Get Guaranteed Laboratory Billing Services At The Fraction Of Your Existing Costs

Get Guaranteed Laboratory Billing Services At The Fraction Of Your Existing Costs

Even if you’re running a laboratory billing department in-house or have outsourced lab billing services to a third party, CureCloudMD is providing laboratory billing services at half of the price of your existing expenses. This is a limited time offer available on a first come first serve policy. Therefore, hurry up and schedule a free demo of our laboratory billing services for guaranteed results.

CureCloudMD is a US-based laboratory medical billing company that provides a complete range of healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) outsourcing services including; outsourcing medical billing services, medical coding services, AR (account recovery) services, prior authorization services, medical credentialing, and payment posting services.

Founded in 2011, CureCloudMD has been several healthcare practitioners, physicians, doctors, hospitals, medical labs, pathologists, and clinicians with reliable medical billing services. It is a HIPAA-compliant medical billing company that ensures your data integrity and security throughout your partnership.

CureCloudMD provides highly cost-effective medical billing services. They have recently launched an offer in which they are offering a free primary medical billing audit. So you can determine the actual problems with your healthcare revenue cycle management. It gives you insight into your medical billing system so you can adopt effective solutions to overcome your payment challenges.

Moreover, they are also assisting healthcare practices with another incredible offer. Now, practitioners can book their medical billing solutions at half of the price of what they are paying to their existing partner medical billing companies.

It gives healthcare providers a chance to get the most cost-effective medical billing services all across the USA. Moreover, this offer is available to all sizes of practices including; clinics, hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinical labs, pathologists, toxicologists, census entry labs, molecular labs, radiologists, emergency departments, diagnostic centers, OBGYN practitioners, healthcare organizations, and all other healthcare specialties.

So even if you’re running an independent lab or associated with any healthcare practice, you can get proven laboratory billing services to reduce your cost overheads.

What Are The Benefits Of Laboratory Billing Services Of CureCloudMD?

It is a HIPAA-compliant medical billing company so you can get the most reliable laboratory billing services at an affordable price.
With more than 10 years of extensive experience, CureCloudMD has professional billing expertise that can add value to your healthcare revenue cycle management.
They also provide account receivable (AR) recovery services to improve your revenue growth.
Along with professional billing specialists, they also provide a dedicated account that regularly supervises your medical billing procedures, medical account receivables, and reimbursement collection.
Healthcare providers can leverage their expertise to avoid compliance issues with major state laws and HIPPA policies and Affordable Care Act regulations.
They provide specialty-specific laboratory medical billing services with great expertise and impactful laboratory billing solutions.

Want to get paid efficiently without additional expenses? Partner with CureCloudMD to book our laboratory billing solutions at half of the price of your existing partner medical billing company. Get this limited time offer now for an added boost of productivity.