13 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Medical Billing Services

Apart from the doctors and medical staff, a healthcare practice is as good as its medical billing staff. Healthcare providers can fulfill their staffing needs, streamline their healthcare revenue cycle management and optimize their reimbursement collections by outsourcing medical billing services. 

Although doctors and medical practitioners learn in medical school about patient billing and coding practices (i.e., keep it running in the office). However, with the passage of time when regulatory requirements for medical billing, MIPS, MACRA, and CMS keep changing then it becomes more complex to process medical bills efficiently. 

Therefore, healthcare practitioners should partner with professional medical billing specialists to execute their healthcare revenue cycle management. Unless a medical practice is big enough to afford the expenses of a full-fledged in-house medical billing department, it should consider the benefits of outsourcing medical billing services. 

Did you know that 70% of healthcare practitioners tend to outsource medical billing services in the USA due to their significant impact on their business bottom line? CureCloudMD is a HIPAA-compliant medical billing company that offers well-secured, reliable, and professional medical billing outsourcing services which help you leverage the following advantages; 

Advantages Of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services

You Can Have More Free Space In Your Office To Expand Your Practice

Struggling with implementing more equipment in your clinic or healthcare office due to a lack of space? Outsource medical billing services to a reliable billing agency and resolve your space issues once and for all.

A medical business is run by and staffed with medical personnel required for patient care, diagnostic services, therapy, and remedy services for ailments. However, every healthcare practice also requires finance, administration, and medical billing department. When these departments keep expanding to meet the growing needs of your business then it also starts causing space problems. 

So when you outsource medical billing services then a dedicated workforce manages your business operations from remote locations while you can use more space for patients. 

You Can Enjoy A Reduced Barrage of Calls

Non-stop phone calls and time-taking documentation procedure is an integral part of every healthcare. However, it reduces the efficiency of healthcare practitioners because it keeps them busy answering patients’ billing queries. In this hustle, calling insurance companies and patients to remind them about their financial responsibilities is a cherry on top.

Outsourcing medical billing services to CureCloudMD enables healthcare providers to enjoy the freedom from phone calls. We provide highly responsive customer support services to answer your patients’ queries about their bills and payments, send regular payment reminders to insurance companies and also guide you about your medical billing cycle whenever needed. We are available round the clock to talk about medical billing-related issues. 

It helps you focus on patients and your office staff. Also, you can fully pay attention to fulfilling the needs of patients without any hassle of attending to subsequent phone calls. 

Get Expert Guidance & Experienced Medical Billing Specialists

We have been providing proven medical billing services to several healthcare practitioners for more than a decade. With extensive experience in the medical field, our medical billing specialists have in-depth knowledge about the medical obligations of several medical specialty practices of all states in the USA.

Therefore, we can provide a wider and better perspective to providers which helps them make better business decisions. Our medical billing professionals guide you through every step of healthcare revenue cycle management.  

We use cloud-based SaaS medical billing solutions to execute billing operations and build analytical reports. With these reports, we leverage Big Data to track down how other healthcare practices are making progress and creating sustainable reimbursement models. 

Our medical billing team implies these statistics and information to streamline your medical billing operations. It helps you improve your bottom line and generate an increased revenue stream efficiently. 

Stay Compliant With The Latest Trends In Industry

Medical coding is an ever-changing aspect of the healthcare industry and it is essential to stay updated with the latest medical codes in order to prepare accurate medical bills. 

For this purpose, healthcare providers should regularly read code books and train their in-house medical coding staff. However, it requires dedicated time and effort to schedule seminars and workshops for constant training. 

CureCloudMD also assists you through these challenges. We feature a highly qualified and well-experienced medical coding team that keeps pace with constantly changing industry standards, new medical codes, and carrier regulations. We also guide you on how to upgrade your practice management system to stay compliant with industry updates. 

In this way, your practice doesn’t get caught off guard, and neither does your office staff. Furthermore, it makes your business more prepared for those unsettling audits that happen frequently. 

Improves The Efficiency Of Your Medical Practice

CureCloudMD helps healthcare practices to increase their revenue stream and improve their financial capability. Our medical billing team prepares your claims by using accurate and verified information. We use resourceful technology solutions to efficiently scrub your medical claims and submit them to insurance payers promptly. So your medical claims can get reimbursed on the first attempt of submission. 

Reduce Your Aging AR Days & Recover Receivables

Our account receivable(AR) recovery specialists examine your accounts, identify claim denials/rejections, and appeal your medical claims to recover your outstanding balance. We promptly share the reports of account receivables so you can get better insights into your uncollected balance. 

We share information about your account receivables aging up to 30, 60, and 90 days. So you can analyze the payment behavior of your payers and make well-informed business decisions based on these insights. Also, you can get paid right for your hard-earned services. 

Get A Full-Fledged Team For Claim Denial management

Our medical billing professionals review your claim denials/rejections and coordinate with the AR recovery team to identify errors and mistakes that caused revenue loss. We adopt preventive measures and guide your office administration to upgrade your practice management system accordingly. In this way, we make your medical billing cycle error-free and well-functioning. 

What Sets CureCloudMD Apart From Other Medical Billing Companies In The USA?

We Provide HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing Services

We provide complete training and workshops about the data security regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Only our authorized personnel can access your patient’s protected health information (PHI) to prepare and submit medical claims accordingly. 

We use well-encrypted, one-to-one, and well-secured medical billing solutions and communication channels to keep your data safe from unauthorized access and breaches. Therefore, several healthcare providers trust our medical billing outsourcing services all around the USA. 

We Provide Free Medical Billing Audit Services 

CureCloudMD offers free medical billing audit services before onboarding any healthcare practitioner as our client. Once you contact our medical billing team and share your details then we take 1 or 2 business days to audit your accounts and schedule a business consultation session with your afterward. 

So you can get a complete idea about your billing requirements and get a completely customized package of healthcare revenue cycle management services from CureCloudMD. 

We Provide Medical Credentialing & Provider Enrollment Services

Looking for a professional team that can help you acquire credentials and enroll with major insurance companies? CureCloudMD has got you covered with the most reliable medical credentialing and provider enrollment services. 

Our credentialing team processes your physicians’ documents and helps you get credentials. We maintain your credentials and assist you with medical license renewal services. We also help you enroll with insurance companies in your state so you can become an in-network provider and cater to the needs of the larger patient base with affordable services. 

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