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Why Choose CureCloudMD For Cardiology Billing Services?

CureCloudMD features a team of cardiology billing experts who are well-versed with the nuances of different specialties in the healthcare field. Therefore, when we onboard you as our client, we provide you strategic medical billing plan that meets the unique requirement of your specialization.

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We Provide Medical Credentialing Services

We help physicians and cardiologists to enroll with CMS and other insurance companies. We provide medical credentialing services to practitioners so they can become in-network providers and get paid easily.

Get Best Revenue Cycle Management Services

We provide a complete suite of cardiology medical billing and coding services while helping practitioners with prior authorization and charge entry solutions. We help you grow your business to its fullest potential.

Get 24/7 Customer Support Services

Don’t stress about your payments and medical bills when you outsource cardiology billing services to CureCloudMD. Our customer care team answers your & your patients’ queries about payments & medical bills

Get Reliable & Highly Cost-Effective Cardiology Medical Billing Services

We have been providing medical billing services to practitioners for more than a decade. It is our primary value to build trust with medical providers and help them deliver their best to the patients. We provide value-added cardiology and physician billing services to streamline your practice’s workflow.

We Provide Well-Secured & HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing Services

Our certified medical billers provide reliable cardiology billing services in compliance with HIPAA policy. We ensure the safety and integrity of your data and protected healthcare information (PHI). We use well-encrypted software solutions to process your data for medical billing services which is only accessible to authorized professionals in our company.

We Offer Innovative Cardiology Billing Solutions

We help cardiologists to accelerate their business growth by leveraging state-of-art and innovative medical billing solutions. We automatically collect your data and proceed with charge entry to prepare medical bills. Our medical billing professionals integrate EHR and practice management solutions to streamline your revenue cycle management and keep your data safe at a central location.

We Provide Completely Transparent Cardiology Billing Services

When you outsource cardiology medical billing services to CureCloudMD then you get better control over your finances. Our medical billing professionals prepare weekly and monthly analytical reports regularly and share them with medical providers. In this way, you can insights into your payers’ behavior and practice growth so can make business decisions in a better way.



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Get The Best Cardiology Billing Services & Solutions

With the rapid change in technologies and complex diagnostic protocols, it is becoming more inevitable to leverage innovative cardiology billing solutions. We provide reliable medical billing services & solutions to cardiologists to help them navigate through challenges in the healthcare field easily. Our medical billing team stays well aware of the complicated MACRA rules and guides you through every step of cardiology revenue cycle management.

We Offer Specialty-Specific Cardiology Billing Services

Our cardiology medical billing specialists have expertise in Peripheral Studies, Diagnostic Cardiologic Procedures, Cardiac-Periphery interventions, Pediatric Cardiology, and Nuclear Cardiology billing services. They offer innovative solutions that helps you in the pursuit of business growth.

Get Reliable Prior Authorization Services

Prior authorization/ medical necessity verification is the most critical aspect of the revenue cycle management. If not properly executed, then it increases the chances of claim denials and revenue loss ultimately. We offer automated prior authorization solutions to ensure accuracy in your medical bills.

We Provide Expert Cardiology Coding Services

We provide reliable cardiology coding services and solutions in compliance with the latest standards of ICD-9/10, CPT, HCPCS coding based on CMS and AMA guidelines and are certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). We make sure that your claims remain error-free during submission.

We Scrub & Submit Your Medical Claims Timely

Our medical billing team creates a log where they update the timelines of your each insurance payer. Our automated medical billing solution features automatic reminders that help us to prepare & submit your medical claims in the given timeline. That’s how we ensure regularity and reduction

We Regularly Follow Up With Insurance Payers

Our medical billing team makes sure that your claims are reimbursed in the first attempt of their submission. Therefore, we continuously follow up with insurer by sending them emails and calling them if needed. We streamline your reimbursement model while making sure you get paid the right amount for your hard-earned cardiology services with reliable solutions.

We Timely Post Payments & Provide Regular Reports

Once your medical claims are reimbursed, we proceed with payment posting right away. We create regular reports about your payments and medical bills to share insightful information with you. Our analytical reports help practitioners recognize potential revenue growth opportunities for their business.

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Outsource Cardiology Billing Services To CureCloudMD For Better Business Growth

CureCloudMD provides reliable medical billing services that helps you improve your practice’s revenue stream. Also, we apply the best billing practices to prevent your practice revenue cycle from any kind of error that can cause claim denials way forward. Our team provides customized billing services depending upon whether we are submitting medical claims for whether the patient was an inpatient, outpatient, treated on the same day, or another day. Our services for cardiology practices include but not limited to:

Peripheral Services Billing Solutions

Peripheral vascular studies are the most complicated areas of medical billing services. Our expert cardiology billing experts construct and validate right set medical codes to transcribe your services the right way on medical bills so you can get paid the right way.


Cardiac-Peripheral Interventions Billing Solutions

We provide resource medical billing solutions for cardiac peripheral interventions. We prepare and submit medical claims for your PAD screenings and help you collect reimbursements for your patient care services. Our medical billing experts provide error-free cardiology billing solutions to increase your revenue collections.


Pediatric & Nuclear Cardiology Billing Services

We offer a complete range of cardiology medical billing services and solutions. So you can clearly focus on delivering quality patient care services while we manage your administrative tasks. Our AAPC-certified medical billing and coding professionals will streamline your business operations from patient onboarding to charge posting.


Benefits Of Outsourcing Cardiology Billing Services To CueCloudMD

Our medical billing team is consistent, reliable and well-experienced with cardiology medical billing services. Our medical coding is well-versed and highly proficient in ICD-19/10, CPT and HCPCS codes. We strictly abide by the regulations of CMS and


We Provide Secure Data Management Solutions

CureCloudMD aims to deliver the most reliable medical billing solutions by making sure that your data flows across well-encrypted channels. Even in our company, only authorized professionals can access your data to run your practice revenue cycle system.


We Deliver Accurate Cardiology Billing Services

Our medical billing team ensures to reduce your claim denial rate less than 6% and improve your revenue stream. We use innovative medical billing solutions to provide you error-free billing services and prevent your practice from financial loss.


We Ensure A Quick Turnaround Time

We strictly follow the timelines of each insurance payer in order to prepare and submit your medical claims timely. We streamline your practice’s workflow and ensure efficiency in your practice revenue cycle management system.


We Provide Scalable Medical Billing Solutions

Outsource cardiology medical billing services to CureCloudMD & get scalable solutions that meet your business’ growth needs. Our professional medical billing team helps you navigate your challenges. We provide growth-oriented solutions that are compatible with growing demands of your practice.


We Offer Highly Flexible Pricing Options

Save cost by cutting the expenses of your business and increase your revenue collection by outsourcing cardiology billing services to CureCloudMD. Our price structure is very cost-effective that will suite your budget very well. Our aim is to help healthcare providers focus on patient care without any stress.


We Provide 24/7 Customer Care Services

We don’t make you and your patients struggle through any queries about medical bills and payments alone. Our customer support is actively available to answer your queries and questions anytime via call, email and even fax. We handle your back-office tasks while you can get paid easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How To Outsource Cardiology Billing Services To CureCloudMD?

    You can contact our medical billing experts. You can also send us your details at the following link:

    Once you reach out to us, our team contacts you within a day and schedule a free medical billing audit of your practice. We understand the requirements of your practice and provide a custom-tailored medical billing plan that helps in your pursuit to grow your practice.

  • When a medical practitioner tends to run a medical billing department in-house then it costs him a lot of capital. The expenses of running an in-house medical billing department includes: employees’ salaries, annual appraisals, bonuses, paid leaves, stationery and software expenses.

    On the other hand, when you outsource cardiology billing services to CureCloudMD then we only charge a fixed percentage from the claims that we file on your behalf. So we get paid only when your claims are reimbursed. In this way, outsourcing medical billing services isn’t expensive rather it helps you streamline your revenue cycle management at small fraction of your existing IT expenses.

  • Yes, we help you recover your outstanding balance balance by providing innovative claim denial management solutions. Our account receivable (AR) recovery team examine your accounts, identify errors and eliminate them. After processing through your claim denials, we appeal insurance payers to collect your hard-earned money. Claim denial management services is also inclusive in our cardiology billing services so we can also adopt preventive measures to avoid claim denials in the future. We remove every loophole in your revenue cycle management to prevent revenue loss.

  • CureCloudMD provides reliable, cost-effective and well-secured cardiology billing services irrespective of your practice’s size. Even if you’re running a clinic, working with a hospital or appointed by any healthcare organizations, we help you earn better revenue and manage your administrative responsibilities with innovative solutions. When it becomes very hard and expensive for small practices to recruit in-house cardiology billing and coding experts the reach out to CureCloudMD to improve your business revenue

  • Cardiology coding includes components of interventional radiology, electrophysiology, endovascular surgery, a wide array of diagnostic testing, and E&M services. Each of these feature complex coding rules and strict billing standards. Translating these services into standard CPT, ICD-9/10 and HCPCS code is referred to as cardiology coding. It requires in-depth knowledge of cardiovascular system to fully understand the applications of cardiology codes. Our medical billing and coding team is well-versed with the obligations of cardiology and we manage your back-office tasks with great expertise.

It is Your Success That Inspires Us!


Dr. Paul Fredette

Chief Executive Officer

I have had the privilege of working with CureCloudMD for the last 3 years. It has been an absolute game-changer for me as a cardiologist. My work-life balance is better than I ever expected for me as a cardiologist and CEO. Their medical billing professionals provide great administration support to my office and help me file accurate claims more efficiently. I am better able to focus on delivering quality patient care services while their professional team manages my collections and payment posting.


Dr. Timothy Hartshorn


I initially get started with CureCloudMD only for medical billing services. However, I have experienced so much improvement in my business operations and revenue collections that now I have upgraded my plan and purchased all of their solutions. They cater to my business needs with great support for back-end and front-end office administration. Their credentialing executives have helped my team in the acquisition and maintenance of credentials very well. They have reduced my account receivable to 12 days and improved to claim success rate to a great level.


Dr. Elizabeth Desmond


I have been working with CureCloudMD for over 6 years, and it is the best decision of my life. I really enjoy spending more time with patients and less time calling insurance companies and clearing houses for payments and bills. Also, CureCloudMD takes advanced actions to verify the validity of patients’ coverage which helps my patients to understand their financial responsibilities easily. It has helped me build better relationships with my patients as well as their insurance companies. I highly recommend CureCloudMD for its remarkable medical billing services.


Dr. Sean Williams

President And Chief Executive Officer

By partnering with CureCloudMD, we are able to reduce cost overheads and save time from labor-intensive billing tasks and payment monitoring responsibilities. They have streamlined our practice revenue cycle management and improved the scalability of our accounts. We have been able to deliver quality patient care services and meet their needs at our community hospital.


Medical Group President

Dr. Mike Peter

With the help of CureCloudMD, our patient volume and revenue is excessing our expectations. We have opened additional outpatient clinic visits to serve more patients with the best cardiology services. Before partnering with CureCloudMD, we were struggling to manage headcount, onboarding, and training new employees. Now, we have the privilege to freely practice while their professional account managers take care of our revenue collections.