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Why Choose CureCloudMD For Rehab Billing Services?

Managing substance abuse and rehab billing services is a very time-consuming and labor-intensive task. With reliable medical billing solutions from a professional medical billing company, physiotherapists and other therapists can cut down their headcount, expenses and aging account receivables.

CureCloudMD provides all-inclusive outpatient and inpatient rehab billing services to every size of rehab and treatment facility. We have been providing rehab billing solutions to several therapists and consultants for more than a decade with a proven track record of successful business stories.

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We Provide Compliant Rehab Billing Services

We provide well-secured and one-to-one rehab billing services in compliance with HIPAA data protection policies. Only our authorized and well-experienced rehab medical billing specialists access and process your data to run your practice revenue cycle management. Our rehab billing company follows the guidelines of CMS (Centers of Medicare & Medicaid), AHA (American Hospital Association) and other private insurance companies.

We Provide A Well-Trained Workforce For Rehab Billing Services

Our AAPC-certified medical coding specialists translate your inpatient and outpatient rehab services. Our medical billing team timely prepares and submits your medical claims to payers. So we make sure that your claims get accepted at the first attempt of submission and you can get paid easily & efficiently.

We Provide Transparent Rehab Billing Services

Security & transparency are the most crucial aspects of medical billing and coding services. Therefore, our rehab billing company provides completely transparent rehab billing services to practitioners. When you outsource rehab billing services to CureCloudMD, you get the facility of insightful reporting. Our medical billing team regularly reports about the progress of your rehab revenue cycle management and finances. So you can make well-informed business decisions with better insights and agile solutions.

Get Reliable & Highly Cost-Effective Cardiology Medical Billing Services

We have been providing medical billing services to practitioners for more than a decade. It is our primary value to build trust with medical providers and help them deliver their best to the patients. We provide value-added cardiology and physician billing services to streamline your practice’s workflow.

We Provide Well-Secured & HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing Services

Our certified medical billers provide reliable cardiology billing services in compliance with HIPAA policy. We ensure the safety and integrity of your data and protected healthcare information (PHI). We use well-encrypted software solutions to process your data for medical billing services which is only accessible to authorized professionals in our company.

We Offer Innovative Cardiology Billing Solutions

We help cardiologists to accelerate their business growth by leveraging state-of-art and innovative medical billing solutions. We automatically collect your data and proceed with charge entry to prepare medical bills. Our medical billing professionals integrate EHR and practice management solutions to streamline your revenue cycle management and keep your data safe at a central location.

We Provide Completely Transparent Cardiology Billing Services

When you outsource cardiology medical billing services to CureCloudMD then you get better control over your finances. Our medical billing professionals prepare weekly and monthly analytical reports regularly and share them with medical providers. In this way, you can insights into your payers’ behavior and practice growth so can make business decisions in a better way.



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We Provide A Complete Suite Of Rehab Billing Solutions & Services

With a mission to empower healthcare practices, CureCloudMD provides a complete range of rehab billing services. We integrate all essential solutions and equipment to streamline your administration workflow and practice revenue cycle management. So you can get paid faster and better.

We Provide Digital Charge Entry Solutions

We provide innovative & digital solutions where you can enter your charges so the data keeps safe at a central location. We review the charges to ensure accuracy in the data flow. So we can translate your services into the right medical codes way forward.

We Provide Reliable Rehab Coding Services

Our medical coding team has extensive experience in rehab coding services. We translate your treatment, diagnostic tests, and procedures into standard CPT, ICD, and HCPCS codes accurately & precisely. We make sure that your claims are prepared the right way so they can be reimbursed on the first attempt.

We Provide Efficient Rehab Billing Services

Our professional medical billing team collects and verifies your data. Then we incorporate medical codes prepared by our medical coding team & efficiently prepare your medical bills. We follow the timelines of each insurance payer to submit your claims timely.

Get Account Receivable Recovery Services

CureCloudMD provides account receivable recovery services inclusive with our medical billing services. Our AR recovery team examines your account, identify loop holes that caused claim denials/ rejection earlier, rectify those errors and appeal your medical claims.

We Aggressively Follow Up With Insurance Companies

Managing patients, complete documents and answering patients’ calls keep therapists quite busier. Along with this hassle, it becomes very hard for them to follow with insurance companies and patients to collect their payments swiftly. CureCloudMD regularly follow up with insurance companies and send them reminders to avoid payment delays.

We Collect Your Reimbursements & Post Payments

We collect your payments & co-pays from insurance companies and patients altogether. Then we post your payments in our advanced cloud-based medical billing software. We help you stay updated with your payments and provide your insightful reports. So our can get better agility into our billing services.

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We Provide Specialized Substance Abuse & Rehabilitation Therapy Billing Solutions

CureCloudMD provides specialty-specific rehab billing solutions for rehabilitation centers, physical therapy groups, hospitals, individual physicians, physician groups, multi-specialty groups and clinics. We have dedicated team of medical billing and coding professionals for every specialty of rehabilitation therapy healthcare practice. So get connected with our team that understands the unique requirements of your practice very well.

Physical Therapy Billing Services

We understand how hard physical therapists try to help patients move and function in their lives. That’s why our rehab billing specialists streamline your practice workflow and make sure that your medical billing cycle & business operations keep running smoothly. So you can get better control over finances and your practice achieves better strength, stability and experience.


Occupational Therapy Billing Services

This therapy is important to make sure that every patient performs well in the daily life. Making sure the emotional balance, improving fine motor skills and helping people learn new skills contribute to the well being of our society. That’s why we empower occupational therapists with reliable medical billing services to improve the financial health of their businesses so they perform better & their practice functions properly.


Cognitive Rehabilitation Billing Services

When therapists strive their best to improve the memory, thinking and reasoning abilities of the patients. Then our specialty professional medical billing team assist you through the challenges of claim preparation & submission, medical billing services and reimbursement collection. So you can get paid the right way for your hard-earned services.


Why CureCloudMD Is The Best Rehab Billing Company In The USA?

Get end-to-end, well-secured and rehabilitation therapy medical billing services with a range of other benefits from CureCloudMD.


We Provide Insurance Eligibility Verification Services

CureCloudMD provides full support to your front desk staff and provide reliable solutions for patient insurance eligibility verification & prior authorization services. So we make sure that you can easily document right information.


We Provide Physician Credentialing & Enrollment Services

We provide physician credentialing and provider enrollment services to substance abuse and rehabilitation therapists. We create and maintain your CAQH profiles. Get enrolled with popular payers.


We Provide Reliable Claim Denial Management Services

Our medical billing team reduces your claim denial rate to less than 2%. Even after that a claim denial/rejection occurs due to any change in patient’s information, our medical billing team scrub your claims and appeal to payers.


We Provide Transparent Medical Billing Services

CureCloudMD has always earned the trust of healthcare providers over these years because we provide completely transparent medical billing services. We prepare easily graspable reports and provide to healthcare providers regularly. So they can stay aware about the progress of their rehab revenue cycle management.


We Provide 24/7 Customer Support Services

Get connected with the best rehab billing company that provides highly responsive customer support services to healthcare providers and their patients all along. We dedicate a well-experienced customer support team that promptly answers your questions about your practice’s medical billing cycle & your patients’ queries about their payments.


We Are Well-Experienced With Medical Billing Software

We provide HIPAA-compliant and cloud-based medical billing and EHR software. However, we also consolidate your existing practice software because our medical billing software is well-aware with the use of almost all popular medical billing software including NextGen, Dr Chrono, CareCloud, Kareo, CureMD, eClinicalWorks, AdvanceMD, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries about our rehab medical billing services then this guide would help you find your answers. Even if you still have something to ask then send us an email at: [email protected]

  • How To Outsource Rehab Billing Services To CureCloudMD?

    Outsourcing rehab billing services to CureCloudMD is the easiest possible solution for your practice revenue cycle management. Simply, send us email at [email protected].

    Or click on the following link to reach out to our medical billing team:

  • It is quite hard to maintain a patient’s information log for rehab centers due to the time taking procedure. Also, a slight error due to outdated or different data can cause serious errors in rehab billing services. However, a reliable rehab billing company that can manage your practice revenue cycle management from patient’s registration to reimbursement collection can help you get through these challenges more efficiently and accurately.

    Healthcare providers should adopt a strategic approach to find the top rehab billing company in the USA. Here is the list of essential steps you should follow to get connected with the right partner.

    1. Analyze The Experience Of A Rehab Billing Company:

    Rehabilitation therapy medical billing and coding includes several complexities. Only a well-established and experience medical billing professional can help you streamline your finances. Therefore, shortlist the most experienced medical billing companies and read their customer’s reviews on different platforms e.g. Google Review and other such platforms.

    If a rehab billing company has the most positive reviews and long-term sustained clients then it is the first hint of a great rehab billing company.

    2. Make Sure That The Rehab Billing Company Is HIPAA-Compliant:

    Security & transparency are the most essential traits of a reliable rehab billing company. So make sure that a medical billing company provides complete training to their employees about HIPAA security protocols. So when you outsource rehab billing services then they can keep your data protected.

    3. A Rehab Billing Company Should Be Transparent:

    It is important that a rehab billing company should be transparent about their services with their clients respectively. A reliable medical billing company provides regularly easy-to-understand and detailed reports about the progress of your medical billing services and reimbursements. So you stay in the know about your financial progress and never loose control over your medical billing services.

It is Your Success That Inspires Us!


Dr. Tanveer Ali

Psychiatrist, Chief Executive Officer

I was struggling to keep pace with the changing medical billing and coding landscape. Despite, all the investments and time I invested in managing my practice revenue cycle management within my business, I was unable to completely focus on medical obligations of my practice. I couldn’t take this risk for my patients, therefore, I partnered with CureCloudMD. They helped us overcome workarounds of our existing practice management with their medical billing and EHR services.


Dr. Salma Sean

Psychotherapist, MD

I am committed to help my patients at every step of their journey toward optimal health. Therefore, I needed a trusted partner that could streamline my day-to-day administrative tasks from patient registeration to billing. CureCloudMD has provided the best resources for medical billing and coding services that has streamlined my revenue and reduced account receivables.


Dr. Alfred Afrin


CureCloudMD provides best in class medical billing services and useful insights into our practice’s performance. Their medical billing team take personalized approach to manage patients’ documentation, eligbility verification and medical billing. I’m impressed how they promptly follow up and check the status of each medical bill untill they collect our payment. They have helped us reduce bad debt by appealing our previously denied and rejected claims that has added a boost of productivity to our business.


Dr. Keith Jill

Cheif Executive Officer

CureCloudMD provides future-proof medical billing solutions to meet the growing needs of our practice with the combination of professional medical billing team and resourceful technology solutions. Since we’ve partnered with CureCloudMD, we have never struggled to comply with the industry updates and evolving regulatory requirements of medical billing. Their medical billing team has guided us very well during the critical round of change with the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) and the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). We are looking forward to seeing a long-lasting relationship with DigiKhata.


Dr. Carl Beck


I was looking for simple billing solutions so I could outsource billing responsibilities to experienced professionals and automate my business operations. CureCloudMD has made my wish come true with their innovative and reliable medical billing solutions. They cooperate with our office staff in front desk and back end administration responsibilities to save a few hours a day by reviewing patient’s insurance eligibility and medical billing charges.