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Why Choose CureCloudMD For Lab Billing Services In Michigan?

CureCloudMD provides the most reliable, highly transparent, and cost-effective lab medical billing services for pathologists, toxicology labs, clinical labs, census entry labs, and molecular labs. We not only cover the major cities like Sterling Heights, Dearborn, and Detroit but we serve lab practitioners in every city and town of Michigan with our comprehensive suite of lab billing solutions.

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Most Cost-effective Lab Billing Services In Michigan

We aim to improve the working of the healthcare industry all around the USA to ensure the well-being of our society. For this purpose, we provide the most affordable lab billing solutions to all practices. After filing your claims, we only charge a fixed percentage (based on your practice’s size) from the revenue we collect on your behalf.

We Provide Expert Lab Billing Services

Our AAPC-certified lab billing & coding specialists provide professional medical billing services to streamline your business workflow & improve your financial growth. We apply best billing practices to increase the first-pass resolution rate (when the medical claim is reimbursed in the first attempt of submission), reduce claim denials and ensure compliance.

We Provide Dedicated Account Managers

Along with a complete team of medical billing and coding professionals, AR (account receivable) recovery, and a customer support team, we also provide dedicated account managers who responsibly look after your payments, reimbursements collected, and outstanding balance. We help you get paid fully and quickly for your hard-earned services.

Outsource Laboratory Medical Billing Services In Michigan

CureCloudMD is a HIPAA-compliant laboratory medical billing company providing well-secured and highly transparent medical billing and coding outsourcing services to healthcare labs. We provide a complete suite of lab healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) in compliance with the local and federal regulations that protect the right of healthcare providers and ensure the data integrity of patients to deliver reliable laboratory medical billing services. We help you get paid by Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance companies, and HMOs.

Well-Encrypted and HIPAA-Compliant Lab Billing Services In Michigan

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) is a federal law that provides national standards to protect patients’ sensitive healthcare information and oblige healthcare providers to not disclose patient’s data with their consent and knowledge. CureCloudMD deploys well-encrypted communication solutions, EHRs, and medical billing solutions to securely share your data for billing purposes to prevent unauthorized data access and breaching. So you can get your medical billing tasks done by a reliable and professional lab billing company.

We Provide A Reliable Customer Support Team

We help and guide healthcare labs at every step of healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM). Our customer support team is available 24/7 around the clock to answer your queries about medical bills, patient bills, claim denials/rejections, missing or delayed payments and account receivables. We also answer your patient queries about their bills and EOBS( Explanation of Benefits Statements) via phone call and email.

We Provide Transparent Lab Billing Services In Michigan

Unlike in-house lab billing services where you have to micromanage and supervise every task in the medical billing services, you can get better control over your healthcare revenue cycle management. Our medical billing professionals will work as a virtual extension of your office-based team and streamline your billing workflow with their expertise and solutions. We provide regular analytical performance reports so you can get insights into our medical billing services and monitor the progress of your practice healthcare revenue cycle management.



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We Provide A Complete Suite of Lab Billing Services In Michigan

CureCloudMD provides a complete range of laboratory billing and healthcare revenue cycle management services. Our professional medical billers and coders guide and assist you from the early phase of medical billing cycle to reimbursement collection. Here’s how we streamline your practice workflow with our comprehensive suite of laboratory billing and coding services;

Digital Charge Entry Solutions

We deploy reliable EHR solutions and provide a dedicated portal where you can enter charges digitally. Our medical billing professionals collect and review your charges, verify the accuracy of information and validate medical codes applied to ensure smooth transition of medical claims.

We Provide Prior Authorization Solution

Our medical billing professionals review your patient’s coverage plan to provide reliable prior authorization solutions. We help to create a profound relationship between healthcare providers and their insurance carriers. So you can get paid better and easier for your hard-earned services.

Insurance Eligibility Verification Services

Our medical billing professionals verify if the patient is eligibile for the coverage plan and determine the financial responsibility of patients. It helps healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes and their practice’s growth seamlessly. We aim to improve your finances with best strategies.

We Provide Lab Medical Billing Services

We provide reliable laboratory medical billing and coding services to all types of healthcare labs whether you’re working independently, or associated with a clinic or hospital, we understand the unique requirements of your practice to deliver on-demand lab billing services. We ensure the efficiency and accuracy of medical billing services.

We Provide Lab Coding Services

Our AAPC-certified medical coders and billers always stay compliant with the latest standards of medical coding and billing practices. We apply accurate and updated ICD-10 codes, CPT codes, and HCPC codes so you can get paid by Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance companies, and HMOs accurately and efficiently.

Get Claim Denial Management Services

We provide a complete suite of claim denial management teams who promptly respond to your claim denials and account receivables. We review your medical claim denials/ rejections to identify, monitor and eliminate errors and mistakes from your medical billing cycle. We promptly resubmit your claims to appeal your unpaid reimbursements.

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Get Specialty-Specific Laboratory Billing Services

CureCloudMD features a team of laboratory medical billing and coding specialists who are subject-matter experts of different specialties of medical labs such as clinical labs, toxicology labs, pathology, hospital labs, ensus entry labs and molecular labs. Therefore, we understand the unique requirements of every specialty and fulfill the staffing needs of their medical billing department with professional medical billers and coders.

Clinical Lab Billing Services in Michigan

The Healthy Michigan Plan provides healthcare benefits to all Michigan residents at a low cost so that more people can afford good health care. Also, Medicare covers several lab tests for patients in Michigan. However, people who have enrolled with Medicare coverage plan can’t enroll in the Healthy Michigan Plan. CureCloudMD provides reliable clinical lab billing services for independent and hospital labs and help you get paid by Medicare, Medicaid, The Healthy Michigan Plan and other insurance carriers.


Pathology Lab Billing Services in Michigan

BCBS of Michigan, Direct Care America & Health Alliance Plan (HAP) of Michigan provides coverage for pathology. CureCloudMD provides professional pathology billing services to all sizes of healthcare practices in Michigan. We help you enroll with several different coverage plans in Michigan with our best in class medical credentialing services. So you can offer quality care services to a large patient base for improved revenue.


Toxicology, Molecular & Census Entry Lab Billing Services in Michigan

We provide professional laboratory medical billing services to toxicology and molecular laboratories to streamline your business functions and healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM). We provide complementary free pre-onbaording medical billing audit services to all healthcare providers so they can identify and monitor errors and mistakes in their medical billing cycle. It helps them make well-informed decision about outsourcing lab billing and coding services to a medical billing company.


Benefits Of Outsourcing Lab Medical Billing Services To CureCloudMD

We don’t work as a traditional medical billing company that just collects charges from the providers and submit medical bills. Instead, we offer value-based complementary solutions to all healthcare providers free-of-cost. So we contribute significantly to the growth and improvement of healthcare providers to ensure quality patient care services. Here are the advantages of outsourcing lab billing services to CureCloudMD in Michigan.


We Provide Medical Credentialing Services

Our professional credentialing team helps you with the documentation and credentialing process. We also assist with the renewal of medical licences. We offer reliable solutions to create your CAQH profiles, complete the online procedure and maintain your profile.


Account Receivable (AR) Recovery Services

We offer inclusive account receivable (AR) recovery solutions to all practitioners. It means if any payment in your account receivables lasts longer than 15 days then our AR recovery team step into the billing cycle to retrieve your reimbursements. You can also get our exclusive AR recovery solutions as a more cost-effective solution.


We Are Adoptive To Every Medical Billing Software

Our professional medical billers adopt a flexible approach to every healthcare practice. We are well-trained and experienced with almost all popular medical billing software e.g. Kareo, CureMD, WebMD, eClinicalWorks, Dr Chrono, and much more. We never ask you for a new IT setup or software & integrate our solutions with your existing system.


We Provide Medical Claim Scrubbing Services

Our experienced medical billing team always scrub your claims to ensure accuracy in your medical billing system. After validation, we submit medical claims to insurance companies promptly to make sure that your claims don’t return back unpaid due to errors or delayed submission. We have a proven track record of effective and efficient medical billing services.


We Follow Up With Medical Claims For Adjudication

When healthcare providers manage medical billing on their own then they often can’t find to track individual medical claim and every payment. Our medical billers has got you covered! After filing and submitting your medical claims, our medical billers constantly followup with insurance companies to remind them about your payments and assist them in quick reimbursements.


We Collect Reimbursements & Post Payments

CureCloudMD provides dedicated account managers to all clients along with other reliable medical billing solutions. These account managers are responsible to follow up with insurance companies and other payers to remind them about your payments. After collecting your reimbursements they post payments so you can monitor your finances.

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I’m lucky enough to find and work with CureCloudMD. Their medical billing team is very well-trained and highly professional. They coordinate with our lab staff to manage our tasks quite efficiently.


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CureCloudMD has always satisfied us with their laboratory medical billing solutions. I recommend their services to my colleagues and fellow practitioners. Their customer support team is highly professional and communicates with our office staff very well.


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CureCloudMD is a very reliable laboratory medical billing company. We’ve been working with them for 3 years and their team has always proved them supportive and professional through this time. We’re able to execute our medical billing system quite efficiently.


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CureCloudMD has been our billing partner for the past couple of years. It’s been too long since we’ve worried about hiring employees for medical billing and coding because their billing team is managing all our billing and revenue cycle manage tasks very professionally and efficiently from the remote location.


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CureCloudMD offers very professional satisfactory services at very commendable prices. I recommend their services to my fellow practitioners.