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Why Choose CureCloudMD For Lab Billing Services In California?

Want to outsource lab billing services to a professional medical billing company? CureCloudMD has extensive experience in providing medical credentialing, healthcare revenue cycle management and medical billing services. We provide outsourcing lab billing services in all major cities of California like Los Angeles, San Francisco & San Diego & also in every other city and town in California.

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Most Cost-effective Lab Billing Services In California

We are offering the most reliable laboratory billing services at the most cost-effective rate starting from as low as 2.95% from the revenue that we collect on your behalf after filing & submitting your medical claims.

We Provide Expert Lab Billing Services

Our AAPC-certified medical coders and billers have specialized expertise in laboratory medical billing services. We are well-versed with the nuances of pathology, toxicology and molecular labs giving better billing experience.

We Provide Dedicated Account Managers

Along with the professional team of lab billing specialists, we also offer a dedicated account manager to track your account receivables, reimbursements and payment posting. Improve your revenue growth 2x faster with CureCloudMD.

Outsource Laboratory Medical Billing Services In California

Outsourcing medical billing services allows healthcare practitioners to pay better attention to their core obligations i.e. providing quality patient experience. While our professional lab billers and coders look after your healthcare revenue cycle management and billing tasks, you can provide satisfactory medical care services to the patients.

We Provide Reliable Lab Billing Services In Los Angeles

The clinical labs in Los Angeles carry out any number of routine blood work including tests like; Complete blood counts or CBCs, Blood chemistry tests, Blood enzyme tests, Heart disease risk tests, Red and white blood cell counts, Platelet counts Hemoglobin or blood iron tests & Glucose or blood sugar tests. Expert lab billing specialists at CureCloudMD are well-versed in the nuances of all procedures and methods that are practiced for the diagnosis and medical treatment of patients.

We Provide Professional Lab Billing Services In San Francisco

All healthcare labs in San Francisco (even if they are associated with the Disease Prevention and Control Branch of the Population Health Division of the San Francisco Department of Public Health). We provide lab billing outsourcing services all around the San Francisco city.

We Provide Transparent Lab Billing Services In San Diego

Did you know? There are a total of 331 Laboratories in San Diego as of August 11, 2023. The growth of the healthcare labs industry can increase more significantly if practitioners have reliable solutions to maintain staff shortages and lack of expertise. CureCloudMD offers the most reliable lab billing outsourcing solution to fulfill your staffing need in the billing and coding department giving an added boost of productivity to your business.



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Get The Best Laboratory Medical Billing Services In California

We provide a complete range of lab healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) beginning from data entry to medical billing and ending with payment posting. We assist and guide you at every step of lab medical billing cycle. Here’s how we manage your medical billing and coding services with our expertise;

Digital Charge Entry Solutions

We collect charge sheets from your staff by providing dedicated digital portals to our each client. We review the applied medical codes on charge sheet and verify 100% accuracy leaving no room for errors and mistakes.

We Provide Prior Authorization Solution

We help you with the complete documentation process so you can get prior authorization for your hard-earned services. Our lab billing solutions are designed to provide useful insights to practitioners.

Insurance Eligibility Verification Services

Before starting with the patient-physician encounter. It is important to verify the patient’s insurance eligibility criteria. We verify if the patient’s plan covers your services to make sure you get paid the rightly.

We Provide Lab Medical Billing Services

Our professional lab billing and coding professionals prepare and submit your medical claims efficiently. We ensure accuracy and punctuality of your medical claims to avoid claim denials and rejections down the line.

We Provide Lab Coding Services

CPT® Code Range 80047- 89398 is used for pathology and laboratory procedures. Our medical coding specialists are well-trained and equipped with all the resources to apply accurate ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS codes to prepare your medical bills.

Get Claim Denial Management Services

We have a proven track record of reducing account receivables to less than 15 days and claim denials to less than 2% for several clients. Even if some claim denials occur due to incorrect patient’s information, we still write off your bad debt with claim denial management services.

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Get Specialty-Specific Laboratory Billing Services

CureCloudMD is a well-experienced lab billing company providing on-purpose billing solutions to every specialty of healthcare labs irrespective of their size. Whether you’re an independent lab or associated with a hospital, we provide reliable, cost-effective and customized lab billing solutions to meet the unique needs of your practice.

Clinical Lab Billing Services in California

The most common CPT codes used for clinical pathology lab tests are 80503-8050. 2023 ICD-10-CM Z01.81 codes are used for encounters for preprocedural laboratory examination. Our medical billing and coding experts review your charges, ensure accuracy and timely submit your medical claims efficiently to streamline your lab healthcare revenue cycle management.


Pathology Lab Billing Services in California

The most common CPT codes that are used to describe the pathology lab tests range in sections 80047-89398. ICD-10 code Z13. 9 codes are used to describe the pathology diagnosis lab tests. Our medical billing team provides a comprehensive suite of pathology lab billing services to all types of labs i.e. independent labs, associated labs, and clinical labs.


Toxicology and Molecular Lab Billing Services in California

Toxicology and molecular labs are the significant areas of the medical labs. We empower your labs with healthcare revenue cycle management services. From the front-desk registration responsibilities to reimbursement collection, we assist your medical billing team at every step.


Benefits Of Outsourcing Lab Medical Billing Services To CureCloudMD

Along with a complete range of medical billing services, we offer other healthcare office administration solutions to add more value to your practice. We aim to improve the financial well-being of healthcare labs so they can deliver better quality services to a larger patient volume.


We Provide Medical Credentialing Services

We provide medical credentialing services to all sizes of healthcare labs. We create and maintain your CAQH profiles. Our medical credentialing specialists help with your medical license renewal services.


Account Receivable (AR) Recovery Services

Our account receivable recovery specialists make sure that your amounts don’t stay uncollected in your account receivables. We appeal your denied claims and follow up with insurance companies and payers to recover your reimbursements.


We Are Adoptive To Every Medical Billing Software

We don’t ask our clients to buy a new setup for medical billing software, EHR, or any other IT solutions. We adopt a flexible approach and work on any medical billing software of your choice including; CareCloud, eClinicalWorks, AdvancedMD, CureMD, Kareo, and much more.


We Provide Medical Claim Scrubbing Services

Even if you’ve received any unpaid claims (denials or rejections), our medical billing team identifies errors, eliminates mistakes, and appeals your medical claims to insurance companies to recover your outstanding balance. We help you adopt preventive measures to ensure accuracy and reduce loopholes to streamline your medical billing system.


We Follow Up With Medical Claims For Adjudication

We don’t leave your claims unattended after submitting them to insurance payers. Instead, our medical billing team constantly follows up with insurance companies for adjudication to review your medical claims and eliminate every error efficiently. Our medical billing team makes sure that you get paid whenever we submit claims on your behalf.


We Collect Reimbursements & Post Payments

CureCloudMD dedicated account managers for every client who is responsible for collecting your payments and posting payments in your practice management system. It helps you stay aware of your financial progress and medical billing system. We are a reliable laboratory medical billing company & offer highly transparent medical billing services.

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I’m very lucky to find CureCloudMD as my billing partner. After partnering up with CureCloudMD, my team has been able to better focus on their core responsibilities and even manage a sudden rush of patients during busy days because CureCloudMD’s billing team is always there to cover our backs.


Dr. Ravi Sharma


It’s been a very pleasant experience to work with CureCloudMD. They handle our medical billing and coding tasks very professionally. Not to mention that their customer support team is very cooperative and communicates with our office staff very well.


Dr. William Justin


I highly recommend CureCloudMD to my colleagues and fellow practitioners. Their medical billing team is very professional and they have significantly contributed to our practice’s growth. There was a time when we couldn’t figure out how to recover our balance from account receivables and now our claim denial rate is below 2% and we collect our payments quite efficiently.


Dr. Justin Defoe


CureCloudMD is a reliable medical billing company that offers best-in-class laboratory medical billing services. They efficiently and regularly submit our medical claims reducing our claim denial rate to less than 2%. We’re able to collect our payments on time and enjoy better relationships with our payers.


Dr. Daniel

Technical Supervisor

CureCloudMD is a very reliable medical billing company. We’re highly impressed by their team’s work culture which has streamlined our healthcare revenue cycle management. We’re able to reduce account receivables and collect our reimbursements completely. Most importantly, they are very transparent and regularly update us about our medical billing system and payments. So we have better control over our practice management system.