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Why Choose CureCloudMD For Receivable Recovery Services?

If healthcare providers succeed in capturing patient charges accurately then it leads to faster and better reimbursements. Therefore, charge entry must be completed without any errors as it contains the fundamental information used for billing and coding purposes. We feature a full-fledged team of charge entry and medical billing specialists to ensure effective collaboration between the medical codes and data provided in charge capturing. It helps us integrate accuracy into your medical billing system which improves your clean-claim ratio (error-free and easily reimbursable medical claims) and ensures compliance with ascribed medical codes.

Cost-Effective Charge Entry Solutions

We offer the most cost-effective charge-entry solutions to healthcare providers in order to reduce billing expenses and improve the efficiency and accuracy of their business functions. You can get a free quotation and business consultation session with our experts before onboarding.

We Provide Expert Charge Entry Team

Our charge entry team has been helping several healthcare providers with highly productive and efficient charge-capturing solutions. We ensure the accuracy of the entry process through defined targets to improve the functioning of your medical billing and coding system. Our coding team also supervises the entry process.

We Provide a 24/7 Customer Support Team

Along with a specialized billing and coding team, we also provide a dedicated and highly responsive customer support team that is available around the clock to answer your queries. You can contact us via call or email and our team will respond to your queries within 1 or maximum 2 business days.

Outsource Charge Entry Services & Solutions

Want to streamline your charge entry and billing process? Outsource charge entry and medical billing services to CureCloudMD for better business functioning and improved revenue growth. With more than 10 years of experience in the medical billing and coding field, our medical billing specialists assist medical practices at every step of healthcare revenue cycle management with outsourcing solutions from charge entry to reimbursement collection.

We Offer HIPAA-Compliant Charge Entry Solutions

CureCloudMD is a HIPAA-compliant medical billing company offering well-encrypted and highly secured charge entry outsourcing services to all sizes of healthcare practices. We use secured communication channels to collect information from healthcare providers protecting your data from breaches and unauthorized access.

We Offer Innovative Charge Entry Billing Solutions

Outsource charge entry services to CureCloudMD for innovative and efficient solutions. We use cloud-based EHR solutions like Kareo, Dr Chrono, Collaborate MD, and similar solutions of your choice to deliver cost-effective and on-demand charge entry billing solutions.

We Provide Transparent Charge Entry Solutions

You can get better control over your healthcare revenue cycle management with our highly transparent charge entry and medical billing services. We regularly provide analytical reports to our clients to give insights into the progress of our performance metrics, the charges that are captured and prepared, and medical bills filed.
In this way, you can monitor our charge entry billing solutions' security, deliverance, and reliability.



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Outsource Charge Entry Services To CureCloudMD For Better Revenue & Business Growth

Medical billing charge entry is one of the most critical steps of medical billing and coding procedures; as it determines whether your medical claim will be reimbursed or not on the basis of the accuracy of charges captured. Being the most important step, it is essential to get our highly experienced and well-trained data entry specialists to effectively proceed with your tasks.

Entering the Billing Information

Entering the billing information is the fundamental step of the entire charge entry process. Our well-trained charge entry specialists carefully enter all the vital patient encounter details into the medical billing software. We review and validate the accuracy of your patient’s information to ensure the smooth execution of the medical billing process.

We Assign Charges To Patient’s Details

First, we create a new patient account if it doesn’t exist and then start the medical billing charge entry process. Then we enter the details from the coded documents sent by the healthcare facility into the patient’s account. Our expert team invests their attention and expertise to integrate even the smallest of billing details into the patient’s charges.

Patient Demographics Entry Services

Our charge entry billing specialists follow a standard infrastructure and provide expertise to accurately enter the key patient demographics and insurance information into the medical billing system and efficiently maintain all the patient demographic information of each patient.

We Perform Billing Data Quality Check

We have a multi-level quality assurance team that is responsible for checking for the charge entry quality at different levels. In this way, we make sure that all the charges are correctly entered into the billing system before sending it across to the health insurance companies.

We Proceed With Charges Submission

After all the charges are entered and several quality checks are done, we submit the final medical claim to the health insurance company. Our medical coding specialists apply accurate CPT, ICD-10, & HCPCS expertise to ensure that the healthcare providers receive the right and efficient payments.

Entering Details of Patient Encounter & Follow-up Encounter

Our payment posting team enters the essential data into the billing system such as the medical provider’s name, service rendered, billed amount date of patient’s visit, etc. We also follow up with the billing statements and EOBs of patients to ensure correct measures are applied.

Get In Touch With Our Charge Entry Billing Experts

We, at CureCloudMD, follow a systematic and streamlined process when it comes to delivering medical charge entry services. Click the button below to get connected with our charge entry billing experts.

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Get Specialty-Specific Charge Entry Billing Services

At CureCloudMD, we follow a well-structured charge entry process from entering patient details to applying medical codes. These detailed steps followed through the process ensure that relevant checks are applied at each step during the execution of charge entry process. It enables our charge entry billing team to manage a zero-error process which gives an added boost of efficiency and productivity to your business.

Our medical billing and charge entry team has substantial experience and understanding of the healthcare industry and regulatory requirements according to each state’s laws around the USA. We offer specialized expertise in facilitating investigations and enabling quality decision-making.

We offer on-demand charge entry billing services to more than 20 specialties in the medical field including the following ones;

Charge Entry Services For Hospitals

We provide a comprehensive suite of charge entry and medical billing outsourcing services to hospitals and large-sized healthcare organizations. We understand that hospitals have to deal with a large volume of patient bills leading to an excessive administrative workload. At CureCloudMD, we assist you by capturing charges on your behalf, reviewing your patient’s information, verifying the accuracy, and entering your charges into EHR, EMR or medical billing software of your choice. In this way, you can reduce your workload and pay more attention to delivering quality patient care services and improve your business growth.


Clinical AR Recovery Services

Independent practitioners, clinics, and other small-sized healthcare practices find it difficult to hire a full-fledged team for medical billing and other administration tasks. It adds a burden on their finances and increases their workload. Also, it's difficult for small practices to sustain client retention rates for the long term because they can’t give salary appraisals to everyone annually. Therefore, outsourcing charge entry services to CureCloudMD is the more cost-effective and reliable medical billing solution.

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Benefits Of Working With CureCloudMD For Charge Entry Services

CureCloudMD is a US-based medical billing company offering a complete suite of healthcare revenue cycle management. We offer exclusive charge entry services to all sizes of healthcare practices starting from as low as 2.95% (of the revenue that we collect on your behalf). Here are the other benefits that we offer along with cost-effective charge entry services.


We Ensure Medical Data Security

We are a HIPAA-compliant charge entry billing company following standard data security policies. We have adopted strict security and data integrity measures in place which ensure that all your critical patient data remain completely safe from breaches and unauthorized access.


We Help You Reduce Expenses

We provide best-in-class charge entry medical billing services at the most affordable prices in the USA. It enables healthcare providers to outsource charge entry billing solutions and cut their operational expenses and increase their cost savings which improves the productivity of their business.


We Use the Latest Medical Billing Software

Our medical billing and charge entry team adopts a flexible approach and we use any medical billing software of your choice. We are well-versed and trained with the latest medical billing software i.e. QRS, Kareo, AtlaPoint, CureMD, etc.


We Provide Accurate Charge Entry Services

Our team at CureCloudMD has professionals who pay great attention to details at every step of the charge entry process. In this way, we make sure that our team delivers accurate and error-free charge entry and medical billing services.


We Provide Efficient Solutions

We deliver efficient charge entry solutions within a quick turnaround time. It helps us efficiently capture your charges and streamlines your medical billing and coding procedures. It prevents any delays in payments from the insurers.


We Offer an Experienced Medical Coding Team

Our medical billing and coding team is highly qualified and well-experienced to handle any type of medical billing request. We apply accurate medical codes to prepare reimbursable medical bills.

Get Reliable & Proven Charge Entry Billing Services To Boost Your Business Productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries or questions about our charge entry billing services then this guide would help you find your answers. Even, if you still have some questions about our solutions then contact us at: +1 205 947 3264

You can also get connected with our medical billing team by filling out the form from the following link;

  • How To Outsource Charge Entry Services To CureCloudMD?

    It is the simplest solution to outsource charge entry services to CureCloudMD. You can simply visit our website or send us an email at to tell us your requirements and information about your healthcare practice.

    Our medical billing team goes through your information, prepares a custom quotation and responds to you within one or two business days.

  • Eligibility Verification

    CureCloudMD offers the most cost-effective charge entry billing outsourcing services starting from as low as 2.95% per the charges we capture and enter to apply medical codes.

    Our percentage increases according to your practice’s size depending upon the number of patient charge volumes captured daily.

  • No, outsourcing eligibility verification services is not only a less expensive solution but it also helps you increase cost savings if you’ve partnered with a reliable eligibility verification company.

    Especially, when you partner with CureCloudMD then you can get reliable, efficient and innovative eligibility verification services at the most cost-effective rate. We charge a fixed amount either per FTE or per transaction. However, this amount depends upon the complexity and the size of your medical practice. Also, we provide a free medical billing audit session to examine your accounts and medical billing system to identify, remove and recover prior loopholes in your practice revenue cycle management.

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Dr. Nolan Keith

Pediatrics Specialist

CureCloudMD has proved itself a great partner and assistant to our medical billing team with their reliable charge entry services. We’re able to efficiently proceed with our billing tasks as we know that their professionals have covered our back to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of our charge entry process.


Dr. Courtney


CureCloudMD provides us with great solutions for charge entry and medical billing tasks. We’ve been working together for 3 years and this journey has elevated our business growth significantly.


Dr. Muhammad Ali


CureCloudMD provides a highly responsive and supportive customer support team that communicates professionally and resolves our queries promptly.



Chief Operating Officer

We’re so pleased with the charge entry and medical billing services of CureCloudMD and we highly recommend their solutions to our partner organizations.


Dr. Neil


CureCloudMD has been assisting us with charge entry solutions for 2 years and they have delivered proven results with their reliable and effective services.