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Why Choose CureCloudMD For Molecular Medical Billing Solutions?

CureCloudMD is a HIPAA-compliant molecular lab billing company offering well-secured healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions to molecular labs of all kinds (independent and/ or associated with any hospital/ healthcare organization). We provide highly transparent, reliable and cost-effective molecular lab billing outsourcing services.

We Provide Compliant Molecular Lab Billing Services

It is important to comply with legal standards to streamline medical billing services. It is the primary responsibility of medical billing specialists to prevent medical billing malpractice i.e. Upcoding (applying medical codes for more expensive services on medical claims than the actual services provided by the practitioners to patients) & undercoding (applying medical codes for less expensive services on medical claims than the actual services delivered to the patient).

Get a Well-experienced Team Of Molecular Lab Billing & Coding Specialists

Our AAPC-certified medical billing and coding specialists are well-versed with the nuances of methods and diagnostic procedures of molecular labs. With great expertise and decade plus experience, we provide professional molecular lab billing services to all sizes of molecular labs in the USA.

We Provide Cost-Effective Molecular Lab Billing Services

At CureCloudMD, we only charge a fixed percentage from the revenue that we collect on your behalf after filing your claims starting from as low as 2.95% and it increases according to your practice’s size and volume of medical claims. We also offer free-of-cost pre-onboarding medical billing audit helping you realize the condition of your healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM). You can also customize your package and select our services according to your needs and budget.

Get Innovative Molecular Laboratory Billing Solutions

CureCloudMD offers innovative molecular lab billing services

We Provide EHR Services For Molecular Laboratories

Did you know, it requires 20 to 30 minutes on average for a practitioner to complete documentation for a single patient visit? CureCloudMD provides HIPAA-compliant EHR services to record your patients’ data with better efficiency. It helps pathologists to get freedom from the time-taking documentation procedure and invest their time in taking care of their patients. Also, it enables pathologists to enjoy the freedom from labor-intensive administration responsibilities and deliver services to larger patient volumes. Our professional team is well-experienced in almost all popular EHR software in the USA including CARECLOUD, eClinicalWorks, Cerner, ATHENAHEALTH, NEXTGEN, and many more.

We Provide Highly Transparent Molecular Lab Billing Services

Get better control over your finances, medical billing procedures, and pathology revenue cycle management with CureCloudMD. We offer transparent pathology lab billing and coding services to all sizes of pathology labs. Our professional team updates data about your bills, payments, reimbursement collections and account receivables to prepare analytical reports in real-time. We regularly provide intuitive reports to pathologists to help them stay informed about the progress of our medical billing team and their revenue growth.



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We Provide A Complete Range of Molecular Lab Billing Services

Our medical billing and coding professionals provide a complete range of healthcare revenue cycle management services. We assist your front desk and back-end medical billing staff to execute their tasks more efficiently and accurately. Our pathology billing professionals assist and guide you through every step of the medical billing cycle in the following ways;

We Provide Digital Charge Entry Solutions

We provide dedicated online portals to pathologists so they can share the charges via one-to-one communication channels. So we can collect your billing data, review codes, and make sure that your claims are prepared accurately. We capture, maintain, and record your charges at a central location so you can easily access your data and configure your billing operations with resourceful solutions.

We Provide Reliable Molecular Coding Services

Our AAPC-certified Molecular coding specialists are highly qualified and well-experienced with CPT (Current Procedural Terminology), ICD (International Classification of Diseases)-9/10 & HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System) codes. We review your medical codes to eliminate mistakes and prepare clean claims. We help pathology labs to prepare accurate claims so they can get paid on the first submission.

We Provide Molecular Lab Billing Services

Our medical billing specialists work as a virtual extension of your office. We prepare your medical claims and follow the timelines of your insurance payers. We prepare bills for your federal and private insurance companies. Our medical billing professionals also assist you to get paid from HMOs. We also prepare and send patient statements to the patients to inform them about their coverage.

We Provide Account Receivable Recovery Services

Our account receivable recovery specialists examine your accounts and reduce your aging AR days. We identify the loopholes in your practice revenue cycle management to eliminate every error and mistake that cause claim denials and rejections. Then we appeal your unpaid claims from payers to recover your outstanding balance.

Follow Up With Insurance Companies For Adjudication

We don’t leave your claims unattended after submission. Instead, we follow up with the insurance companies for adjudication. We constantly follow up with clearinghouses and insurance companies to revise your claims and adjudicate them until they are approved for payment. We also send constant payment reminders to payers regularly.

Reimbursement Collection & Payment Posting

Our account managers constantly send reminders to insurance companies and patients for payments. We collect your payments and prepare reports to inform you about your financial progress. We post payments in our medical billing software to keep track record of your reports. We also process ERAs and EOBs.

Get Connected With Our Molecular Lab Billing Specialists To Tune Your Practice For Better Scalability & Improved Revenue Collections

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We Provide Specialized Molecular Billing Services

Molecular is a specialized area of medical lab that requires in-depth knowledge of medical terms to carry out medical billing and coding procedures. CureCloudMD features a well-experienced team of pathology billing and coding specialists that are well-versed in the nuances of different subspecialties of pathology. We provide specialized pathology billing services for the following subspecialties of pathology but are not limited to;

Get Dermatopathology, Breast Pathology & Clinical Pathology Billing Services

Dermatopathology is a subspecialty of dermatology and surgical pathology which focuses on the study of cutaneous diseases at the microscopic level. We help you translate your diagnostic tests, services delivered, equipment, and time invested to cure a patient in standard CPT, ICD-9/10, ICD-10-CM, and HCPC codes to prepare accurate medical claims.

Breast pathology is the subspecialty of pathology labs that focuses on breasts, both benign and malignant. It also includes the evaluation of axillary lymph nodes. There is a wide range of benign and malignant lesions that arise in the breast. We provide medical billing and coding services for breast pathology services with a complete suite of healthcare revenue cycle management solutions.

Clinical pathology covers several lab functions which are concerned with the diagnosis of, treatment, and prevention of diseases. Clinical pathologists are healthcare providers with special training in testing different specimens from patients’ urine, blood, and other body fluids. We provide specialized clinical pathology billing services to all sizes of practice.


Get Cytopathology, & Gastrointestinal Pathology Billing Services

Cytopathology is a subspecialty of pathology that deals with the diagnoses of cancer and detect cancer precursors. It also detects other conditions and infectious diseases. We provide a complete range of pathology healthcare revenue cycle management and medical billing services for cytopathology practice.

A subspecialty of surgical pathology that deals with diagnoses of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and pancreas disease. We assist independent, small, medium, and large-sized pathology labs to get paid more efficiently with reliable medical billing services.


Get Gynecology Pathology & Hematopathology Billing Services

Gynecology Pathology is also a subspecialty of pathology that deals with the diagnosis of diseases in the female reproductive system. We provide a complete range of pathology billing and coding services to hospitals, labs, and healthcare organizations for Gynecology pathology services.

Hematopathology is a subspecialty of pathology that deals with the diseases of blood cells, bone marrow, platelets, and lymph nodes. We provide HIPAA-compliant and well-secured pathology billing outsourcing services to Hematopathology billing services.


Why Is CureCloudMD The Best Molecular Laboratory Company In The USA?

CureCloudMD offers one-to-one and well-encrypted medical billing services to pathology labs from remote locations. So you can easily outsource pathology laboratory billing services to a well-established team of medical billing experts in the USA. You can get a competitive advantage for your pathology practice because we offer the following benefits with our medical billing services.


Assistance In Medical Credentialing

We assist to get a license and certification from the American Society for Clinical Pathology to start your practice as a specialty in any subspecialty of pathology as well. We guide pathologists on how to maintain their licenses and renew their practice licenses on time. Our credentialing specialists complete your documentation and take essential steps to get credentials from any institute.


Claim Denial Management Solutions

Research shows that almost 60% of denied and rejected claims can be reimbursed by simply appealing them to insurance companies. We also help you recover your millions of thousands of dollars with effective claim denial management services. We scrub your claims to identify and eliminate errors. So we can make your denied/rejected claims free from mistakes and appeal to the insurance companies and clearing houses to recover your payments.


Prior Authorization & Eligibility Verification Services

In order to get payments for your hard-earned services, you should make sure that the patient's insurance coverage is liable to pay you. Therefore, we assist your front-desk staff with prior authorization solutions. So your care services are justified properly in your claims. We also provide insurance eligibility verification services to help you file claims the right way.


We Prepare Patient Statements

After verifying a patient's insurance eligibility criteria, if we find out that the patient is responsible for their services then we prepare easily comprehensible patient statements to inform them about their co-pays. So patients can get informed about their financial responsibilities and pay your payments right away.


We Provide Highly Responsive Customer Support Services

Along with a professional team of medical billing and coding specialists, we also offer a dedicated workforce for customer support services. We are readily available around the clock to answer your queries about your bills and payments. We also handle your patient’s calls about their patient statements and Explanation Of Benefits (EOB) statements.


Efficient Medical Claim Scrubbing Services

Our medical billing professionals scrub your medical claims carefully to make sure that your claims would not return back unpaid due to errors and mistakes. We make sure that patient demographics are updated in your Electronic Health Records (EHR). So your claims don’t get denied due to outdated information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries about our anesthesia billing services and solutions then this guide would help you find your answers. Even if you have more questions that are not mentioned here then contact our team at the following email: [email protected]

  • How To Outsource Clinical Lab Medical Billing Services To CureCloudMD?

    You can outsource anesthesia billing services to CureCloudMD very easily. Simply, send us an email at:[email protected]

    Or fill out the form and connect with our medical billing experts from the following link:

  • CureCloudMD offers the most cost-effective molecular medical billing services and reduce your aging account receivables days for improved collections. So not only you can increase your cost-savings but also improve your financial capability and boost your business productivity.

    Some pathologists assume that it hiring office-based employees to execute billing and coding operations is less expensive than partnering with a billing agency. However, if I break down the expenses of an in-house medical billing department and compare it with the cost that you have to pay to CureCloudMD in order to outsource medical billing services then you can get a clear picture for cost-analysis.

    Expenses of in-house medical billing deparment include the following:

    ● Salaries of medical billers, coders, account receivable recovery specialists, and other office staff.
    ● Appraisals, annual bonuses and paid holidays of office-based employees.
    ● If your employee wants to take a leave then you have to dedicated another employee as a substitute. It will not only increase the work-load of the substitute employee but you might also have to pay overtime bonus.
    ● You have to set up a workstation of individual employee which includes the expenses of hardware, networking and software subscription if it charges for every single user.
    ● Electricity and utility bills.
    ● You have to constantly invest a capital amount to provide training to your office-based employees to acquaint them with ever changing medical codes, billing standards and legilative regulations.
    ● You also have to invest in searching, hiring and onboarding medical billers and coders to meet the growing needs of your business with the passage of time.

    On the other hand, when you outsource pathology billing services to CureCloudMD then we only charge a fixed percentage (Based on your practice’s size and number of claims) from the revenue that we collect on your behalf after filing your claims. Moreover, we don’t charge any hidden or extra charges.

    Our medical billing specialists follow a flexible approach and don’t ask you to set up a new IT infrastructure or make any changes with your existing practice management system except eliminating loopholes. We organize your existing resources to improve your workflow and streamline your business operations.

    We also monitor the progress of your healthcare revenue cycle management system and expand our team to fulfill the growing staffing needs of your practice without any extra charges. In this way, you can get cost-effective and business-friendly pathology billing solutions from CureCloudMD at the best prices.



Jason Philippe

CureCloudMD has provided us with a very supportive medical billing team who contributes a lot to our medical billing procedure. They resolve our problems with effective solutions and guide us at every step of the medical billing cycle very well. Thank you so much for your contributions to our practice growth,


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We came across the medical billing and coding services with CureCloudMD in 2014. Since then we’ve been able to improve our clean claim rate to more than 905% and reduce our claim denial rate to less than 1%. It’s been an amazing experience to work with CureCloudMD. Highly recommended!


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We are super delighted to work with CureCloudMD who provides reliable medical billing and coding solutions. They help us follow the right practices during patient encounters like maintaining accurate records, realize our prayers and collect our payments on time.


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CureCloudMD has proved as the best billing partner since the beginning of our partnership. Their customer support team is very responsive and supportive because they always guide us with useful insights and provide suitable solutions to our problems. They are making it easier for practitioners to improve their collections with proven medical billing and coding services.


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Amazing medical billing company! Their medical billing and coding team is very professional with in-depth knowledge about pathology procedures. We have never struggled with making them understand the medical obligations of pathology.