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Why Choose CureCloudMD To Outsource Eligibility Verification Services?

We have been providing eligibility verification and prior authorization services to healthcare practitioners for more than a decade. We provide highly cost-effective prior authorization services so practitioners can reduce their cost overheads and improve their business functions. Get your claims quickly processed and reimbursed with our reliable eligibility verification services.

Compliant Eligibility Verification Services

We provide HIPAA-compliant eligibility verification services. Our medical billing and coding specialists are well-trained and strictly abide by the updated laws and regulations of private and federal insurance payers. We prepare your medical bills after complete verification so you can get paid more efficiently.

Reliable Eligibility Verification Services

We provide complete support to your front-desk and administration staff. We provide reliable solutions where they can complete their documentation and perform charge entry. With innovative prior authorization solutions, you can improve the functionality of your business

Cost-Effective Eligibility Verification Services

Streamline your practice revenue cycle management with reliable eligibility verification and prior authorization services. We provide highly cost-effective eligibility and prior authorization services. We only charge a fixed percentage of every eligibility verification and prior authorization.

Get A Complete Suite Of Eligibility Verification Solutions

Eligibility verification and coverage discovery are equally helpful for healthcare providers and their patients. It helps medical practitioners to have advanced knowledge about which medical procedures and equipment are covered by the patient’s insurance company. Also, patients can realize if their insurance plan covers the services or if they have to pay themselves. If initiated the right way, your medical billing process runs smoothly and drives accurate results. Here’s how can leverage our eligibility verification services.

Get Access To An Expert Team Of Eligibility Verification Specialists

Our eligibility verification specialists guide medical practitioners and their patients if their insurance plan covers the following procedure or not. We provide automated patient scheduling software so the paperwork can be done on time when the appointment date comes. We take the guesswork out of the documentation process while making it easier for you to cater to your patient’s needs more efficiently.

We Provide Innovative Insurance Eligibility Verification Solutions

We use well-encrypted and real-time patient insurance verification software that consolidates technology with human-enabled AI. It enables medical practitioners to provide better quality patient care services more efficiently.

We Provide Transparent Insurance Eligibility Verification Services

At CureCloudMD, it is our primary value to provide transparent, clear and reliable solutions to healthcare providers. Therefore, we record everything down in EHR/EMR and relevant databases every time we execute the eligibility verification process. We prepare and provide regular reports about eligibility verification, physician billing services and every other service that we offer to healthcare providers.



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What Are The Essential Steps That We Cover In Eligibility Verification Services?

When healthcare providers, clinicians and hospitals find it hard to check if their patients have sufficient insurance coverage, are eligible for the certain medical treatment or they have to pay from their bank account. Our medical billing specialists provide a complete range of eligibility verification and prior authorization services with the following solutions:

Automatic Patient Scheduling Solution

Patient scheduling is the most essential yet time taking and complex procedure. We provide automated patient scheduling software to help your front desk staff go about their job easily. It helps you stay updated and streamline your administrative responsibilities.

We Assist Through Patient Enrollment

Usually, it takes 20-30 minutes for an average healthcare practitioner to complete documentation and patient enrollment. Our eligibility verification specialists reduce the time taken to enroll patients and improve your patients’ experience.

We Provide Eligibility Verification Services

If the eligibility verification process is done right then it streamlines your medical billing process down the line. It helps you get clear insights into insurance bills, co-pays and patient bills. Also, it helps your patients realize their financial responsibilities and EOBs afterwards.

Coverage and Benefit Verification Services

We provide coverage & benefits verification to make it easier for you to accurately record a patient’s insurance history which also includes updates like marriage, the inclusion of a new family member, divorce and other variable factors that can affect insurance coverage plan & benefits.

We Provide Prior Authorization Services

It is essential to obtain prior authorization from insurance payers in case of delayed and planned surgeries. Our eligibility verification specialists provide preauthorization services to record every detail on time. So you can swiftly provide treat your patients.

We Update Information To The Billing System

After receiving your details and once you’re done with charge entry then our medical billing specialists update this information into the medical billing software. We ensure accuracy throughout your practice revenue cycle management making it easier for you to get paid on time.

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We Provide All Types Of Insurance Eligibility Verification Services

There are two different types of insurance eligibility verification services i.e. Basic and Advanced eligibility verification services. We provide both types of eligibility insurance verification solutions to all healthcare providers.

We Provide Basic Insurance Verification Services

We provide basic information verification services that help your medical billing team to get useful insights. We verify if the patient’s basic insurance policies are continuously renewed or not. We collect and verify the following information:

  • Eligibility timelines.
  • Patient details (name, address, claim limit, contact information, plan details, pre-existing criteria).
  • Within network or Out-of-network services.
  • Co-pay and deductibles.
  • Co-insurance.
  • Dependent insurance.

Advanced Insurance Verification Services

Our medical billing experts also provide advanced insurance eligibility verification services to ensure that all essential factors of basic insurance policies are completed and vouched for. We verify the following factors in advanced insurance verification:

  • Claimant insurance renewal frequency.
  • Details of health fund usability.
  • Co-pays for tests, lab fees, etc.
  • Any existing pre-certifications and their checks.
  • Other inclusions and exclusions.

Outsource Eligibility Verification Services To CureCloudMD & Get These Advantages

Ever wonder “how could you scale your customer base and improve your revenue collections? Improving your insurance eligibility verification, prior authorization and documentation can process can contribute a lot to your pursuit of successful medical practice. Here’s how CureCloudMD benefits your medical practice by streamlining your business functions.


We Provide Medical Credentialing Services

We help all healthcare providers to become in-network practitioners and assist them through provider enrollment with federal, private and commercial insurance payers. So you can serve more patients at cost-effective rates.


We Streamline Your Business Workflow

With our insurance eligibility verification services, your administrative team can get improved medical billing services. With clear insights, you can induce accurately and verified data in medical claims to improve your revenue.


Get Increased Self-Pay Revenue Generation

After collecting your patient’s updated demographic information at every appointment and reconciling it with your healthcare database. So you can easily track records, submit claims for co-pays and self pays efficiently.


Build Better Relationships With Your Patients

Our customer support team is available 24/7 to communicate with your patients about their financial responsibilities via email and phone calls. So they can understand how much you owe them and their insurance payers. Also, we quickly proceed with their paperwork so they can get help from their doctors without waiting for so long.


Improve Patient Scheduling & Claim Acceptance Rate

Patient scheduling is a time-consuming task for healthcare organizations due to cancellations and re-appointments on an hourly basis. After streamlining your insurance eligibility verification process, we simplify your revenue cycle management system and give cadence to the patients who have a coverage plan for the procedure.


Get Claim Denial Management Services

We provide a complete range of eligibility verification and prior authorization services that also include claim denial management services. We examine your denied and rejected claims, and verify if the services are covered, after rectification, we appeal your claims to insurance payers and patients. Also, we update your patient’s demographic to reduce claim denials ahead.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries about our eligibility verification services and solutions then this guide would you find answers. Still, if you’re questions are unanswered here then contact us

  • How To Outsource Healthcare Insurance Eligibility Verification Services?

    You can contact our eligibility verification specialists or you can fill out the contact form from the following link:

    We are a well-experienced and HIPAA-compliant eligibility verification company helping healthcare providers to boost their business productivity and provide quality patient care services. Our insurance eligibility verification specialists provide reliable services, affordable solutions and expert guidance at every step.

  • Eligibility Verification

    It is the process of verifying if the patient’s insurance coverage plan is active for the following medical procedure. It is essential to primarily verify if the patient’s insurance plan covers the medical procedure so you can notify them about their expenses. Also, it helps healthcare providers and their medical billers to prepare and submit medical claims to the relevant prospects.

    Prior Authorization:

    Pre-authorization/prior authorization is usually used for non-emergency medical procedures and diagnostic services. It is used to get prior approval from the insurance company about the medical necessity of medical tools, equipment and services delivered to the patient. If not justified properly, then usually healthcare insurance companies refuse to pay for such medical claims.

    At CureCloud, we provide complete solutions for eligibility verification and prior authorization services. Also, we provide insurance verification services to ensure if the treatment is being delivered to inpatient or outpatient.

    What Are Eligibility Denials?

    When the healthcare staff doesn’t collect and verify insurance and benefits’ eligibility during preregistration or at registration then they can miss out on the chance to mention accurate and updated demographic information of the patient in medical claims. Therefore, eligibility verification solutions are essential to help you collect and update patients’ information. Otherwise, medical claims with outdated information usually get denied.

    Such claim denials also happen if the patient’s coverage plan changes during their stay at your healthcare faculty or hospital. Usually, when patients stay for one month or more than that in your hospital or clinic because there are chances that during this time span their coverage or benefit plan could update.

    Therefore, you always need a dedicated workforce to track your patient’s demographic information and keep it updated in your database. So your claims can get approved on the first attempt of submission.

    At CureCloudMD, our eligibility verification specialists track and verify patients’ coverage eligibility from registration till claim submission. We use automated solutions to keep your record updated in EHR/EMR in order to prepare accurate claims.

  • No, outsourcing eligibility verification services is not only a less expensive solution but it also helps you increase cost savings if you’ve partnered with a reliable eligibility verification company.

    Especially, when you partner with CureCloudMD then you can get reliable, efficient and innovative eligibility verification services at the most cost-effective rate. We charge a fixed amount either per FTE or per transaction. However, this amount depends upon the complexity and the size of your medical practice. Also, we provide a free medical billing audit session to examine your accounts and medical billing system to identify, remove and recover prior loopholes in your practice revenue cycle management.

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