloudMD offers CAQH credentialing services for providers so they can have better support for handling, creating, validating and maintaining their CAQH profiles. Our medical billing and credentialing specialists maintain your CAQH profile along with your credentialing maintenance plan. We regularly examine your credentials to make sure your documents are up-to-date, make essential updates when needed and re-attest your file regularly. In this way, we make sure that every insurance company in your network can easily access credentialing information and verify it.

We Offer Efficient Medical License Renewal Services

It is essential to keep your medical license up-to-date. If a medical provider fails to renew it then it is illegal to practice and it can cost a huge financial penalty. Therefore, CureCloudMD offers a dedicated team that is responsible to submit an initial license application for new physicians and other healthcare providers. We provide medical license renewal services nationwide. We also leverage innovative software solutions to maintain your CME history so we can monitor when your medical license needs renewal and we can take necessary actions quickly and easily.



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Get A Full Range Of Medical Insurance Credentialing Service

Working up with insurance companies can take up your significant time. However, CureCloudMD helps you save your time & resources while accelerating your credentialing and provider enrollment services.

We Review Required Documents

We follow all the regulations to collect your credentialing information and review it to eliminate any errors. Then we review the requirements of each insurance payer individually to submit the required documents accurately & promptly.

We Prioritize Insurance Payers

We coordinate with you to identify which insurance company reimburses your most medical bills and prioritize it initially. Similarly, we categorize other insurance companies the same way. In this way, we align strategies to complete your data credentialing.

We Ensure Information Accuracy

Our credentialing specialists conduct your background check, verify the educational history, licensing, board certification, and reputation through healthcare organizations i.e. AMA, ECFMG, OIG & The American Board of Medical Specialties.

We Use Credentialing Software

We use innovative credentialing software to automate parts of the credentialing process by cross-referencing resume and application information with AMA profiles, medical schools, the OIG, and more.

We Complete The CAQH Profile

Several insurers require healthcare providers to apply for credentialing through the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH). Therefore, our team helps you create & maintain your CAQH profile.

We Manage Your Credentials

After submitting the credentialing application, we make sure that your information gets verified. Until then we keep following up with the insurers to verify your documents. Also, we regularly revise & update this information.

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What Kind Of Healthcare Providers Do We Work With?

CureCloudMD provides medical billing services, provider enrollment and credentialing services across more than 30 specialties in the healthcare field. Also, we provide purpose-built credentialing services for the following specialties;

Medical Insurance Credentialing Services & Provider Enrollment

We help physicians, medical providers and all healthcare practitioners to get enrolled with insurance payers, CMS (Centers of Medicare & Medicaid), commercial plans, hospitals as well as surgery centers. We help practitioners become in-network providers so more patients can afford their services and build trust with you.


Physician Credentialing Services

We provide state-specific provider enrollment and medical credentialing services to all physicians irrespective of their practice’s size. We guide you through the whole credentialing and enrollment procedure. Also, our customer support team actively answers your queries 24/7.


Healthcare Provider Credentialing Services

Whether you’re a physician assistant, medical staff, healthcare lab, radiology practitioner or any healthcare practitioner. We help you file credentialing applications and officially pursue your practice. Also, we help you enroll with all the payers so you can get paid the right way.


Why CureCloudMD Among Other Credentialing Companies?

We work with physicians, therapists and other healthcare providers in all specialties ranging in size from a solo independent practitioner to a group of healthcare providers. You can get the following solutions with our specialized credentialing services.


Credentialing Verification

CureCloudMD provides physician, therapist and healthcare provider credentialing services in compliance with all the national regulations. We make sure your credential information is accurate, up-to-date and accessible by insurance companies.


Transparent Credentialing Services

We provide complete access to our software platform to relevant clients through personal portals. So they can update, review and retrieve their documents without any hassle. Also, you can monitor the progress of your application in real-time.


Portal Registrations

Since, we always aim to provide completely transparent services to our healthcare providers. So we provide direct access to our clients & they can create and update CAQH & PECOS credentialing portals. Where they can access, review and update their information when needed.


Crucial Follow-Up With Insurers

Our medical billing and credentialing service providers rigorously follow up with insurance payers to complete your enrollment and credentialing applications. We make sure that you can start earning accurate income for your hard-earned services easily and efficiently.


Credentialing Medical providers For Specialties

We work with medical providers in all specialties whether a large or small healthcare practice. Our credentialing services are a great fit for physicians and healthcare practitioners who are willing to execute their enrollment procedures efficiently and accurately


Eliminate Contracting Issues & Data Integrity

When we onboard healthcare providers then we perform a thorough medical audit of your medical accounts collections. If we identify any contracting issues, then we file your applications again and maintain data integrity while filling the forms. So you can get enrolled with payers easily

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  • How Long Does CureCloudMD Take To Start Your Project?

    Typically, our medical billing and credentialing team receive your submitted proposal right after your submission. However, we take 2 business days to thoroughly examine your credentialing information and payments. In this way, we completely learn about your practice, align the contract to offer purpose-built solutions and schedule a free business consultation session with you prior to contracting.

  • Usually, it requires 130-160 days to credential a new provider. However, some payers only require 40-50 days right after application submission to verify your documents depending upon the state’s regulations. If you have existing group agreements then you won’t need to wait too long to get your credentials.

  • If you’d decide to submit credentialing applications and proceed with provider enrollment then it can take several months for you to become an in-network provider. Hence, it’ll cost your time & effort to contact and follow up with insurers. Also, if you won’t get your credentials on time then you’ll not be able to unleash more revenue opportunities for your medical practice for too long. Therefore, when you outsource medical credentialing and provider enrollment services to CureCloudMD then you can save your time & get better financial opportunities.

  • Provider Credentialing is the process of verifying a healthcare provider’s background information, skills, and competency levels. If providers want to legally pursue their medical practice then they must go through the credentialing process before starting their practice legally.

  • Payer Enrollment is the process of requesting a health insurance network to get registered. In this way, practitioners become in-network providers and patients can easily afford them. It helps medical providers to generate increased revenue streams by collecting payments from insurance companies and patients. CureCloudMD also helps healthcare providers to enroll with commercial payers including UnitedHealthcare, BlueCross BlueShield, Humana and Aetna, for example, regional insurance networks, or government public programs such as Medicaid and Medicare.

  • Credentialing is not a one-time process instead it is an ongoing aspect of medical practice. Therefore, we require your NPI and CAQH ID & Password for continued enrollment with the insurance payers. Our team may ask your NPI and CAQH ID & Password more frequently to regularly revise and update your information.

    We will require your NPI ID & Password to update your outdated and previous information i.e. physician location/address and billing address. If you’ve forgotten your NPI ID and password then please call the NPI (NPPES) toll-free number: 1-800-465-3203 for assistance.

    However, we would ask your CAQH credentials to submit credentialing applications for health plans, hospitals and other healthcare organizations. If you’ve forgotten your CAQH ID and Password then please call toll free number:1-888-599-1771 for assistance

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For getting me credentialed with insurances, their RMB was excellent. I highly recommend their amazing medical billing services to all the practitioners who are searching for a reliable medical billing services company.


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The team was highly qualified and experienced. Especially the support team was very professional when I had a discussion with them regarding my billing queries. I’m truly grateful to Cure CloudMD for helping me save a lot of stress, time, and cost in the most efficient way possible.