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Why Outsource Medical Billing Services To CureCloudMD?

In the highly challenging landscape of the healthcare industry when medical providers struggle with the financial crisis, staff shortage and reduced reimbursement then CureCloudMD comes to save their practice with reliable medical billing services. We provide streamlined medical billing & coding services, expert medical billers and improve your revenue stream.

We Provide Solution For Back-Office Operations

If you’re spending your office time in EOB letters, insurance calls, coding letters and recovering receivables then you’re missing out on a lot of new financial opportunities. CureCloudMD offers a complete suite of medical billing solutions to handle your business operations, medical billing and coding procedures to reimbursement collection. While you can serve a larger patient base & grow your practice without any hassle.

A Well-experienced Team Of Expert Medical Billers

Sort out your problem of looking, hiring, onboarding and training expert medical billers and coders once and for all. Partner with CureCloudMD and get access to a professional of well-experienced and certified medical billing and coding specialists without worrying about their salaries all along. So you can completely focus on providing better quality healthcare services to your patients and improve your business functions.

Get The Most Cost-Effective Medical Billing Services

We provide highly cost-effective medical billing and coding services. Unlike other medical billing companies, we clearly mention our charges in the contract to inform you beforehand. So we don’t have any hidden charges neither our terms of services change before you sign another contract. Therefore, several medical providers have been working with us for more than a decade and their trust improves over time.

Our Mission & Values

CureCloudMD is the leading medical billing company that aims to improve the functioning of the healthcare industry in the USA. We would work as your extended team so you can get better control of your finances. Our professional medical billing team provides technology-enabled medical billing and coding solutions to all healthcare organizations and almost all medical specialties of all sizes. Our medical billing company is founded and running with the following core professional values:


We provide reliable, innovative and efficient medical billing solutions to boost the productivity of your business. Our medical billing specialists use well-encrypted cloud-based EHR/EMR solutions to secure your digital records. We use our comprehensive medical billing software to streamline your medical billing services. Our expert medical billers are also experienced in Kareo Billing, DrChrono, CareCloud Central, eClinicalWorks, CureMD and almost all other third-party medical billing and coding software. So we can also proceed with any medical billing software of your choice.


Our dedicated R&D specialists are always performing in-depth market analysis to stay compatible with the ongoing changes in the federal and payer’s regulations, protocols of medical coding and innovative revenue cycle management solutions to contribute to the success of your healthcare business.

Empathy & Biased For Actions:

We aim to empower healthcare practitioners and enable them to provide high-quality medical services. Our vision is that healthcare providers should treat patients as they would treat their families. Therefore, we practice empathy for all of our clients and cater to their financial needs responsibly. So they can provide satisfactory healthcare services to patients and ensure their well-being.



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Why Is CureCloudMD Your Best Medical Billing Solution?

With our medical billing services, you can shed away the stress from your shoulders about growing staffing needs, aging account receivables and reducing reimbursements. Our medical billing and coding specialists handle every step of your practice revenue cycle management from medical credentialing, patient registration to reimbursement collection and payment posting remotely. Here’s why you should outsource medical billing services to CureCloudMD:

We Adopt a Flexible & Consultative Approach

We provide technology-enabled medical billing and revenue cycle management solutions. Our medical billing specialists offer flexible billing solutions to all groups of healthcare organizations.

We Offer Reliable Clinical Technology

CureCloudMD provides a complete suite of practice management solutions including charge entry software, EHR, medical billing software and healthcare analytics. We make your practice efficient 5x more.

Improve Efficiency & Elevate Your Bottomline

Our professional medical billing and coding team guide you through every step of your practice revenue cycle management. Also, we recover your outstanding balance and improve your reimbursements to ensure better productivity.

We Provide On-Demand Workforce Extension

You don’t need to worry about extending your staff anymore. CureCloudMD offers a dedicated IT and professional billing team at scale to meet the demands of your growing business at the most cost-effective price.

Get Innovative Patient Experience System

We help physicians and other medical providers efficiently complete the documentation process and also streamline their back-office tasks. Our customer support team is 24/7 available to remind your patients about their dues.

Hire Experienced Team For Medical Billing & Coding

Our medical coding team is highly experienced in ICD-10, CPT and HCPCs codes. Our professional medical billers offer reliable services compatible with the Center for Medicare & Medicaid, AMA and ACA rules.

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We Provide A Comprehensive Suite Of Medical Billing Services To All Healthcare Organizations

CureCloudMD has been providing medical billing services to all healthcare practitioners for more than a decade. We provide medical billing and coding services to all healthcare specialties irrespective of their business size.

Get Clinical Medical Billing Services

We provide HIPAA-compliant physician billing and laboratory medical billing services to clinics. Our medical billing team performs the complete audit of your revenue cycle management to get insights into your reimbursements and receivables. We prepare a custom-tailored strategy that suits the size of your clinic or laboratory to boost your business productivity.

Get Hospital Medical Billing Services

We assist healthcare professionals to streamline the business functions of their hospitals. CureCloudMD provides all-inclusive hospital billing services serving the needs of all specialties and departments in a hospital. Also, we provide exclusive customized medical billing services to the healthcare labs associated with a hospital.

Get Professional Laboratory Medical Billing Services

We provide laboratory revenue cycle management to all kinds of healthcare labs including clinical labs, census entry labs, pathology labs, toxicology labs and molecular labs. Whether you’re an independent, associated or clinical lab, we provide lab medical billing services to all sizes of healthcare labs.

Why CureCloudMD Among Other Medical Billing Companies?

Our medical billing company provides a one-stop solution to streamline your healthcare revenue cycle management, Electronic Health Records (EHR), business intelligence and telehealth medical billing services. Healthcare providers can get the following advantages after partnering with CureCloudMD:

We Optimize Your Business Operations

CureCloudMD offers efficient practice management solutions to optimize your practice performance and ensure your financial well-being. Through pre-configured cloud-based EHR/EMR solutions, we ensure that you can deliver better quality patient care services.

We Help You Reduce Operational Expenses

Our flexible, consultative and strategic approach combined with our modern and HIPAA-compliant medical billing solutions help you reduce cost overheads, improve your savings and ensure data security. Let us help your healthcare business boost productivity & ensure profitability with reliable and effective medical billing services.

Increase Claim Success Rate & Reimbursements

Our medical billing and coding specialists prepare and submit your claims accurately and promptly. So your claims get approved by clearing houses and insurance payers in the first attempt of submission. Also, we reduce your claim denial rate to less than 2% to help you can get paid the right way.

Enlarge Your Patient Base With Quality Care Services

Does your patient registration process take too long? We integrate digital patient intake, charge entry, prior authorization and insurance eligibility verification to seamlessly improve your interaction with your patients. So you can provide better care services to more patients.

We Help You Grow Your Practice

We help medical providers to run their practice smoothly and drive more revenue. Our medical billing specialists manage your revenue cycle management system with resourceful technology solutions to ensure your business growth. We design a strategic plan in advance to streamline your practice’s workflow and scale it further.

More Patients Can Access Your Care Services

We provide seamless medical credentialing services to medical providers and help them become “in-network” providers swiftly. We also create and maintain your CAQH profiles and medical license. So more patients can afford your services and rely on your healthcare services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What To Look For In A Medical Billing Company Before Making A Final Decision?

    The medical billing industry is highly competitive due to many medical billing companies operating in the USA. However, if you’re deciding to outsource your medical billing services then you should look forward to the following essential traits among many others:

    Check The Experience Of A Medical Billing Company In Your Medical Services:

    Especially, if you’re running a specialty-specific practice then you should look forward to a medical billing company that has extensive experience in the medical billing and coding services relevant to your specialty.

    Since every specialty has its own payment regulations, specific medical codes and volume of patients, therefore, a medical billing company should be well-versed with the unique requirements of your practice revenue cycle management.

    CureCloudMD is a well-experienced medical billing company that has an extended team of expert medical billers and coders that has several years of experience in the medical billing services of more than 30 specialties. We provide medical billing services to physicians, surgeons, emergency rooms, healthcare labs, rehabilitation centers, dentists and dermatologists, and several other medical specialties. Irrespective of your practice’s size, we dedicate a highly qualified team of professional medical billers to file your claims and manage your accounts.

    Staff Of A Medical Billing Company Should Be Highly Skilled & Reliable:

    Usually, a high school graduate can start a career as a medical biller and coder without any certification. Although, there are schools and colleges that provide a diploma or certification for medical billing and coding. However, only 30% of the medical billers get any prior certification or diploma. Mostly, people learn this skill directly from a clinic or any other healthcare practice.

    Therefore, you should always look for the skill record and experience of medical billers in order to judge the expertise of a medical billing company.AAPC- or AHIMA- certified medical coders and billers are well-versed in the regulations of AMA (American Medical Association), Affordable Care Act (ACA), CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid) and other commercial payers including UHC, WellPoint, Aetna, Humana BCBS, Anthem and other insurance companies.

    Our medical billing company is strictly HIPAA-compliant, therefore, only our authorised employees can access and use your protected health information (PHI) for medical billing purposes. That’s why several healthcare providers have been relying on our medical billing services for more than a decade.

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    Our medical billing team will contact you right away to schedule a free business consultation session with your team. Also, we provide a free medical billing audit to examine your accounts, claims and the performance of your existing medical billing system. So get this offer quickly before it doesn’t remain free anymore.

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For a long time, I was searching for cost-effective medical billing services near me. After getting their professional medical billing and coding, we have seen a drastic improvement in our billing efficiency.

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It was a satisfying experience with Cure CloudMD and their medical billing specialist. They offered me their most affordable pricing plan with a quick turnaround time and at the same time the quality of their medical billing services were exceptional.

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For getting me credentialed with insurances, their RMB was excellent. I highly recommend their amazing medical billing services to all the practitioners who are searching for a reliable medical billing services company.

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The team was highly qualified and experienced. Especially the support team was very professional when I had a discussion with them regarding my billing queries. I’m truly grateful to Cure CloudMD for helping me save a lot of stress, time, and cost in the most efficient way possible.