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Why Choose CureCloudMD For Toxicology Laboratory Billing Services?

At CureCloudMD, we understand that toxicology labs have to go through multiple billing challenges. Our professional lab billing specialists help you easily navigate through complex billing challenges like strict regulations, ever-changing payer requirements, and difficulties accessing information. With 10+ years of experience with toxicology billing services, we enable healthcare providers to enjoy the freedom to focus on their core competencies and grow their bottom lines.

We Provide Compliant Clinical Lab Billing Services

Toxicologists should get familiar with Laboratory Billing HCPCS, CPT & ICD-10 codes, CLIA amendments, and PAMA updates. We understand that your work schedule is already flooded with so many tasks that paying undivided attention to medical as well as non-medical obligations of your practices can be intimidating. Therefore, our knowledgeable medical billers understand the nuances of toxicology services like Workplace Drug Testing, DOT Drug Collections and Breath Alcohol, Random Selection Services, etc. to offer in-depth toxicology lab billing services.

Get a Well-experienced Team Of Toxicology Billing & Coding Specialists

The field of lab and medical billing is under intense scrutiny. After OIG announced a close review of independent laboratory billing practices, CMS has increased its oversight on laboratories, making the medical billing process much more complex. With the reimbursement rates getting lower, healthcare costs getting higher, and billing norms becoming more complicated, it has become more difficult for healthcare providers to comply with the regulatory requirements. CureCloudMD, helps lab practitioners to navigate through these challenges with professional toxicology billing services.

We Provide Cost-Effective Toxicology Laboratory Billing Services

CureCloudMD provides highly cost-effective toxicology medical billing services to all sizes of healthcare practices. We only charge a fixed percentage (based on your practice’s size) from the revenue we collect on your behalf after filing your medical claims. So you don’t have to pay exclusively the salary of each member of the medical billing team, or set up expensive IT infrastructure for a full-fledged department.

Get Innovative Toxicology Laboratory Billing Solutions

If you’re looking for reliable toxicology billing outsourcing services then you’re at the right place. CureCloudMD provides a complete range of healthcare revenue cycle management outsourcing solutions including medical credentialing, toxicology billing and coding, insurance eligibility verification, account receivable (AR) recovery, and claim denial management outsourcing services. We deploy cloud-based medical billing software solutions to optimize your billing operations digitally and revenue growth efficiently.

We Provide HIPAA-Compliant Toxicology Billing Services

1960 HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) protects the security and integrity of patients sensitive healthcare information which is also referred as protected health information (PHI). At CureCloudMD, every team member strictly follows HIPAA security rules to protect patient’s PHI from data breaching and unauthorized access. We use well-encrypted communication channels to collect the information from our healthcare providers to assist them in billing and coding tasks.

We Provide Highly Transparent Toxicology Lab Billing Services

Did you know almost all healthcare providers tend to outsource toxicology billing services in the USA in 2023? However, some practitioners feel reluctant to outsource medical billing services assuming they’ll lose control over their business operations. Therefore, we provide highly transparent toxicology billing services to all practitioners and keep them updated with their revenue growth. We provide regular progress reports about medical bills filed, claim submissions, reimbursements, account receivables, and revenue reports.

We Follow an Adoptive & Flexible Approach For Toxicology Lab Billing Services

It is the most cost-effective billing solution to outsource toxicology billing and coding services. We follow a flexible approach to deliver cost-effective and consolidating toxicology billing and coding services. Our medical billing and coding professionals are well-versed and experienced with the use of almost all popular medical billing software such as Kareo, CareCloud Central, CureMD, MedicsPremier, SIMPLEX HIMES, CGM LABDAQ, Kareo, LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform & much more. Therefore, we don’t ask you to set up a new IT infrastructure or buy new software solutions. Instead, we integrate our medical billing solution with your existing practice management system or any software of your choice.



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We Provide A Complete Range of Toxicology Lab Billing Services

At CureCloudMD, we provide a complete range of toxicology healthcare revenue cycle management outsourcing solutions including toxicology billing and coding services, account receivable (AR) recovery services, medical billing audit services, and claim denial management services. Explore our outsourcing solutions and get a custom package of our medical billing solutions according to your practice’s needs.

We Provide Digital Charge Entry Solutions

Our medical billing specialists already dedicate a digital portal for healthcare providers where they can enter the information about the services that you’ve delivered to the patient. We collect this information to convert it into charges and use these charges to prepare and submit medical claims down the line. We review and verify your data to ensure accuracy and clean claims.

We Provide Reliable Toxicology Coding Services

pOur AAPC-certified toxicology medical coders are well-versed and experienced with ICD-10, CPT & HCPCS codes. Our medical coding team applies accurate and updated medical codes to prepare reimbursable medical claims. We have a proven track record of embracing the clean claim rate of several healthcare practitioners with our billing and coding expertise.

We Provide Professional Toxicology Billing Services

Our medical billing professionals are regularly trained on how to stay compliant with legal laws like HIPAA and State’s local regulations. We provide legally compliant toxicology billing services & a completely dedicated team who aims to deliver accurate and efficient toxicology billing services to add value to your business productivity.

We Provide Account Receivable (AR) Recovery Services

If you’re unable to collect accurate amount of reimbursements while you’re always busy in delivering patient care services then it is a red flag for your practice. Our AR recovery team audit your accounts and review your medical claims to appeal and collect your outstanding balance.

We Follow Up With Insurance Companies For Adjudication

Our medical billing professionals don’t leave your medical claims unattended after submission. We regularly follow-up with your medical claims until you get the reimbursmenets finally. In case of adjudication, we cooperate with the clearing houses and insurance companies to review and scrub your medical claims to make them billable.

We Collect Reimbursements & Post Payments

We process different types of remittances received with a high degree of accuracy and better responsiveness. We process patient payments, insurance posting (both ERAs and EOBs) and denial posting. We provide a dedicated account manager to each client who regularly reports about each posting.

Get Connected With Our Toxicology Billing Specialists To Tune Your Practice For Better Scalability & Improved Revenue Collections

CureCloudMD offers the most cost-effective, reliable, and professional toxicology billing and coding services. You can schedule a free business consultation meeting with our billing team and request a free quotation of our outsourcing billing solutions. Click on the button below to schedule an appointment now!

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We Provide Specialized Toxicology Lab Billing Services

We provide custom-tailored toxicology billing services to meet the unique requirement of the sub-specialties of the toxicology lab. Our medical billing professionals undrestand the nuances of different methods and procedures used in a toxicology field. We have specialized expertise for the following specialties but not limited to;

Get Chemical Toxicology & Forensic Toxicology Billing Services

Chemical toxicology focuses on the composition of chemical agents and how their structure effects the living organisms. We provide a complete range of toxicology lab billing services offering chemical toxicology services and lab tests.

Forensic toxicology focuses on drug tests that are used to analyse biological samples to identify and quantify the presence of toxins and harmful drugs. We provide outsourcing medical billing and coding services to forensic toxicology labs along with exclusive AR recovery services and medical billing audit services.


Get Regulatory, Clinical & Occupational Toxicology Billing Services

Regulatory toxicology is primarily concerned with large-scale research and data evaluation for regulatory health concerns. Professionals use this data as an insight into the identification of harmful drugs and their effects on humans and plants likely.

Clinical toxicology is more patient-centric than other specialties mentioned above. Because a clinical toxicology treats and diagnose the patients rather than studying the effects of harmful chemicals generally on human kinds.

Occupational toxicology has its application in the identification and monitoring of hazardous chemicals that are encountered by the patients in their workplace. An occupation toxicologist makes sure that you’re safe from exposure of toxic chemicals at your workplace.

At CureCloudMD, we provide a comprehensive suite of toxicology healthcare revenue cycle management outsourcing services to all specialties of toxicology facilities.


Get Environmental, Veterinary & Aquatic Toxicology Billing Services

Environmental toxicologists study how harmful chemicals pollute and affect our environment. Veterinary toxicology features the study of harmful chemicals affecting wildlife, livestock, and pets.

Along with the atmosphere and animals, aquatic life is also suffering dire pollutants. An aquatic toxicologist studies the conditions of aquatic life and the effect of pollutants on marine life on a large scale.

We provide a complete range of toxicology billing services to all specialties and every size of toxicology practice.


Why CureCloudMD Is The Best Toxicology Laboratory Company In The USA?

We provide value-based medical billing solutions to all toxicology practices assisting healthcare providers in their pursuit to improve the quality of patient care services. Our professional toxicology billing and coding specialists support your office administration staff throughout the entire revenue cycle management with responsive medical billing solutions and guidance. Our toxicology billing and coding services offer the following benefits to your practice.


Assistance In Medical Credentialing

Want to run your healthcare practice smoothly without any legal complications? Our credentialing specialists assist healthcare providers with documentation completion and updations. We provide a complete suit of provider enrollment services to healthcare providers so they can offer affordable care services to a large volume of patients.


Claim Denial Management Solutions

Its impossible to wipe out 100% of claim denials in a medical practice because more often patients forget to update their information which leaves the chances of errors. Our claim denial management rescues your reimbursements by handling your claim denials promptly. We appeal your unpaid claims (denials & rejections). We have a proven track record of reducing claim denials to less than 2%.


Assistance In Prior Authorization & Eligibility Verification Services

Accurate information is fundamental to effective toxicology billing services. Outsource prior authorization and eligibility verification services to CureCloudMD to get your medical billing and coding procedures done the right way. We ensure the accuracy of patient data to deliver streamlined solutions.


Efficient Medical Claim Scrubbing Services

Our medical billing professionals completely scrub your medical claims to identify, monitor, and eliminate errors from the medical claims to make them clean and reimbursable. Moreover, we make sure that the medical claims comply with the legal billing standards. We use advanced medical billing software for efficient claim scrubbing and submission.


We Provide Highly Responsive Customer Support Services

Our professional customer support team is highly responsive and they completely coordinate with healthcare providers during the billing process. We help and guide your office staff at every step of toxicology healthcare revenue cycle management. You can contact our team via phone call, email and fax. We also resolve your patient queries about their bills, ERAs, and EOBs.


We Offer Compliant Toxicology Billing Services

We strictly follow the data security policies of HIPAA act. Also, we comply with the billing and coding standards of Medicare, Medicaid, CMS, & AMA (American Medical Association). We always stay updated with ever-evolving regulations and rules that standardize the billing practices in USA.

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  • Did you know 70% of healthcare providers tend to outsource medical billing services in the USA? It’s because outsourcing medical billing and coding services is a more cost-effective solution than keeping an in-house medical billing team.

    CureCloudMD is a professional toxicology billing company charging only a fixed percentage (based on your practice’s size) from the revenue we collect on your behalf after filing and submitting your claims.

    So you have to pay a fixed amount every month without struggling through the surplus expenses of an in-house medical billing team.

    On the other hand, for an in-house medical billing department, you have to invest a huge capital investment to pay salaries, bonuses, paid leaves & holidays, annual appraisals and other incentives for your employees.

    Moreover, if one of your employees from the billing team takes a paid leave then it won’t stop a patient to come and visit your office. Then who will file and submit a medical claim on behalf of your absent employee? Asking your team members to work overtime and manage the backlog of each other puts more burden on your practice’s finances.

    When you get connected with a professional toxicology billing company then you can shed away the burden of employee maintenance and retention from your shoulders. The medical billing company is responsible to meet the staffing needs of your practice at the fraction of your existing administration expenses.

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