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Why CureCloudMD Is The Best Revenue Cycle Management Company?

We provide comprehensive and flexible revenue cycle management, medical billing & coding services to all sizes of healthcare practices. Our mission is to help doctors, physicians and all medical practitioners avoid the burden of administrative responsibilities & focus more on delivering quality patient care services.

Manage Administration Tasks

Our medical billing & coding specialists manage your back-office tasks, file your claims and handle your patients’ queries about their payments & bills. Also, we leverage our expertise to build a value-based relationship between healthcare practitioners and their payers.

All-Rounded Medical Billing Solutions

We use innovative, contemporary & reliable medical billing & coding solutions. We collect your patients’ PHI from a central platform, process this data to translate them into standard CPT, HCPCS & ICD codes and file medical claims to insurance payers. We timely submit your medical claims to help you get paid at the right time.

Transparent RCM Solutions

CureCloudMD helps you take better control over your finances with completely transparent revenue cycle management solutions. We measure timely analytics and share regular reports with you. So you stay informed about your financial progress in real-time.

Increase Profitability With Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Services

We help healthcare practices, physicians, doctors and clinicians increase their collections by 7% & help them reduce OPEX (operational expenses) & CAPEX (capital expenses). So when you outsource healthcare RCM services to CureCloudMD then you can reduce your staffing costs, IT expenses and administrative complexities while accelerating your business growth.

We Provide Streamlined Medical Billing Services

Our medical billing and coding experts contribute to the result-oriented healthcare RCM services. We are a well-established revenue cycle management (rcm) company that takes charge of your administrative procedures including; medical coding services, medical billing services, claim denials management, payment posting and issuing patient statements. Our RCM experts supervise every step in the medical billing and coding process to improve your collections and reduce aging AR.

We Offer Adaptive Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Whether you want to maintain your existing solution or transit to our comprehensive EHR/PM system or want to maintain your solutions from a third-party, our RCM specialists would assist in every way. Our RCM experts are not bound to a specific platform or technology. Instead, we help you accelerate your revenue growth with an adaptive strategy.

We Ensure Transparent Revenue Cycle Management Services

When you outsource healthcare revenue cycle management services to CureCloudMD then you don’t lose control over your office administration. Instead, we help you uplift your KPIs while providing you with regular analytical reports. It helps you measure your revenue progress and ensure that your balance doesn’t stay uncollected in aging AR.



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We Provide A Full Suite Of RCM Billing Services

When you outsource medical billing and healthcare revenue cycle services to CureCloudMD then you ultimately partner with experienced medical billing specialists and dedicated account managers. Our highly qualified workforce helps you navigate through administrative and financial challenges easily. Our business model is quite flexible and we offer the following professional values to all medical practitioners.

Innovative Medical Coding Solutions

Medical billing and coding is an ever-changing aspect of the healthcare industry in the USA. Therefore, our RCM medical billing specialists keep your business compatible with the advancements in CPT, HCPCS, MACRA & ICD-10 codes while managing your business finances along the way.

Reliable Medical Billing Solutions

We collect your data and process it carefully for charge entry. We prepare medical bills and submit medical claims timely. We constantly follow up with all the payers and remind them about your payments. After collecting your feedback, our account managers proceed with payment postings and coordinate with you to streamline your practice’s revenue growth.

AR Recovery Services

We not only strive to create new revenue opportunities for your healthcare practice but also work rigorously to recover your outstanding balance. We examine your accounts, scrub medical claims and appeal your denied claims to respective payers. We help you identify red flags & recover account receivables.

Medical Credentialing Services

CureCloudMD helps healthcare providers officially pursue their careers and improve their business growth. We assist in credentialing healthcare providers and enrollment with Government/Commercial Payers/managed Care Plans and obtaining CAQH quarterly re-attestations

Manage Patient Queries

Our dedicated customer care support team handles your patients’ calls, emails, fax and answers their queries about their payments and bills. Also, we guide healthcare providers about their payment gateways and reimbursement models. We assist practitioners to build a better relationship with their payers and patients altogether.

Prior Authorization

We provide a full range of prior authorization/prior approval necessary services in order to make sure that every bit of data is accurately mentioned on your medical bills. It helps us to reimburse your medical claims in the first attempt of submission.

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What Are You Looking To Solve With CureCloudMD?

We help physicians, clinicians, hospitals, laboratories and other healthcare organizations to increase revenue, reduce bad debt and leverage advanced analytics in order to identify potential revenue opportunities for their business growth. Besides alleviating staffing challenges, we help healthcare providers with reliable revenue cycle management solutions in the following ways:

Deliver Better & Satisfactory Patient Experience

Our revenue cycle management experts leverage automated financial clearance solutions to help your patients understand their payment responsibilities and make sure that you get paid faster. Our dedicated customer support services team caters for your patient queries about payments and medical bills. So you can pay more attention to delivering quality healthcare services while we are driving volume and reimbursements.


We Drive Revenue Integrity For Your Practice

We provide state-of-the-art and cutting-edge healthcare revenue cycle solutions and expert medical billing staff to optimize your financial operations with useful insights. We provide reliable healthcare revenue cycle services while making sure compliance with accurate coding standards, government insurance laws & the terms of private insurance companies.


Claim Denial Management Services

CureCloudMD is the best revenue cycle company that also helps you recover the lost money with innovative claim denial management solutions. We scrub your claims, appeal to insurance payers and follow up with them until we collect your reimbursements.


Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions For Laboratories

We provide a comprehensive suite of revenue cycle solutions to all kinds of healthcare laboratories including; toxicology, pathology, molecular, clinical and census entry lab billing services. Our medical billing experts are fully trained to streamline your business growth by reducing complexity & optimizing the medical billing process.


Revenue Cycle Services For Physicians

If you want to overcome your staffing shortage, optimize your reimbursement and improve patients’ co-pay collections then you’re at the right place. CureCloudMD is a reliable revenue cycle company in the USA that helps physicians to get the best support for empowering and efficient reimbursement models.


Why Choose CureCloudMD Among Other Revenue Cycle Management Companies In The USA?

Our end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions help healthcare providers to overcome financial challenges and optimize the medical billing process. We provide the most cost-effective revenue cycle management solutions to help you increase your revenue stream.


We Leverage Advanced Analytics

We provide useful insights into proven healthcare revenue cycle management solutions. That helps you increase your revenue stream, reduce bad debt by quickly identifying available reimbursement sources and rectifying mislabeled accounts as self-pay or charity care. So you never miss out on any revenue collection opportunity.


We Offer Specialty-Specific Billing Solutions

Outsource revenue cycle management services to CureCloudMD to get assistance from professional medical billers & coders. Our team is well-experienced in your specialty. Whether you’re an independent physician, clinician, lab or any specialty, find the best medical billing solution for the rapid growth of your healthcare business.


Get Emergency Medicine Practice RCM Services

Only a few healthcare revenue cycle management companies provide qualified emergency medicine practice revenue cycle management solutions. However, CureCloudMD provides well-established, innovative and cost-effective emergency medicine RCM services.


We Improve Medical Billing & Coding Operations

We help healthcare practitioners understand the obligations of their revenue cycle management system and streamline their workflow. Helping them reduce the burden & time taken for non-medical responsibilities of their practice. While we optimize their billing, coding and revenue collection procedures.


Stay Updated With Regular Reporting & Analytics

For a medical practitioner, it’s quite hard to understand the insights involved in revenue cycle management. Therefore, we provide easily comprehensible reports to medical providers that help them stay engaged with the financial progress of their business. Also, our customer care team answers your queries regularly about your RCM management services.


We Streamline Your Cashflow

We accelerate your payment collection procedures via paper and online payment gateways. So your revenue never slips through any loophole and your balance doesn’t stay outstanding in the AR. Also, we use automated solutions to track your cash flow across all channels via a digital central portal

Get in touch with your trusted healthcare revenue cycle management partner committed to improving your business growth with reliable medical billing & coding solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries about our revenue cycle management (RCM) services then this guide would help you. Even if you don’t find your question here then reach out to our customer care team

  • How To Outsource Healthcare Revenue Cycle Services To CureCloudMD?

    Reach out to our RCM experts by filling out the form from the given link:

    You can also schedule a free medical billing audit with our medical billing experts by calling us or sending us an email.

  • Some healthcare providers assume that an in-house medical billing and RCM department is less expensive than outsourcing. However, when you set your business for further expansion then it is inevitable to expand your team as well. In this case, outsourcing revenue cycle services helps in the following ways:

    Reduce Staffing Challenges:

    If you’re expanding your healthcare business then definitely you would need more resources to run your financial operations. So if you hire more RCM experts in your office then you have to invest a capital amount for their salaries, office expenses, stationery, medical billing software and other IT expenses.

    Also, you have to invest your valuable time to train them regularly according to the latest changes in the medical billing and coding standards. After this hassle, if your employee decides to leave your company then you also have to struggle with employee offboarding challenges.

    On the other hand, when you outsource revenue cycle management services to a CureCloudMD then you only have to pay a fixed amount according to your agreement. While we will be responsible to streamline your workflow. We are also responsible to dedicate our resources that streamline your business. So we can accelerate your business financial operations at a smaller fraction of your existing administrative expenses.

  • We offer medical provider enrollment and credentialing services with Government and private payers. So healthcare providers would have more revenue opportunities.

  • CureCloudMD follows an adoptive revenue cycle management strategy. We are not restricted to a particular revenue cycle solution. Even if you want to use your existing solution, buy a third-party solution or integrate our practice management solution, our medical billing experts will support you in every way possible.

  • We only charge a fixed percentage from the revenue we collect on your behalf. Hence, we only get paid when we proceed with your revenue cycle correctly and collect your reimbursements. Therefore, our medical billing and coding expert offer the best services to create mutual success opportunities.

  • Yes, our expert AR recovery team also examines your old aging AR and identifies the causes of claim denials. Then they scrub your claims and appeal insurance payers to recover your uncollected reimbursements.

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I’m more than happy to state that I’ve found the best medical billing services in USA. Cure CloudMD is way better than other medical billing companies.


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For a long time, I was searching for cost-effective medical billing services near me. After getting their professional medical billing and coding, we have seen a drastic improvement in our billing efficiency.


Lavon Marcum

Child Psychiatrist

It was a satisfying experience with Cure CloudMD and their medical billing specialist. They offered me their most affordable pricing plan with a quick turnaround time and at the same time the quality of their medical billing services were exceptional.


Daron Brady

General Physician

For getting me credentialed with insurances, their RMB was excellent. I highly recommend their amazing medical billing services to all the practitioners who are searching for a reliable medical billing services company.


Tom D. Williams

Senior Professor, Neurologist

The team was highly qualified and experienced. Especially the support team was very professional when I had a discussion with them regarding my billing queries. I’m truly grateful to Cure CloudMD for helping me save a lot of stress, time, and cost in the most efficient way possible.