Everything You Need To Know About Urology Medical Billing Services -A Practical Guide
12 Oct 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Urology Medical Billing Services –  A Practical Guide

Urology is the branch of medicine that deals with the functions and disorders of the urinary system and the male reproductive system. Due to its uniqueness and complexity, urology billing services also include some intricacies that are not compatible with general billing solutions. Therefore, urology billing and coding specialists must have in-depth knowledge of medical terms involved in urology. 

Certification Of Urology Billing & Coding Services

There are several institutes that provide training for urology billing and coding services. However, AAPC is the world’s largest billing credentialing company that provides a complete training course for urology billing and coding services. CUC™ (Certified Urology Coder) is an official certification and training of urology billing and coding by AAPC (the American Academy of Professional Coders). This certification embraces training of applying correct  ICD-10-CM, CPT®, HCPCS Level II, and modifier assignment and billing urology services and procedures the right way. 

Urologists are qualified to diagnose and treat conditions that affect all the organs in the urinary track including cancers, infections, stone, incontinence, and erectile dysfunction. Therefore, urology billing and coding specialists are also trained to apply accurate diagnostic and therapeutic codes to translate urology procedures into billable charges. 

Common urology procedures include vasectomies, prostate exams, and kidney stone removal. Since urological procedures are complicated and expensive, therefore, urology medical billers play a crucial role to reimburse these critical procedures. 

Since, it’s hard to research medical billers and coders who are only specialized and experienced in urology practice. Therefore, if there will be any resource who have expertise in urology billing and coding then they charge more than general medical billers and coders. In order to save cost and avoid tiresome hiring job, most of the urologists tend to outsource urology medical billing services in the USA. 

A professional urology billing company will give you all what you need to run your healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) smoothly. You can connect with professional urology billers and coders, deploy cutting-edge solutions and reduce your work-stress. It helps you streamline your business operations and spend more quality time with your patients. 

Complete Process Of Urology Medical Billing Services

Even if you have outsourced or decided to outsource urology billing services to a medical billing company, you must know how to proceed with every step of urology revenue cycle management and billing services. 

Here’s how you can proceed with outsourcing urology medical billing and coding services; 

  1. Healthcare providers will deploy well-encrypted communication channels in their office to share details with the urology billing outsourcing companies. 
  2. They will share complete information of each patient visit i.e. from patient registration, patient-urolgist encounter to doctor’s prescription and medication. 
  3. Finally, the medical billing company will collect charge entry and verify the information. 
  4. After verification and insurance validation, urology billing and coding specialists will apply accurate medical codes to translate your medical procedures and diagnostic services into standard medical codes to prepare your insurance and patient bills. 
  5. Medical billers must understand the nuances of coding for surgery and other procedures in order fil accurate claims.
  6. Then medical billers should submit your medical claims to insurance payers efficiently so you can collect your reimbursements. 
  7. After that you have to collect your payments and manage your cashflow. 

However, CureCloudMD is a unique medical billing company that go beyond than basic billing services. Along with the most reliable urology billing services, we also provide adjudication and insurance follow-up services. Our medical billers and coders constantly remind patients and insurers about their payments untill you receive your payments in your accounts. Moreover, we provided dedicated account managers to our individual clients who are responsible to manage your accounts and proceed with payment posting whenever you get reimbursed for your services. 

Above all, we also provide claim denial management services to handle any denial/rejection of your claims right away. That’s why we have a proven track record of maintaining claim denial rate below 2% for our clients. 

Also, we provide account receivable (AR) recovery services for every urologist irrespective of their practice. So you can recover your uncollected dollars with the help of a professional AR recovery team. 

Why Should You Look Before Outsourcing Urology Billing Services To A Medical Billing Company?

Due to the stringent data security regulations of HIPAA and other federal regulations, healthcare providers should only trust a reliable medical billing company to outsource urology healthcare revenue cycle management services in the USA. Here are the following traits that you should look at before outsourcing urology billing services; 

  • The outsourcing medical billing company should be HIPAA-compliant. You should make sure that a medical billing company does’nt have any track record of data fraud with other clients.
  • Make sure that a medical billing company provides customer support services so you can inquire them about your bills and payments anytime. 
  • A medical billing company must have a suitable client retention rate.
  • Most importantly, make sure that a billing agency has specialized medical billing and coding experts who are experienced in urology practice. 
  • Always, make sure that the medical billing company provides completely transparent medical billing and coding services which means they should inform you about the progress of your practice healthcare RCM and finances with regular reporting. 

Advantages Of Outsourcing Urology Billing Services To CureCloudMD

We are a well-established medical billing company helping several urologists to streamline their billing operations and healthcare revenue cycle management services for more than a decade. We offer the following competitive services to boost your business productivity, improve your revenue growth and reduce billing complexities; 

  • We provide a comprehensive suite of medical credentialing services to independent urologists, clinicians, physicians, doctors, hospitals and healthcare organizations. 
  • We help urologists to maintain their credentials, create CAQH profiles and renew medical lisence when needed. 
  • We provide HIPAA-compliant, well-secured, and most cost-effective urology billing and coding services. 
  • Our AAPC-certified coding specialists are highly responsible and well-experienced in applying accurate CPT, HCPCS, ICD-10, ICD-10-CM, and ICD-10-PCS codes to boost your first-pass resolution rate.
  • Our billing company offers highly transparent medical billing outsourcing services. We provide regular reports about your medical bills, claim denials/rejections, reimbursements, account receivables, and reimbursements.
  • We provide dedicated account managers who are responsible to collect your reimbursements from your payers and proceed with payment posting so you stay fully aware about your finances.
  • Before onboarding any client, we provide a free external medical billing audit to every practitioner so you can understand the gaps and weaknesses of your practice healthcare revenue cycle management.
  • You can also request our exclusive account receivable (AR) recovery services. So our AR recovery specialists will take a deep look into your accounts, study your claim denials and appeal your uncollected payments from insurance payers. 
  • Our customer support team is available 24/7 to answer your queries about your payments and bills. We also answer your patient calls and emails about their EOBs (Explanation Of Benefits) statements and payments. 
  • Our medical billing and coding team follow up with your claims after submission for adjudication. We fully coordinate with your office staff to revise your medical and make sure that they are fully reimbursed in the end. 

Experiencing is believing! Schedule a free medical billing audit with CureCloudMD. After that our medical billing experts will suggest you cost-effective urology medical billing solutions to reduce gaps and weaknesses in your healthcare revenue cycle management. So you can get a fully customized package of healthcare revenue cycle management and medical credentialing services according to your practice needs. 

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