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Why Choose CureCloudMD For Clinical Laboratory Billing Services?

Founded in 2012, CureCloudMD has been helping several clinical lab practitioners with professional & HIPAA-compliant medical billing services. With extensive years of experience and specialized knowledge of clinical lab including biological, serological, hematological, cytological, etc. we prepare and submit your medical bills accurately and efficiently. We work as a virtual extension of your office so you can carry out your lab procedures while we improve your revenue growth.

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We Provide Compliant Clinical Lab Billing Services

We understand the ever-growing and constantly changing nature of the legal standards for clinical labs. Our legal consultants work around the clock to help us stay compliant with the regulatory updates of clinical laboratory billing services. We prepare & submit your medical bills according to the guidelines of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS), the American Hospital Association (AHA), and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). So you can collect your payments without any hassle.

Get a Well-experienced Team Of Clinical Lab Billing & Coding Specialists

When you outsource clinical lab billing services to CureCloudMD you can access a professional team of medical billing and coding specialists who have specialized expertise in clinical laboratories. You don’t need to struggle with searching out medical billers and coders who are well-versed with the medical terms and practices of clinical labs because our medical billing specialists handle your healthcare revenue cycle management with great expertise.

We Provide Cost-Effective Clinical Laboratory Billing Services

CureCloudMD assists clinical labs to improve their finances with the most easily affordable clinical lab billing services. We only charge a fixed percentage from the revenue that we collect on your behalf after filing and submitting your claims. So you don’t need to invest a huge capital investment in hiring employees and paying their salaries, bonuses, paid holidays, appraisals, and annual bonuses anymore. Keep your medical billing cycle running seamlessly with our clinical lab billing solutions.

Get Innovative Clinical Laboratory Billing Solutions

Outsource clinical lab medical billing and coding services to CureCloudMD to connect with the best billing professionals in the USA. We prepare and submit your medical bills for the services carried out for diagnosis, treatment, and patient management services. We deploy cutting-edge cloud-based medical billing software solutions to execute your billing and coding operations digitally to ensure you can collect your payments without delays.

We Provide Well-Enrypted Clinical Lab Billing Services

Data security and sharing is a major concern for healthcare providers while working with a third-party billing agency. CureCloudMD is a HIPAA-compliant medical billing company providing full data security and integration according to legal standards. We use well-encrypted communication channels to collect your charge entry data so we can review and ensure accuracy of your patient’s demographics and serevices data.

We Provide Highly Transparent Clinical Lab Billing Services

CureCloudMD has a proven track record of sustaining well-renowned healthcare labs clientele who trust us because we offer completely transparent medical billing services. We regularly update data about your medical bills, codes, reimbursements, and account receivables in real time. Our medical billing team regularly shares these reports with clinical lab technicians.

We Follow an Adoptive & Flexible Approach For Clinical Lab Billing Services

Our medical billing specialists are well-trained with the use of almost all popular medical billing software solutions e.g. Kareo, Dr. Chrono, CareCloud, CureMD, AdvancedMD, and much more. Therefore, we don’t ask you to set up a new IT infrastructure and invest any capital expenses. We integrate pre-configured medical billing solutions with your existing practice management system.



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We Provide A Complete Range of Clinical Lab Billing Services

CureCloudMD offers a wide array of clinical lab healthcare revenue cycle management services from charge capturing to reimbursement collection. We support your front-desk and back-end staff by outsourcing medical billing and coding services.

We Provide Digital Charge Entry Solutions

We consolidate your medical billing cycle by providing you dedicated online portals where you can enter your charges so our medical billing team can collect your claims, review medical codes, record medical codes and organize your information at a central location. In this way, we ensure no error flee down the line and cause payment problems later. So you can get paid more efficiently.

We Provide Reliable Clinical Lab Coding Services

Our AAPC-certified CPC coders review your medical codes in your charges to ensure accuracy. Our medical coding specialists are well-trained and familiar with nuances of medical codes required to represent the diagnostic procedures and tests into standard CPT, HCPCS, ICD-9/10 & ICD-10-CM codes. We make sure that your medical codes are applied according to the standards.

We Provide Professional Clinical Lab Billing Services

Our medical billing professionals prepare and submit your medical claims. We prepare a log of timelines of each insurance payer so we can submit your medical claims before their deadlines. That’s why we are famous for improving the first-through pass rate of claims for our all clients. We make sure that your claims are submitted efficiently.

We Provide Account Receivable Recovery Services

If your reimbursements collected are not proportional to the values of services delivered by your clinical lab then it means your account receivables are soaring with outstanding balance. Our AR recovery specialists review your accounts, examine unpaid claims and follow up with payers to recover your balance.

We Follow Up With Insurance Companies For Adjudication

We don’t leave your claims unattended after submission because we don’t charge you per claim. Instead, we charge a little percentage from your revenue therefore we follow up with your medical bills for adjudication. We review and submit your claims consistently until we get an approval from insurance companies for your reimbursements.

We Collect Reimbursements & Post Payments

Along with medical billing specialists, we also offer dedicated account managers who supervise your accounts and make sure that revenue for all of your claims are collected accurately. We post payments in our medical billing software to prepare analytical reports. So you can get better visibility into your medical billing services.

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We Provide Specialized Clinical Lab Billing Services

We apply the best practices for clinical lab billing services fulfilling the unique requirements of different diagnostic procedures, equipment and services delivered by the clinical labs. Whether you’re an independent lab, associated with a hospital or part of a large healthcare organization, we provide specialty-specific clinical lab billing services to for the following services but are not limited to:

Get Clinical Chemistry & Clinical Microbiology Billing Services

Clinical chemistry labs detect and measure levels of different chemical component in blood and urine specimens using different chemical procedures. They carry out different tests to check the chemical components of patients. Our medical billing specialists help clinical labs to get paid for their diagnostic procedures with reliable healthcare revenue cycle management services.

The clinical microbiology laboratory is a full-service healthcare lab that provides diagnostic services for bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, virology, and mycobacteriology. We imply accurate medical codes to prepare highly converting medical bills for your diagnostic services.


Get Blood banking and Serology (aka Immunohematology, Transfusion Medicine) Lab Billing Services

Blood banking/immunohematology is a laboratory medicine that involves the preparation of blood and blood components for transfusion as well as the selection and tracking of those blood components following transfusion. We provide professional clinical laboratory billing services for blood banking specialty and procedures.

Serology is an area of laboratory medicine where practitioners carry out serology tests/ antibody tests on blood serums (the clear liquid that separates the blood after it is allowed to clot in order to detect antibodies or antibody-like substances that appear in blood specifically after a certain disease. There are different types of serological tests e.g. flocculation tests, neutralization tests, hemagglutinin-inhibition tests, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs), and chemiluminescence immunoassays. We help you get paid for every diagnostic procedure carried out by our lab technicians with reliable clinical lab billing services.


Get Histopathology & Cytopathology Clinical Lab Billing Services

A histopathology lab provides a complete range of laboratory test services to examine the tissues and tissues diseases. They often use techniques like necropsy, hsitological processing and evaluation by pathologists. We provide clinical lab billing and coding services for all the services provided for Histopathology clinical laboratories.

The cypatholothogy laboratories diagnose malignant, premalignant and diseases on the microscopic level. The most common test that they process and analyze is the Pap test. We help you get paid for your every diagnostic procedure and lab test with the best in class clinical laboratory billing services.


Why CureCloudMD Is The Best Clinical Laboratory Company In The USA?

Our medical billing professionals offer expert solutions to streamline your practice healthcare revenue cycle management. We manage your billing operations across clinical, compliance, quality, and operational areas. We provide competitive advantages to clinical laboratories by ensuring the following


Assistance In Medical Credentialing

We help lab technicians to get their credentials more efficiently with reliable medical credentialing services. Our medical credentialing specialists maintain your MLS(ASCP)CM to help you run your practice without any hassle. We assist you in the documentation process to reduce your weeks-long work to a few days or hours.


Claim Denial Management Solutions

Did you know? You can recover 70% of the outstanding balance by simply appealing to your payers. Often, it's difficult for practitioners to consistently monitor claim denials, identify the issues and rectify all the errors. That's where CureCloudMD takes the stress out of your practice and starts handling all your claim denials promtply. We appeal your denied/rejected claim in the given timeline to recover your uncollected dollars.


Assistance In Prior Authorization & Eligibility Verification Services

We provide robust support to your front-desk staff with reliable prior authorization solutions. So you can easily justify the medical necessity of your services, time, and equipment used. We also verify if the patient’s coverage plan will pay you for your services or not. So you can timely collect your payments from patients & their insurance companies.


Efficient Medical Claim Scrubbing Services

In order to prepare clean claims for your practice, our medical billing team use cutting-edge claim scrubbing solutions to prepare your claims error-free before submitting them to insurance companies. We verify that you’ve used accurate CPT, ICD-9/10 and HCPCS codes to describe your services in the claims. It helps you improve your revenue collections efficiently.


We Provide Highly Responsive Customer Support Services

CureCloudMD is always one step ahead of other clinical lab billing companies. Along with a suite of medical billing services, we also offer a dedicated team of customer care that is available around the clock to answer your queries about your bills and payments. We also handle your patients’ queries about their payment statements, EOBs, and financial responsibilities. We regularly call your insurance payers to remind them about their payments.


Faster & Better Patient Care Services

With our intuitive reports, we help you understand the payment behavior of your patients and insurance companies so you make data-driven business decisions. These insights help you in the expansion of your services and cater to the needs of a larger patient base. You can provide more quality time to your patients because our medical billing team has got you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries about our clinical lab billing services and solutions then this guide would help you find your answers. Even if you have more questions that are not mentioned here then contact our team at the following email: [email protected]

  • How To Outsource Clinical Lab Medical Billing Services To CureCloudMD?

    You can outsource anesthesia billing services to CureCloudMD very easily. Simply, send us an email at [email protected]

    Or fill out the form and connect with our medical billing experts from the following link:

  • If you’re outsourcing medical billing services to CureCloudMD then you’re definitely shifting to a more cost-effective solution than your office-based medical billing steup. We only charge a fixed percentage (which depends on your practice’s size & number of claims) from the revenue that we collect on your behalf after filing and submitting your claims to the payers. We hire the best individuals to handle your practice’s healthcare revenue cycle management to fulfill the growing demands of your business.

    We help you save your time and capital investment by reducing your headcount & IT expenses. It helps you focus more on delivering quality patient care services and contribute to the well being of our community.

    On the other hand, if you decide to build an in-house medical billing departemnt then you have to dedicate a huge CAPEX (capital expense) to hire, sustain and train medical billers and coders. You have to expand your OPEX (operational expenses) in order to regularly pay the salaries, paid holidays, bonuses and annual appraisals of individual employee. Also, you have to constantly expand your office staff to meet your business’ growing needs. Therefore, outsourcing clinical lab billing services to CureCloudMD is not an expensive solution for your business.



Megan Lagasse

I’m very pleased with the customer support team of CureCloudMD who readily respond to our queries and guide us very well. Their medical billing team is very professional and well-trained in their tasks. They’ve helped us resolve many issues with our revenue cycle management very efficiently and accurately.


Patrick Dzurilla

We’ve been working with CureCloudMD since 2015 and they have always delivered quality medical billing services. Their medical billing team always provide their intuitive insights into our business’ finances that helps us make better decision for our business growth. They handle their billing tasks very professionally and mostly help us get paid only in a single attempt of claim submission.


Anne Kaplan

If you’re looking for a medical billing company that specializes in clinical lab procedures, have skillful medical billing specialists & provide professional medical coders at your disposal then CureCloudMD is you go-to choice. They have always earned our trust with quality solutions, therefore, I recommend their services to all medical labs.


Josh Stuart

CureCloudMD offers a complete package of professional medical billers and coders, well-secured billing solutions, and a reliable customer support team. Moreover, they contribute a lot to our pursuit of revenue growth and fewer claim denials. Highly recommended!


James Berg

Awesome! I guess it’s enough to describe the medical billing solutions of CureCloudMD. Their medical billing team is super efficient in their tasks. Their customer support is very cooperative, well-spoken, and well-aware of the significance of their job. Looking forward to many more years of partnership with CureCloudMD.