Why Urology Billing and Coding Is More Complex Than General Medical Billing?

It goes without saying that business procedures in every healthcare practice are common in nature. However, the unique medical billing and coding requirements of a urology practice make it more complex than its counterparts. Therefore, it’s a well-known fact that urology medical billing services constitute more intricacies than general medical billing. 

A urology medical biller has to jump through various hoops in order to submit clean (payable) claims. After that, the payment process gets even harder for urologists due to stringent laws and complicated payer rules. 

In order to prevent any inconvenience, urology billing specialists should follow the right medical coding protocols to prepare accurate medical claims and submit medical claims on time. Urology billing specialists should take a proactive approach to proceed with medical claims and use cutting-edge urology billing solutions to participate in the process. 

Why Medical Billing Is A Complex Area Even For Urology Practice?

As stated above, urology has unique medical billing and coding requirements. Therefore, urology billing and coding specialists have to go the extra mile to get hands-on knowledge about the unique medical terms of urology. It will help them easily manage urology billing and coding tasks and effectively handle urology healthcare revenue cycle management. 

The urology medical coding experts should stay in the know about the updates and information of the particular medical codes that make up the universe of urology medical billing. 

As the cost of urology-related medical services keeps on rising, healthcare practices and urologists should make sure that they don’t lose their hard-earned revenue due to the loopholes in their medical billing procedures. 

Moreover, it’s quite difficult to handle insurance billing and patient billing in urology practice. Since, not every patient has an insurance coverage for urology, therefore, they can’t benefit from their coverage plan for urology care services. So when urologists charge them outstanding patient bills then they’re unable to pay their expensive dues. 

The patient frequently has high balances, complex explanations from their insurance payers and they don’t often they don’t understand the invoice they are getting from urologists. Only, well-experienced urology billing specialists can prevent a urology practice from payment troubles because they know how to prepare easily comprehensible medical claims accurately and efficiently.   

The more comprehensive urology billing and coding services, the more a healthcare practice will have higher chances of increased revenue and happier patients. 

How Could You Simplify Medical Billing Services For Urology?

It’s important to understand that the success of a medical process relies on two factors i.e. 

  • Accuracy
  • Efficiency

Here’s how a urology billing specialist can ensure these traits in the medical billing process; 

Credentialing: An expert urology billing specialist will suggest you to enroll with the insurance carrier with a well-renowned payment history. For this purpose, a urologist must keep his/her documents and practice license up-to-date so they can increase their payer network and cater to the medical care needs of large patient volume with cost-effective services. 

Fee Schedule Analysis: it is essential to make sure that your charges are rational and easily affordable for patients. Urology medical billing experts can review the amounts from the obtained network contracts and track improper reimbursements to maintain the balance of your fee structure. 

Workflow Consulting: if you want to make sure that your practice’ healthcare revenue cycle management stays up and running all the time. For this purpose, you have to manage the timing of your staff strategically. You can create work rosters of your team in a way that there should be any resource available 24/7 looking after your urology medical billing cycle. In this way, you can coordinate with your medical billing team anytime of the day to prepare real-time medical claims and submit them to insurance companies promptly. 

Carrier Contract Advice: always read out your carrier contract carefully because sometimes there could be some pitfalls to avoid in contracts and environments that may want you to choose non-network status. With the assistance of a professional urology billing specialist, you can review the contracts of challenging carriers and make better business decisions. 

Coding Expertise: Neveral fall for cheap rates while building your team of urology coding specialists. With professional urology coders by your side, you can streamline your medical billing operations and access more revenue opportunities with compliance and audit. 

Why Should You Outsource Urology Billing Services In The USA?

Urology billing and coding specialists require extensive experience and in-depth knowledge about particular medical terms of urology. Searching and hiring the best talent for an in-house medical billing team is a very time-intensive and expensive task. Therefore, outsourcing urology medical billing and coding services to a reliable medical billing company is also the best in class urology billing solution. Here’s how you can discover potential business growth opportunities by partnering with a professional urology billing company. 

Urology Billing Patient Demographics Entry

After outsourcing urology billing services, healthcare providers only need to enter a patient’s charges in their medical billing software and the medical billing outsourcing company will look after the further billing procedure. Also, providers can conveniently review the data to ensure accuracy and when it reaches the medical billing company then they can check the accuracy of the data a second time. In this way, your patient demographic entry will be double checked by professionals which will eliminate any possible errors from flowing through the medical billing process. 

Urology Billing Insurance Eligibility and Verification

It is imperative to verify the patient’s coverage plan eligibility before conducting urology care services. It gives you hands-on knowledge about your payment resources right away. So if you gotta get to know that the patient’s insurer doesn’t cover your services then you can demand your payments from the patients. 

Document verification: 

Along with patient information, it is important to verify insurance documents to understand the unique requirements of your individual insurance company. 

We can verify the insurance documents that you send us electronically and sequentially arrange them as per the requirements of the insurance provider.A professional urology billing company helps you comply with billing requirements of your insurance payers so you can collect your payments without delays and hassles. 

Medical Information Correction:

When you outsource urology billing services to a billing agency then its their responsibility to deploy advanced EHR solutions which help them verify that the patient’s medical history and healthcare information is accurate. 

Because your care services and medical billing procedures highly depend upon the medical information. For example, if there is a slight error in a patient’s diagnostic data, lab results or medical tests then it can lead to incorrect medical procedures and serious consequences. 


Coverage Verification:

When you outsource urology billing services to a reliable medical billing company then you can have professional medical billers by your side who will verify the coverage benefits of the patients against both primary and secondary payers. 

Urology Bill Processing and Submitting Claims

By outsourcing urology billing services, you can connect with the professional team of medical billing and coding specialists. They will process your medical claims and submit them to insurance companies more efficiently and accurately. 

While you can enjoy the freedom to spend more time with your patients and focus on delivering better quality medical care services to your clients. Also, when your claims are submitted to insurance companies on time then you can build a profound relationship with your insurance payers. It will boost the productivity of your business and scale your revenue growth to a next level. 


Checking Coding and Billing Compliance

A urology billing outsourcing company provides professional urology coding services for the diagnostic and medical procedures. They will apply accurate and up-to-date medical codes to prepare your medical bills so they also comply with legal standards of medical billing. 

Also, it spares you from the issues of upcoding and down-coding because such fraudulent coding practices have serious consequences. Therefore, expert urology coders refer to ICD-10-CM, CPT and HCPCS Level II codes to translate your services on medical bills the right way. 

Looking for a reliable urology billing company that can assist you in every area of medical billing and coding? CureCloudMD is a well-experienced medical billing company that has been helping several urologists with a comprehensive suite of healthcare revenue cycle management for more than a decade. Schedule a free medical billing audit with our medical billing experts now and request your customized package of healthcare revenue cycle management and medical billing solutions. 

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