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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do We Get Started With Your Medical Billing Services?

We help healthcare providers to prepare and submit medical bills, collect reimbursement, post payments and recover your outstanding balance.
You can contact us at our helpline: +1 205 947 3264

Or send us an email: [email protected]

You can fill out a form from the following link to contact our team:

Our team will contact you back immediately or witing one business day to schedule a free medical billing audit of your accounts. After reviewing your accounts and collections, we prepare and customized plan to proceed with your medical billing services.

Why Several Healthcare Providers Trust CureCloudMD For Medical Billing Services & Solutions?

CureCloudMD has been providing a complete suite of medical billing services for more than a decade. Several healthcare providers with a variety of medical billing specialties rely on our medical billing company due to our compatibility with HIPAA rules, AMA (American Medical Association), Centers For Medicare & Medicaid (CMS), American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). We are fully staffed with trained professionals to handle your medical billing & coding procedures, follow up with insurance companies and prevent your practice from claim denials. So you can increase your cost savings by reducing your practice’s headcount and increase your revenue with streamlined revenue cycle management.

What Makes CureCloudMD different from other medical billing companies in the USA?

CureCloudMD is not only another outsourcing medical billing company but our operational workforce work as an integral extension of your office. In fact, we keep on adding more resources to our medical billing team to fulfill the growing needs of your business. Our management team actively examine your accounts to regularly perform an audit of your medical claims and track the payment behavior of your insurance payers. We create measurable goals so you can gauge the success of your revenue and business growth. Also, our medical billing experts guide your in-house team to adopt useful practices and streamline your practice’s workflow.

What Reports Does CureCloudMD Provide?

CureCloudMD provides completely transparent and reliable medical billing services. We regularly provide reports to healthcare providers so they track down their revenue growth and business progress. We provide the following reports to all healthcare providers:

What Services Are Available At CureCloudMD?

CureCloudMD provides a complete range of practice revenue cycle management services & solutions including:

  • Prior authorization & insurance eligibility verification services.
  • Digital Charge Entry.
  • Medical Coding Services.
  • Medical Billing Services.
  • Payment Posting.
  • AR (account receivable) recovery services.
  • Claim denial management services.
  • CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) coding services.
  • ICD (International Classification of Diseases) coding services.
  • HCPCS (Healthcare Common procedure Coding System) coding services.
  • Medical Credentialing Services.

We provide reliable medical billing services to more than 30 specialties in the medical field off all sizes of healthcare organizations. You can acquire all of our services or customize your contract according to the needs of your practice.

Does CureCloudMD Have A Compliance Plan?

Absolutely yes! CureCloudMD is fully compatible with the clear standards of performance and education as well as the use constructive discipline regulated by federal organizations. We always comply with HIPAA policies when and where it is required. We strictly follow the guidance and rules issues by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) for third-part medical billing companies in 1998.