Top 5 Effective Coding Tips For Urology Billing Services

Urology is an area of the healthcare field that deals with the study of the male and female urinary tract (kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra). It also deals with the treatment, diagnosis, and study of male reproductive organs i.e. penis, testes, scrotum, prostate, etc. 

It features several complex diagnostic and medical procedures that make it a quite unique area of the healthcare field. The already complicated procedures became more challenging when the CPT codes were changed and ICD-10-CM codes were introduced. 

The ever-changing nature of urology billing and coding guidelines requires professionals to regularly navigate through these changes and deploy suitable solutions to stay ahead of the billing problems. Otherwise, urologists won’t be able to get paid right for their hard-earned services. 

In order to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of urology medical coding services, here are the 5 most effective tips for medical coding specialists and urologists; 

Tips for Effective Coding For Urology Billing Services

As mentioned above, medical coding is one of the vital factors to ensure the success of any urology practice. The urology coding specialists should follow the latest trends and stay aware of updates, removal, and modification of every CPT and ICD code. 

Urology billing and coding specialists should be well-versed with in-depth knowledge of medical terms and procedures involved in urology. So they can apply specific and accurate medical codes to translate every procedure on medical codes. There are several ways medical coders can accurately assign medical codes for the urology department that will increase the first-pass resolution rate (when medical claims are approved and reimbursed at the first attempt of submission by insurance companies).

Here are the top 5 highly recommended tips for urology coding services that can boost your efficiency & ensure accuracy to increase your revenue!

Staying Aware Of the Changes

Certainly, CPT and ICD codes for urology keep changing, revised, and deleted by the respective authorities. But when it comes to “change” then it not covers the codification structure but also medical billing and coding governing bodies, the federal and state medical boards, and insurer’s payment policies. 

A urology coding specialist should stay on top of the industrial revolution. It will help them educate and train their team and get used to the evolved system on time which will also give them the advantage of applying these changes in a urology healthcare practice to ensure successful claims. 

Learn the Acronyms For Urology Billing

Generally, doctors and physicians use abbreviations during their findings and enter them directly into the patient’s graphs. For example, a doctor utilizes an abbreviation PIN which represents “Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia”. Subsequently, it is the responsibility of the urology medical billing and coding team to get such abbreviations right. 

It helps them remove any human error from the billing side when applying medical codes. Also, medical coding specialists should verify these abbreviations from the urologists and use the N42.31 code to address these administrations to get the case. 

If there would be any mistake in the medical codes then it’ll be very hard to identify this mistake later when the medical claim gets denied. Therefore, it is quite significant to complete all the homework before applying codes in a medical claim. 

Hence, it’s fundamental that medical coders should understand and verify medical abbreviations accurately to ensure accurate medical codes and efficiency of the medical billing procedure. 

Perform Regular Billing & Compliance Audit

Every healthcare practice is obliged to follow the compliance guidelines and so are urologists. Therefore they should always stay in the know about the revolution in standardized codes. This knowledge is essential to interpret clinical documents into accurate medical codes when preparing medical bills. 

Moreover, when coding specialists do regular coding compliance audits then they can identify errors and monitor their team’s performance easily. It also helps healthcare providers to leverage streamlined medical coding services for their urology healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM).

Tracking Denials & Rejections

Are you facing repeated claim denials/rejections and recurrent loss of reimbursements for your urology practice? If the answer is yes! Then you should definitely scrutinize your medical billing and coding system to address such issues. 

Usually, when an insurance company denies a medical claim then they provide reasons behind that. Therefore, the medical coding team should proactively review all the notifications received from the insurers to review, identify and eliminate errors from coding procedures. 

Also, there is also a need to look at the coding changes happening frequently and integrate updated coding structures to your medical claims to reduce the claim denial rate. With the right insights, urology coding specialists should make well-informed decisions. 

Prepare Patient-Friendly Billing Statements

The general public doesn’t understand complicated medical codes and medical billing formats. Therefore, urology medical billing and coding specialists should prepare patient-friendly billing statements so patients can understand their financial responsibilities easily. 

It will make it easier for patients to pay their healthcare dues which will improve the revenue stream for urologists. Also, when patients will be able to understand their billing statements then they won’t call the doctors and physicians frequently for queries which will shed stress away from the shoulders of practitioners. 

It also helps patients to evaluate whether a particular procedure, surgery, or treatment fits within their budget or if their coverage plan can back them. 

Connect with an Expert Coding Company!

There are a few medical billing and coding professionals who are well-experienced in working with a urology practice. Search, hiring, and onboarding these employees is quite a labor-intensive and time-taking procedure. Want to save up on your investment? 

Outsource urology medical billing services to a reliable medical billing company. In this way, you will have to pay only fixed charges to the medical billing outsourcing company and their team will manage your urology healthcare revenue cycle management at the fraction of your existing administrative expenses. 

Moreover, when you partner with a third-party medical billing company then it eventually becomes their responsibility to expand their billing and coding team to meet the growing needs of your business. It helps you save time and reduce cost overheads simultaneously. 

Also, reliable medical billing companies like CureCloudMD regularly provide analytical performance reports that help you gauge their progress and track their medical billing services. 

With experts by your side, you don’t have to worry about changes in coding and billing guidelines, legal constraints, and the payer’s behavior. CureCloudMD has a full-fledged team of urology medical billing specialists that help your team to upgrade their healthcare revenue cycle management and practice management system according to the industry standards for better results. 

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