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Why Choose CureCloudMD For Behavioral & Mental Health Billing Services?

Behavioral health is the study of emotions, biology, and mentality affecting the patient’s behavior in daily life toward different situations. Psychotherapists, counselors, and therapists help patients with diagnosis and treatment services to ensure their well-being. Behavior and mental health billing is a complex procedure due to the time-taking and consistent treatment required for the patients. Partner with CureCloudMD to get reliable behavioral and mental health billing services to grow your practice’s revenue and optimize your billing operations.

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We Provide Compliant Mental Health Billing Services

We are a HIPAA-compliant mental health billing company and we proceed with your practice’s data according to the security protocols of HIPAA. Only our authorized behavior and mental health billing specialists access your patient's protected health information (PHI) to execute your practice behavioral healthcare RCM (revenue cycle management). We prepare and submit your claims according to the legal requirements of CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid), ACA (Affordable Care Act), and AHA (American Hospital Association).

Get a Well-experienced Team Of Mental Health Billing & Coding Specialists

Our AAPC-certified medical coders are well-experienced and efficient in ICD-9/10 coding, DMS-5, HCPCS, and CPT coding services. We translate your psychiatric therapeutic, psychiatry diagnostic, health behavior assessment, and intervention services into standard codes.

We Provide 24/7 Reliable Customer Support Services

Our highly supportive and responsive customer support team is available 24/7 to answer your queries about payments and bills. We guide you through every step of healthcare revenue cycle management and medical billing services. We also send regular payment reminders to your patients via email, phone calls, and fax. Our professional team also guides your patients about their financial responsibilities.

Get Innovative Behavior & Mental Health Billing Solutions

The current epidemic of opioid abuse including both prescription pain relievers and heroin has affected the healthcare sector in the USA significantly. Rehabilitation centers, psychotherapists, and counselors consistently strive to treat patients using various procedures i.e. therapy, drugs, meditation, etc. CureCloudMD helps medical practitioners to get paid for their services covering a broad span of behavioral and mental health therapy services for all sizes of healthcare practices, clinics, hospitals, welfare organizations, and rehabilitation centers.

Outsource Mental Health Billing Services To CureCloudMD

Usually, it requires an extensive amount of capital investment to research, interview, and hires well-experienced mental health billing specialists. CureCloudMD offers pre-configured and reliable solutions for behavioral and mental billing and coding services. We feature a highly qualified and well-experienced team of mental health billing specialists that work as an extension of your office administration. We coordinate with your office staff to streamline your practice revenue cycle management and optimize billing operations.

We Provide Well-Encrypted Behavioral & Mental Health Billing Services

CureCloudMD provides HIPAA-compliant mental health billing services and EHR services with highly secured communication channels. We provide well-secured medical billing services to all healthcare organizations according to the data security protocols of HIPAA policies. Only our authorized employees can access your patient's protected health information (PHI) to proceed with the preparation and submission of medical bills.

We Provide Account Receivable (AR) Recovery Services

Our AR recovery specialists examine your accounts, identify errors and mistakes that caused claim denials/ rejections earlier, and appeal your claims to insurance companies. Our claim denial management team, medical billing team and AR recovery team coordinate together to proceed with your medical claims and recover hundreds of thousands of uncollected dollars and improvise the financial well-being of your accounts.



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Improve Your Profits With The Best Behavior & Mental Health Billing Services

We provide a complete suite of behavioral and mental health billing services to clinicians, hospitals, and healthcare organizations of all sizes. We help you get better control over your finances, streamline your workflow and optimize your billing operations with reliable, professional, and proven medical billing services.

We Provide Digital Charge Entry Solutions

We provide dedicated portals to all counselors, therapists, and psychotherapists where they can enter their charges digitally. It helps us collect, record, and save your data at a central location. We use cloud-based SaaS medical billing software solutions to collect your data and proceed with it to review medical codes and prepare medical bills efficiently.

Get Prior Authorization & Eligibility Verification Services

We provide complete support to your front desk registration staff with reliable prior authorization services and insurance eligibility verification services. It is essential to justify the medical necessity of the behavior and mental health services delivered to patients in medical claims and make sure that your patient’s insurance plan covers your services respectively.

We Provide Reliable Mental Health Coding Services

Our AAPC-certified behavior and mental health coding specialists translate your services into standard CPT, HCPCS, ICD-9/10, and ICD-10-CM codes. Our medical coding professionals are highly qualified and well-experienced in understanding the medical terminologies in behavioral and mental health therapy, diagnostic and medical services.

We Provide Professional Mental Health Billing Services

CureCloudMD features a well-experienced team of medical billing specialists who coordinates with our medical coding specialists to prepare your claims. We review, scrub and submit your medical claims to private insurance companies, federal insurance companies, and HMOs efficiently, so you can get paid promptly.

We Aggressively Follow Up With Insurance Companies

Our medical billing team doesn’t leave your claims unattended after submitting them to the insurance companies. We consistently monitor the progress of your medical claims from clearing houses to insurance companies and patients. We send them regular reminders to make them aware of their financial responsibilities.

We Collect & Post Payments

We provide dedicated account managers that supervise your accounts, collect your reimbursements, and co-pays & post payments in our medical billing software. We use this data to prepare analytical reports that help you monitor the progress of your revenue cycle management.

Outsource Behavior & Mental Health Billing Services To CureCloudMD For Improved Revenue

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We Provide Specialized Behavior & Mental Health Billing Services

Help your patients recover their mental health while we help you ensure the financial well-being of your accounts with reliable behavior and mental health billing solutions. We provide custom-tailored mental health billing services to meet the unique requirements of all sub-specialties of behavior and mental health services. We provide mental health billing services for the following specialized practices but not limited;

Get Behavioral Treatment of Autism & Other Developmental Disabilities Billing Services

We assist counselors, therapists, and clinicians to help their patients function properly with reliable behavior and mental health billing services. We provide complete support to streamline your front-desk and back-office administration tasks. So you can alleviate your business bottom line with an increased revenue stream.


Get Drug Therapy, Psychotherapy & Electroconvulsive Therapy Billing Services

We provide one-to-one, well-secured and reliable behavior, and mental health billing services. Our mental health billing company works as an extension of your office and manages all your billing operations at a very small fraction of your existing IT and administration expenses. Outsource behavioral and mental health billing services to CureCloudMD and get business operations on track for more profits and growth opportunities.


Get Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Therapy & Interpersonal Therapy Billing Services

Our medical billing specialists are well-versed with medical terms and obligations of behavior and mental health practices. Therefore, they handle your billing operations the right way. We efficiently and accurately process your claims in order to get your claims approved by the insurance companies at the first attempt of submission.


Why CureCloudMD Is The Best Behavior & Mental Health Billing Company?

CureCloudMD provides all-inclusive behavioral and mental health billing services along with AR recovery services, claim denial management services, and medical credentialing services. We create competitive growth opportunities for healthcare practitioners to help them serve the community with high-quality patient care services.


Get Medical Credentialing & Provider Enrolment Services

We help behavioral and mental health care providers acquire and maintain credentials. We also help them enroll with insurance companies in their state. So they can cater to the needs of a larger patient base with affordable services. We also provide medical license renewal services and CAQH profile maintenance services.


We Provide Real-time Claim Denial Management Solutions

In a rehabilitation center, a slight error in the diagnostic information or patient’s demographic information (name, phone number, coverage plan, etc.) can cause critical mistakes in a patient’s rehabilitation and medical treatment. Therefore, our claim denial management audit your medical billing cycle to identify and remove errors that cause denials.


We Help You Save Costs & Improve Efficiency

Did you know? Outsourcing medical billing services help you reduce your cost overheads by 40%. CureCloudMD offers the most cost-effective behavioral and mental health billing services to cut down your cost overheads and office expenses & make sure your business runs properly.


We Provide Medical Claim Scrubbing Services

Our medical billing and AR recovery team coordinate together to review your previously denied/ rejected claims, identify errors and eliminate mistakes. We scrub your claims to ensure accuracy in the medical billing cycle. So we can collect your payments by appealing to insurance companies, and patients.


We Provide Transparent Mental Health Billing Services

We use digital solutions to prepare analytical reports about the progress of your healthcare revenue cycle management. We record data about your medical bills being filed, submitted, and reimbursed in real time. We regularly share these reports with you to stay updated with our medical billing services and reimbursements collected.


We Are Well-Aware Of All Medical Billing Software

Our medical billing team is well-experienced and fully aware the use of almost all popular medical billing software solutions in the USA including Dr Chrono, eClinicalWorks, Kareo, AdvancedMD, CareCloud, NueMD, and much more. We configure innovative solutions to expedite your payments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries about our emergency billing services and solutions then this guide would help you find your answers. Even if you have more questions that are not mentioned here then contact our team at the following email: [email protected]

  • How To Outsource Behavior & Mental Health Medical Billing Services To CureCloudMD?

    Simply put, it is the easiest possible solution to outsource behavioral and mental health billing services to CureCloudMD. You can book our free quote from the following link:

    You can also reach out to us at [email protected] to speak with one of our medical billing specialists.
    Alternately, phone us at +1 205 947 3264.
    Once, you’ll contact our medical billing experts and provide your details then our medical billing experts will contact you within a 1 or 2 business days after reviewing your accounts, healthcare revenue cycle management, and medical claim denials. Then we provide a free medical billing audit of your practice and suggest you the right medical billing solutions. We provide customized packages so you can select as many solutions as it is affordable for your practice.

  • No, outsourcing behavioral and mental health billing services to CureCloudMD is the most cost-effective medical billing solution in the USA. Our medical billing specialists run your practice revenue cycle management from the remote location as an extension of your office administration.

    We only charge a fixed revenue from the reimbursements we collect on your behalf after submitting your medical claims. In this way, we help you reduce cost overheads of your in-house medical billing department that includes;

    1. Utility bills.
    2. Staff salaries.
    3. Annual bonuses.
    4. Appraisals.
    5. Paid holidays.
    6. IT expenses.
    7. Medical billing software purchasing and maintenance expenses.

    Moreover, we incorporate cloud-based SaaS medical billing software solutions with your practice management system so you can onboard the journey of efficient business functions with resourceful technology solutions.

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Dr. Terri Anderson

Licensed Professional Counselor

I love my passion to ensure the mental health of my patients and I want to get the best out of my career. CureCloudMD has been assisting me for the last 6 years to excel in my career with reliable support and cost-effective solution. I highly recommend their mental health billing services.


Dr. Robert Micheal


I am highly satisfied with the medical billing services of CureCloudMD. They have built trust for their outsourced services with their reliable solutions, proven results and exemplary dedication to boost our business productivity. They have improved our healthcare revenue cycle management with streamlined billing operations and configured digital solutions to goose our reimbursement collections.


Dr. Martha Sean


CureCloudMD has helped me to manage my medical billing operations seamlessly. They provide satisfactory medical billing and coding services that help me manage my practice and look after my patients without any hassle. I recommend their medical billing services to my fellow therapists due to their trustworthy portfolio as a reliable medical billing company.


Dr. Connie Silver

Counselor and Therapist

We were looking for a reliable medical billing company that specializes in mental health and psychology. After long-term market research, my friend recommended CureCloudMD and I think this is one of the best suggestions that he’s given me so far. I’m able to focus more on my team and paramedical staff while their medical billing professionals execute and manage all billing operations with reliable medical billing services. Also, they have helped us recover hundreds of thousands of dollars with AR recovery services.


Dr. Wims John


I have had an incredible experience working with CureCloudMD. They configured my medical billing and coding operations which have impacted the performance of my team very well. Now, we’re able to complete our hours-long work in a few minutes because we only provide them with charges and they use this information ahead to file our claims and collect our reimbursements. We trust their medical billing services because they regularly share performance reports and update us about our reimbursements promptly.