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Why Choose CureCloudMD For Receivable Recovery Services?

We provide account receivable recovery services inclusively with our package of medical billing outsourcing services. Also, we offer exclusive AR recovery services to remove the hurdles from your reimbursement collection model. Our AR recovery team scrub your denied/rejected claims, appeal them to insurance companies on time and prevent your medical claims from errors and mistakes.

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Cost-Effective AR Recovery Solutions

We offer the most cost-effective AR recovery services to all healthcare providers in the USA. We only charge a fixed percentage from the revenue that we collect after appealing your claims. In this way, we help you reduce your capital expenses and increase your cost savings.

We Provide Expert AR Recovery Solutions

Our AR recovery specialists assist you in deploying efficient AR recovery and medical billing solutions with your practice management to boost your business productivity. Our professional AR recovery specialists provide insightful guidance to your office administration at every step of healthcare revenue cycle management.

We Provide a 24/7 Customer Support Team

Along with a professional AR recovery team, we also provide a dedicated customer support team that answers your questions about your claims, bills, and payments. We also guide your patients about their deductibles, payables, and billing statements. We are readily available around the clock to guide you about your payments.

Outsource Account Receivable Recovery Services & Solutions

With decade-plus experience in the medical billing and AR recovery field, CureCloudMD has helped several physicians and doctors recover their hundreds of thousands of dollars with proven account receivable recovery solutions. Get the following cutting-edge advantages from our reliable AR recovery solutions.

Get Well-Encrypted & HIPAA-Compliant AR Recovery Solutions

We provide well-secured and one-to-one HIPAA-compliant account receivable recovery solutions. Only our authorized personnel can access your patient's protected health information (PHI) to review and verify data. In this way, we recheck errors and mistakes in your medical claims to prepare clean claims.

We Offer Innovative AR Recovery Billing Solutions

Outsource account receivable recovery services to CureCloudMD to streamline your reimbursement model and accelerate your revenue growth. We provide pre-configured account receivable outsourcing solutions so you can onboard our services seamlessly. We provide EHR services, regular analytical reports, and free medical audit sessions.

We Provide Transparent AR Recovery Services

Our company aims to deliver highly transparent account receivable recovery services so you can get better control over your finances. We consistently follow up with the insurance companies to appeal your denied claims and make sure that you can get your payments without excessive delays.



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Outsource AR Recovery Billing Services To CureCloudMD For Better Revenue & Business Growth

Make your medical billing system better and error-free with the best in class account receivable recovery services. We provide a complete range of AR recovery services to prevent your revenue cycle management from further mistakes and errors. So you can reduce your bad debt and improve the cash flow in your accounts. We also provide dedicated account managers who supervise your account collections, post payments, and provide the following services.

We Timely Appeal Your Claim Denials

Typically, a denied claim should be appealed within 60 days after you receive a written notice from the insurance company. Our AR recovery specialists skim through all the reasons mentioned in the notification and rectify the mistakes accordingly. We promptly respond to insurance companies to make sure that you don’t miss out on your payments due to delayed responses.

We Provide Expert Guidance & Training

Our AR recovery specialists to coordinate with your in-house medical billing staff and provide them essential guidance on how to make medical claims in compliance with the rules and regulations of federal institutes and insurance companies. Also, we provide regular training and statistical dimensions to concerned healthcare professionals so they can get useful insights and monitor their progress.

Leverage Professional AR Recovery Expertise

Our AR recovery specialists upscale your accounts with a quick turnaround time and resolve your payment disputes with a personal contribution. We identify errors and mistakes in your billing operations to ensure that your revenue cycle management stays protected from denials, rejections, and nonpayments way forward. With years of experience, our subject-matter experts improve your collections.

We Reduce Your AR Days To Less Than 15 Days

Your healthcare practice needs our AR recovery outsourcing services if your aging AR days are greater than 45 days. Our AR recovery specialists discover your outstanding balance to segregate collectible and uncollectible amounts. So we can identify your unpaid claims and appeal them before the deadline.

We Regularly Follow Up With Insurance Payers

After submitting an appeal request, our AR recovery specialists follow up with the insurance companies for claim adjudication. We coordinate with the clearing houses to review and submit your claims consistently until your claims are approved as clean by clearing houses so they can be reimbursed after submitting to the insurance company.

We Provide Regular Analytical Reports

We work as a virtual extension of your office staff and help you track down the process of your accounts with analytical reports. Our AR recovery specialists regularly provide detailed reports to each clients with the details of collections progress, payments, and recommended adjustments to make you fully aware.

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Get Specialty-Specific AR Recovery Services

Each specialty has its own unique billing requirements, if not understood properly then it leads to claim denials and rejections. Therefore, our AR recovery specialists make sure that your claims are prepared using specialty-specific codes by following the relevant payers’ guidelines.

Hospital AR Recovery Services

Hospitals have to deal with a large volume of medical claims. Therefore, there is a high chance that they can lose millions of dollars due to unnoticed claim denials and rejections. Our AR recovery specialists assist hospitals in tracking down their outstanding balances and the reasons behind aging AR days. We appeal your denied and rejected claims to empower your reimbursement model.

The clinical microbiology laboratory is a full-service healthcare lab that provides diagnostic services for bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, virology, and mycobacteriology. We imply accurate medical codes to prepare highly converting medical bills for your diagnostic services.


Clinical AR Recovery Services

Independent practitioners, clinicians, and small-sized healthcare practices often find it hard to manage their administrative responsibilities and medical obligations all along due to the shortage of staff. When clinics, small healthcare labs, or dentistries find it hard to manage their collections then CureCloudMD steps into the picture. We handle your accounts, recover your bad debt and streamline your cash flow with dedicated AR recovery services.


Benefits Of Working With CureCloudMD For AR Recovery Services

We are a well-established account receivable company helping healthcare professionals improve their financial capabilities with reliable support and solution. You can get the following advantages for your business by outsourcing account receivable recovery services to CureCloudMD.


We Help You Deal With Third-Party Payers

Our AR recovery specialists are well-versed with the nuances of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, private insurance companies, and HMOs. We prepare the logs of timelines of each insurance company. So we can appeal your denied claims before the deadline of each insurance company and collect your payments timely.


We Improve Your Reimbursement Policy

Usually, physicians struggle with curating an optimized reimbursement model and creating a streamlined billing procedure. So you can streamline your practice healthcare revenue cycle management and get paid timely. We assist your healthcare providers to boost business productivity.


We Provide Transparent AR Recovery Services

We help you get better insights and agility into our outsourced account receivable recovery services. Our AR recovery specialists provide regular analytics reports with real-time statistics about your payments, bills, and collections to keep our services clearly visible.


Get Paid More & Faster With Our AR Recovery Services

Usually, practitioners can’t get paid quickly due to excessive claim denials and rejections. Therefore, we eliminate errors and mistakes from your medical billing cycle. We coordinate with your patients and insurance companies to make sure that you can get paid quickly and streamline your payments.


We Help Physicians Offer Quality Patient Care Services

Sometimes healthcare providers can’t expand their business growth because they are unable to cater to the needs of a larger patient base due to inefficient medical billing revenue cycle management. Therefore, we assist you to improve the quality of patient care services so you can ensure the well-being of our community.


Software We Leverage For AR Recovery Services

Our account receivable recovery specialists are well-experienced and aware of the use of almost all popular medical billing and AR recovery software in the USA including Kareo, CureMD, CareCloud Central, Dr Chrono, eClinicalWorks, AdvancedMD, etc.

Get Reliable & Proven AR Recovery Services To Boost Your Business Productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries about our AR Recovery services then this guide would help you find your answers. If your questions are still unanswered then please contact us at +1 5589 55488 55 or schedule a free business consultation session with our medical billing experts from the given link:

  • How To Outsource AR Recovery Services To CureCloudMD?

    You can simply talk to our account receivable recovery specialists by calling us at +1 205 947 3264. You can also schedule a free medical billing audit with our team by filling out a form at this link:

    We Offer 2 packages for AR recovery services:

    1.Inclusive AR recovery services along with medical billing services. In this package, we manage your revenue cycle management from the beginning (patient registration) to the end (reimbursement collection).
    2. We also offer exclusive AR recovery services where we only scrub your denied/rejected claims and appeal to insurance companies.

  • No, CureCloudMD offers the most cost-effective AR recovery services helping you reduce your capital and operational expenses. Instead, aging account receivables and bad debt make it more difficult for the healthcare provider to improve their cash flow.

    Therefore, outsourcing AR recovery services is a more convenient option for those healthcare providers who are looking for cost-effective AR recovery solutions. Here is how outsourcing account receivable recovery services help you increase cost savings and prove to be a less expensive solution than an in-house medical billing department.

    Staff Expenses:

    In order to make sure that your accounts are running properly, it is essential to hire an AR recovery specialists who are responsible to reduce your bad debt and ensure that your income is collected completely and timely.

    In order to hire an in-house AR recovery specialist, you have to invest a huge capital investment to research, interview, onboard, and train an employee. You also have to regularly pay for the salaries, paid holidays, annual bonuses, and performance appraisals of every individual on the team.

    On the other hand, when you outsource account receivable recovery services to a reliable AR recovery company then you only have to pay a fixed amount according to the contract.

    For example, CureCloudMD only charges a fixed percentage of the revenue that we collect on your behalf after appealing your claims. You can access a professional team of AR recovery specialists from a remote location at a small fraction of your existing staffing expenses.

    IT and administration Expenses:

    In order to run an in-house medical billing department, you have to deploy a well-structured IT set up including the costs of hardware, data storage, networking and software for the AR recovery department.

    Also, you would need to spend more on buying stationery, office furniture and paying utility bills. You won’t have to bear these expenses when you outsource AR recovery services.



Dr. Krishna Prasad

Pediatrics Specialist

We have been using their services for more than a year and we’re fully satisfied with them. Their AR recovery team has helped us realize our potential financial capability and assisted us to reduce our aging AR days to less than 12 days. I recommend their services to my fellow practitioners.


Dr. Diego Allende


CureCloudMD is a reliable medical billing company that has helped us recover our outstanding balance efficiently. We were experiencing increasing bad debt before partnering with CureCloudMD but now we are able to seamlessly execute our billing operations and collect payments on time.


Dr. Haas Steve


I commend the great work of CureCloudMD and we’re highly grateful for the contributions that you’ve made to our practice. With the help of their professional team, we have streamlined our office’s internal workflow and their guidance has helped me train my staff about the industry updates effectively.



Chief Operating Officer

So far, our experience with CureCloudMD has been very positive. Their team is very responsive as well as they handle all communications very well. Whenever we have inquired them about their performance they have responded very positively in a professional and pleasant manner. They have guided our team to make essential adjustments in our medical billing cycle and improve our collections.


Dr. Hassan Jalal


I’m delighted that I’ve come across a very reliable and professional AR recovery company like CureCloudMD. I am completely satisfied with their medical billing and accounts receivable recovery services. Anybody, who is looking for an effective and reliable solution for their increasing account receivable should consult with their professional AR team.