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Why Choose CureCloudMD For Nursing Home Billing Solutions?

CureCloudMD is a nation-leading nursing practitioner billing company that offers all-in-one medical billing solutions to all sizes of nursing homes at the best price. You can outsource nursing practitioner billing services to CureCloudMD to access well-trained and highly qualified nursing home billing specialists who help you get paid for your time, efforts, and equipment invested into delivering quality patient care services more efficiently and accurately.

We Provide Compliant Nursing Home Billing Services

CureCloudMD helps you make the most out of outsourcing nursing home billing services in compliance with legal regulations. Our medical billing solutions are designed according to the regulatory standards of the American Hospital Association (AHA), Affordable Care Act (ACA), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Hire The Best Team Of Nursing Home Billing Specialists

Get an advantage to save time from searching for medical billing experts who also understand the unique billing requirements of nursing home practitioners by outsourcing nursing practitioner billing services to CureCloudMD. Our nursing home practitioners billing specialists help you organize and streamline your office workflow to drive optimized billing procedures for improved collections at a faster rate.

We Provide Cost-Effective Nursing Home Billing Solutions

Struggling with your account receivables soaring as outstanding? Then you should partner with a reliable nursing home billing company that can help you streamline healthcare revenue cycle management at the most affordable prices. So you can save time and money, while you can also connect with professional medical billing specialists working as a virtual extension of your office. We don’t ask you to build a new IT setup or make changes to your existing one, instead, we help you leverage your resources to their fullest potential.

Get Innovative Nursing Home Billing Solutions By CureCloudMD

Medicare Part-A which covers inpatient hospital services pays for short-term stays in Medicare-certified skilled nursing facilities (SNF). Only, well-experienced medical billing specialists who understand the clinical obligations of nursing practitioners can help you get the best-performing nursing practitioner billing solutions. CureCloudMD features a highly skilled team of nursing practitioner billing specialists who help you get paid from Medicare and Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance for your hard-earned patient care services.

Outsource Nursing Home Billing Services To Professional Medical Billing Company

CureCloudMD is a well-established nursing home billing company helping skilled nursing practitioners to connect with the best in class medical billing specialists at the fraction of your existing administration cost. Unlike an office-based medical billing team, you won’t have to invest a huge capital amount to pay the salaries, bonuses, paid holidays, and appraisals of individual employees. Because CureCloudMD only charges a fixed percentage from the revenue we collect on your behalf after filing your claims. It helps you reduce cost overheads and elevate your business bottom line with strategic-savvy medical billing solutions.

We Provide Completely Transparent Nursing Home Billing Solutions

Did you know 60% of healthcare providers tend to outsource medical billing services in the USA? Because it offers them the convenience to streamline their practice workflow and reduce their business expenses. However, the rest of the healthcare providers don’t opt for this solution because they perceive that it will lose control over their finances. Therefore, we offer highly transparent medical billing solutions to all healthcare providers by providing them with regular analytical reports. We consistently record & share data about your practice healthcare revenue cycle management so you can get better insights and agility into our skilled nursing practitioners billing services.

We Are A Software Independent Nursing Home Medical Billing Company

Our medical billing professionals have extensive training and in-depth experience working with almost all popular medical billing software in the USA. We don’t ask you to invest a capital amount to set up a new IT infrastructure or buy software. Instead, we integrate our medical billing solutions with your existing practice management system. In this way, we configure your medical billing cycle to streamline your workflow and optimize your revenue collections.



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We Provide A Full Suite Of Nursing Home Billing & Coding Services

Get an advantage to give more quality time to your patients while CureCloudMD provides you full-fledged nursing practitioner billing services from insurance eligibility verification to reimbursement collection. Here’s how we manage your nursing home revenue cycle management with reliable solutions:

We Provide Digital Charge Entry Solutions

Once you capture charges and share with our medical billing team then we collect this information, review your codes and claims, verify the information and eliminate errors to ensure accuracy. Our medical billing team leverages digital solutions to record, manage and collect your billing information at a central location to streamline your billing & coding procedures.

We Provide Reliable Medical Coding Services

Our AAPC-certified medical coding specialists are well-trained in Skilled Nursing Facility Coding (SNFC) services. We review your codes and make sure that you have applied accurate codes in compliance with the regulations of Medicare Part A and proceed with the SNF coding final assessment. Our skilled SNF coding professionals imply accurate CPT, ICD-10, and ICD-10-CM codes.

We Provide Nursing Home Billing Services

Our professional nursing home billing specialists prepare your claims, review and verify the accuracy of applied medical codes and submit your claims to insurance companies promptly. We follow the timelines of your individual insurance payer, Medicare & Medicaid to help your get paid for your short and long-term skilled nursing home facilities.

Get Account Receivable Recovery Services

Did you know, you can receive 60% of your outstanding balance by simply appealing to the insurance companies? However, only expert AR recovery specialists can help you scrub your claims, appeal to insurance companies, and follow up with the payers for adjudication to collect your reimbursements. That’s what we offer in CureCloudMD for all sizes of skilled nursing home facilities in the USA.

We Follow Up With Insurance Companies

Our medical billing specialists don’t leave your claim unattended after submission. We consistently follow up with the clearing houses and insurance companies to proceed with all the revisions until we make sure that your claims are approved for reimbursement. We also remind your patients about their financial responsibilities to help you get paid without any hassle.

Reimbursement Collection & Payment Posting

Along with a complete suite of billing and coding professionals, we also provide you with a dedicated outsourced account manager who is responsible to manage your accounts, collecting your reimbursements, preparing real-time reports of your cash flow and proceeding with payment posting. It improves the financial well-being of your accounts and boosts your productivity.

Increase Your Revenue Collections With Our Nursing Home Medical Billing Services

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We Provide Specialized Nursing Home Medical Billing Services

CureCloudMD features a highly professional medical billing team specialized in nursing home-related medical procedures, equipment, and diagnostic billing services. We provide specialized medical billing services for the following specialties of the skilled nursing facility but are not limited to:

Get Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner & Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP) Billing Services

Typically, AGNP is a certified nursing practitioner who is trained to work in primary care. They often work in outpatient patient clinics that provide primary care, however, sometimes they also tend to work in a specialty office e.g. dermatology or infectious diseases. We provide a complete suite of nursing practitioner medical billing & coding services to all sizes of AGNP nursing homes.

Pediatric nurse practitioner is a nursing practitioner specialized in working for pediatrics and dealing with children’s healthcare. They usually work with outpatient family practices or inpatient units caring for children from their birth through young adulthood. We cover the billing and coding needs of PNP with HIPAA-compliant nursing practitioner billing services.


Get Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNPC-AG) Medical Billing Services

ACNPC-AG are qualified nursing practitioners tend to work in clinical settings where they provide to acutely ill adults. The clinical setting could emergency departments, inpatient hospital floors, cardiology departments and more. With extensive experience in bursing practitioner medical billing services, we help ACNP-AG practitioners to prepare and submit claims with 100% accuracy and more efficiently. So they can improve their revenue growth and expand their practice.


Get Family Nurse Practitioner & Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (NNP) Medical Billing Services

FNP practitioner is qualified to deliver skilled nursing facility to the people across the lifespan. So they provide care services to the patients from their childhood to adulthood. FNP has a board scope and they can work with any specialty, therefore, it requires a specialized knowledge for long-term nursing practitioner billing services. CureCloudMD streamlines your medical billing cycle to help you collect your Medicaid funds and boost your revenue growth with improved nursing home faciities.


Why CureCloudMD Is The Best Nursing Home Billing Company In The USA?

CureCloudMD is a nation-leading nursing home billing company that provides a complete range of healthcare administration services. We assist your front end and back end office staff at every step of healthcare revenue cycle management. You can also get a competitive-edge by outsourcing nursing home billing services with the following benefits.


We Offer Prior Authorization & Eligibility Verification Services

Claim denials are the integral part of every healthcare practice. Therefore, we don’t guarantee 100% denial-free medical billing services because it can occur due to the most unexpected reasons such as the patient has changed the location but didn’t inform to the provider and their payer doesn’t pay in this state. Here’s when our medical claim denial management team jumps into the picture. We timely appeal your claims to recover your earnings.


We Provide Credentialing And Provider Enrollment Services

All set to step into the world of skilled nursing home facility? Or you’re still struggling with getting your license? No problem! CureCloudMD provides outsourcing credentialing services to register your license in your state with efficient documentation solutions. We also create and maintain your CAQH profiles. Our professional team assists medical providers all across the US to enroll with diffirent insurance companies in their state. So you can cater to the needs of larger patient base.


We Offer Claim Denial Management Services

Prior authorization is an essential to justify the medical necessity of the following medical therapy or diagnostic procedure. We assist your healthcare staff to validate the documents accurately and consolidate your claims with robust prior authorization solutions. We also provide insurance eligibility verification solutions to healthcare providers to make sure that the patient’s insurance coverage is able to pay your dues.


Get the Best Operational Infrastructure For Pain Billing Services

Usually, nursing practitioners struggle to build a well-defined infratsructure for their billls and claims. Here, our medical billing professionals assist skilled nursing facilities, intermediate care facilities and assisted living community. We provide nursing practitioners billing services for all environments.


We Provide Highly Responsive Customer Support Services

Are you unable to cope with patients’ calls asking about why they’ve received this bill & would they can pay you or struggling with staying in touch with the insurance companies for your payments? No worries because we’ve got you covered. Our customer support team answer yours and your patient’s quesries about finances.


We Provide Medical Claim Scrubbing Solutions

The primary reason of soaring account receievables and outstanding balance is claim denials. Therefore, our medical billing team scrub your unpaid claims to review and eliminate errors from your denied/rejected claims. Then we resubmit your claims for adjudication to recover your uncollected balance and improve your cashflow.

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Dr. Kumar Sandho


It’s been much easier for me to process my medical bills and collect my payments since I’ve partnered with CureCloudMD. Their medical billing team responds to my requests and queries with a quick turnaround time. I highly recommend their nursing home billing services to all practitioners.


Dr. Christian Nolan

Nursing Practitioner

Our revenue growth has gone up by 30% since we’ve partnered with CureCloudMD. Moreover, they’ve helped us reduce our aging account receivabes to less than 5 days helping us collect our reimbursements more efficiently. We commend the professional behavior of their medical billing team who provides us complete visibility into their process.


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CureCloudMD has taken the pressure of preparing medical bills, following the claim submission deadlines and maintaining first-through pass rate from my shoulders. Now, I have plenty of time to focus on patient care while their reliable medical billing team assists me through every step of healthcare revenue cycle management.


Dr. Laura Delany


I am super delighted to finally find a reliable billing partner in the form of CureCloudMD. When I got their free pre-onboarding medical billing audit session then I was surprised to see that there were so many mistakes and wrong procedures done by our previous medical billing assistants. CureCloudMD has not help resolve the previous issues but also guided us to adopt effective medical billing solutions. Their medical billing and customer support team is very efficient and reliable.


Dr. Muhammad Ali


We have a great experience of working with CureCloudMD. They help us proceed with our administrative and billing responsibilities with value-based medical billing solutions. We are able to mostly submit our claims successfully in the first attempt of submission which reduces payment delays and imporve our collections timely.